Could caucus stitch up the ballot?

The short answer is yes, they could.

The real tricky aspect though is to avoid the membership going feral.

Lianne Dalziel suggests that this could be what is planned.

Labour MP Lianne Dalziel would not comment on who she thought would be the next leader, but believed the party would unite behind someone quickly, doing a deal rather than enduring a contested and potentially bloody leadership process.

“There are a lot of people who would like to see the matter resolved quickly, very quickly. The idea of uniting behind a new leadership team would be seen as very positive.”

This is sensible, politically. In a perfect world that should have been worked out before the fed Shearer to the fishes. But what is done is done. 

The key thing now is to present a solution that doesn’t send the membership feral. The only solution that will do that is selecting a single person as leader nominee, and that person is David Cunliffe.

As I said this would be sensible politically.  Are Labour REALLY going to spend 4-5 weeks very publicly dominating the news cycle with a nasty internal presidential race while National pushes through an asset sale?

National could also use this time to adopt Jami-lee Ross’ bill and include it with Simon Bridges’ employment relations amendments knowing that Labour couldn’t put up a fight to save themselves as they cut each other to death.

The pragmatic thing to do would be to cut a deal, but pragmatism and sensible behaviour is not something seen from within Labour for some years.

Chris Hipkins and Trevor Mallard for a start will opposed to this move…both of them stand to lose a considerable amount if Cunliffe is returned as leader.

Let’s see what happens. Either way David Shearer’s blood is unlikely to the only blood spilled.



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  • conwaycaptain

    This lot reminds me of the machinations of the Borgias and more bodies lying around than the St Valentines Day massacre

  • johnbronkhorst

    “Could caucus stitch up the ballot?”
    So they would do a deal, to prevent further damage to the party, for the betterment of the party!!
    Couple of points here….no mention of NZers ?? the people they work for.
    Wasn’t the sky city convention centre deal beneficial to both parties and free to all NZers too. But they were opposed to that!
    So quick easy deals are OK provided they benefit?

  • AngryTory

    National could also use this time to adopt Jami-lee Ross’ bill and include it with Simon Bridges’ employment relations amendments

    what – you mean actually enact a “right-wing” policy? For the first time in 4 1/2 years?

    wonders never cease. Next thing, they could add a clause banning union support for political parties and the Labour party would effectively cease to exist.

    • Hazards001

      You live in hope, they should also be using this time to do what labour has promised to do them and repel WFF and interest free student loans and change the rules around MMP so fucking foreigners and Australians in particular are treated like we are in their country.

      Along with sorting out the waka jumping bullshit and other changes kiwis wanted…such as a proper referendum with 3 choices instead of the piece of shit we had with so many options the only possible result was going to be the status quo to keep as many snouts in the trough as possible.

  • Col

    No they can’t, no one knows where the needle is!!!

  • AngryTory

    The pragmatic thing to do would be to cut a deal

    The pragmatic thing to do was to lose under Shearer this time. Whoever takes the job this time has to be fucking desperate as they’ve only got a little under 14 months in the job: Shearer at least managed 20

  • Malcolm Tucker


  • blokeintakapuna

    Plenty of vested interest here by numerous factions with lots and lots to loose – so rather than a consensus selection, will it be a new leader by virtue of attrition?

  • AnonWgtn

    Has it not been stitched up already ?
    Put Robertson in a lie detector and watch it blow up.
    It is said that he believes he has the numbers before yesterday waiting for nex Tuesday’s caucus where Shearer would be publically stabbed.
    Glad to see that Andrea Poison in Fairfax/Dom happens to have some inside info before yesterday ?

  • snakebit

    Why do the unions get to vote? Thats disgusting.

    • johnbronkhorst

      If you were the puppet master….you’d want a vote too!!!

    • AnonWgtn

      Because Union fees pay for Labour’s election lies.
      Labour are bust as Party HO cannot get many worthwhile sums of money on board – except perhaps Dotcon Criminal.
      Has he given to Lying Len yet through Len’s backdoor trust like last time ?
      I don’t think Owen Glenn will serve up to any more political money – he has bought his Knighthood.
      Mike Williams was the best money raiser for Labour – he kept them afloat.

  • John1234

    I don’t know about caucus, but Cactus is having a crack!

  • rockape

    Interesting process this. The sensible thing to do is the Caucus to unite and that there is only one candidate. If the constitutonalist will hate this. If the membership and Unions are disenfranchised they will be up in arms.If they are consulted then I agree with Whale,there will be a Leader for the extreme,for the members,for the activists. That wont be good for trying to win votes from the National party but probably back from the Greens. That would be the tactic I would choose for Labour, forget the election,screw the Greens and then aim to go for it in 2017.

  • Mr_Blobby

    It is inevitable that it will be a stitch up. How are you going to get a consensus from the nationwide membership in a timely fashion.