Corruption dragging ALP down

The ICAC inquiry damage is done, and now the fallout is killing off any chances for the ALP at the federal elections.

Eddie Obeid isn’t helping either with his refusal to admit to his dodgy and corrupt behaviour.

Former premier Nathan Rees believes the NSW corruption inquiry has wounded federal Labor’s election chances and has told ALP members who continue to resist party reform to ”get out”.

He said the infamy of former ministers Eddie Obeid and Ian Macdonald would affect the federal election campaign.

”My estimation is that the ICAC revelations have dragged Labor’s federal primary vote down 2 to 3 per cent in NSW,” Mr Rees said. ”In what is likely to be a tight election, this is clearly an issue.”

Mr Rees said party members who have been pushing for reform have had to ”argue, push and cajole every inch of the way”.

”In the aftermath of the ICAC revelations, anyone who doesn’t think we have to reform has rocks in their head,” he said.

”If people don’t understand the need for reform at this point, then they never will. Those people should not be the handbrake on our efforts to modernise the party.”

Mr Rees said there were people within his party who have argued against a need for change and who have insisted the 2011 state election was just a cyclical problem that would correct itself over time.

He said his message to those people was to ”get out” and to stop using the Labor Party as their ”plaything”, ”fiefdom” or ”social worker”.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has said he was ”disgusted” by the revelations from the hearings and his intervention in the NSW branch was based on the core principle of ”zero tolerance for corruption”.

Rudd has a problem though, Obeid is gunning for Daystari and other Rudd supporters.


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  • AngryTory

    Unfortunately, Oz, like NZ, isn’t a democracy. Leftist scum with the personal integrity not to vote Labour with their first preference will switch to the greens – and Oz’ undemocratic preferential voting will just shovel the votes back to Labour.

    What Oz (and NZ) needs is a really robust national (in Oz Federal) level ICAC – it would have no choice but to declare the unions and the Labo(u)r parties corrupt, and deregister the lot.

    Which in both countries might actually permit some economically efficient industrial policy, and some actually effective government.