Convicted blackmailer and tax fraudster seeks council slot

Will wonders never cease? Not content to be flogged by the media for his lies and crookedness, Graham “McCrooked” McCready now seeks to run for political office as a Wellington City Councillor in the Eastern Ward.

I’m sure the voters will be interested to know they could potentially elect a man convicted of tax fraud, blackmail and is a serial nuisance in the courts system.

I’m sure McCready will also be interested to know that he won’t be able to mount defamation proceedings with ease now that he has chosen to become a politician, as Lange vs Atkinson has established the defence that it is not possible to defame a politician as qualified privilege exists when truth telling is necessary about the politician and the possibility of a mistake exists.  

The Lange v Atkinson defamation decision ruled that political commentaries should not be subject to the usual rules of defamation because of the public importance of political debate. Former prime minister David Lange had sued Auckland University political scientist Joe Atkinson and Australian Consolidated Press NZ over a 1995 column criticising his Beehive performance. The article alleged that Lange resigned as prime minister because he found the job “too much like hard work”, and accused him of trying to rewrite history in recollecting his leadership. He took issue with 16 passages allegedly meaning that he was irresponsible, dishonest, insincere, manipulative and lazy. ACP cited an Australian precedent in claiming a defence of qualified privilege for political expression – a defence which was later upheld at appeal.

Of course constant and vexatious litigants like McCready don’t really care about their prospects for success in the courts, they are simply taking their cases to annoy people.

I look forward to the crooked Mr McCready being held accountable in the court of public opinion for his actions as a tax fraudster and blackmailer.


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  • maninblack

    haha he might sue you for this whale..

  • Lofty

    Get out the soldering iron…this is a case of a loose wire somewhere.

  • Even worse; McCready is a mate of Penny Bright.

    • Travis Poulson

      So in a nutshell (or is that nutcase) no good can come from this.

  • JC

    Even better, any attempt by McCready to take a court case allows the defence to do discovery and bring to light his past convictions and nuisance litigation.


  • jac

    Good on him, we need more like him to keep the bastards honest.

  • le sphincter

    Then again he could put a liar out of high political office and into the slammer.

    No one seriously believes you can state you dont know where the donations came from when you asked them to split it into two smaller amounts. of course it was made worse by claiming someone else filled in the form when you put your signature to it !
    Serial lairs never prosper !

    Notice how we arent supposed to mention the elephant in the room