Corruption or Incompetence?


What do you call it when the chair of the transport committee puts up a sign which breaches Auckland Transports bylaw around minimum text sizes, two days before he votes to remove that bylaw? 

Is it incompetence (that the law was passed in the first place) or corruption that he passing the fix after the go live for hoardings have gone up?

One could ask why he allowed Auckland Transport to interfere in the political process as much as they did with the election signs bylaw…

Og course there is nothing like a good left wing candidate breaching election rules and laws…they know that nothing will come of it.


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  • blokeintakapuna

    …and you don’t spell “Hunt” with “Lee”

  • GazzW

    I see that Labour has retained the services of their photo-enhancer. What you see is what you don’t necessarily get.

  • peterwn

    Would depend where the sign is. AFAIK a council can impose restrictions on signage on road reserve (except Stare Highways) or other council property, but electoral legislation and regulations would cover signs on other locations. The existing Auckland Transport bylaws are arguably ultra vires for signs on Auckland Council property other than road reserve.

    Election signs policy tends to be a complex interaction betweenn councillors and their officials, with various policy documents underpinning officials’ position.

    What would be alarming is if a council adopts different rules for council and general elections.

  • hifuncblonde

    On 6 August, candidates received notification of a “proposed amendment” worded: “The requirements relating to font (letter) sizes in the current bylaw are new to Auckland. Auckland Transport has received numerous complaints from candidates that the requirements are too onerous as the requirements prevent candidates from providing adequate information on the election signs. The size of the signs is restricted three metres2, and prescribing a required font size affects the information that may be placed on the election signs. In addition, the requirements relating to the location of different permitted lettering sizes on different categories of road are confusing and may lead to unintended breaches of the bylaw.”
    Of course with hoardings allowed to go up five days later, most of us would have already had our signage going through the printer’s press under the existing rule, so I was dismayed to see such a last minute change proposed. Being that it was only “proposed”, I was not game to change the wording on my signs. It all smacks of incompetence, inefficiency and self-servery.

    • hifuncblonde

      Tuesday, 13 August 2013
      Dear Candidate
      Yesterday afternoon the Board of Auckland Transport amended the Election Signs bylaw and accepted all proposed changes to the bylaw. The amendments came into force yesterday.
      Substantive amendments:
      · Revokes clause 7(1)(r ) – revokes font controls
      · Inserts 7(1)(k)(L) – excludes commercial billboards with election material from illumination controls
      · Revokes the later control ‘approving font sizes for particular sites’ – revokes font controls
      The amended bylaw, as accepted yesterday by the Board, will be available on the Auckland Transport website later today.
      Please refer directly to Auckland Transport for any queries.

    • Hazards001

      Question. As you have identified yourself as a candidate in the upcoming election why don’t you post with your name instead of a pseudonym?

      • hifuncblonde

        No reason other than I sign in with my Twitter account.

        • Hazards001

          Right…got ya.

  • LesleyNZ

    We need to have a list, to print and distribute, of all the different electorates posted of who we should vote for in the Auckland Local Body elections – Mayor, Councillors, local board members and the hospital boards. Most who vote don’t really know who they should vote for. Often the first names are ticked (especially with the hospital board vote).

    • sheppy

      What a very good idea – how about it Whale?

      • sandynobb
      • Hazards001

        errrr…ummmm…a list telling us who to vote for…jeez..I musta woked up in Cuba.
        Now a list detailing each candidate and brief synopsis of the banner they are running under and/or a run down of the persons politics would be helpful.

        Trouble is given the length of the trough that would be a mighty big task.

        • sheppy

          I don’t need telling who to vote for, just where they come from and how they have voted so far on issues such as blanketing Auckland in shoebox appartments and blocking all the roads up with T3 lanes. Plus of course who is in favour of keeping the current level of waste

          • Hazards001

            Uh huh. That would be a useful list. Still be a big job creating it I’d say.

  • LesleyNZ

    I don’t like red signs.

    • sheppy

      They usually are a signpost to excessive incompetence usually with other people’s money!

  • kevin

    Who has the sign in the background? You can see the supporting stakes beneath Lees effort.