Creepy fat german fraudster crosses the line

Krim DotCon has been creeping out everyone on Twitter with his sexually suggestive tweets about Stephanie Key.

He has a history of deviant tweeting as Keeping Stock points out:

The Large German Gentleman seems to have a bizarre sense of humour. Not only does her share his fantasies over the PM’s daughter, but last year he showed a very injudicious side to his character making jokes about rape on social media, and an anti-semetic reference to John Key.

The media fawns over Kim Dotcom, but there is a dark side to the Large German Gentleman’s character. Smart-arse references to the children of MP’s in an attempt to score political points will do nothing for his public image.

Now to his tweets.

Earlier he tweeted this:  

and this:



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  • He’s definitely crossed the line here. He may have a gripe with John Key; but using Key’s daughter to get at Key is absolutely beyond the pale. He will quickly burn his goodwill with the public with nastiness like this.

    • AnonWgtn

      What goodwill – only the media as he sells papers.

      • The media has bent over backwards to portray Dotcom as a hero being persecuted by the Goverment AnonWgtn, and a large section of the public swallows that line. This stunt and other stuff that Dotcom has done but which has not been widely reported suggests that he has a very dark side.

        Just as an example, how often do you see the media mention Dotcom’s involvement in

        • williamabong

          Sorry KS you had the opening line wrong, the media has bent over FRONTWARDS for this fat criminal.
          If MSN had any balls they would cover some of the fat pricks convictions and links to porn, and if he is innocent send him to the US and he can prove it.
          As for having a crack at JK via his adult, grown up daughter fuck you Krim your a con a liar and a feltcher.

  • island time

    He is one sick animal – send him to the vet

  • MSM headlines: “German benefactor supports struggling NZ art student. Parents offer grateful thanks.”

  • Brendon Taylor

    Red gun is appropriate since he will be the first to be when Labours new leader takes office.

    • AnonWgtn

      He will become Finance Minister.
      And Minister of Justice.

  • rockape

    Great Labours alleigence to the Greens and the fat german pornographer will be good for them come election day!

  • Cadwallader

    The fat prick may want to eat the painting. Try as I might I couldn’t locate Clark’s signature in the corner of Stephanie’s artwork.

    • steve and monique

      Clarks signature!. If she got naked the only food on her would be regurgitated.

  • Sullir

    Have to say that I am disappointed as hell in Kim Dotcom, I felt so sorry for him when he was pursued by the FBI and the government but to taunt the PM over his daughter’s art choices is low, and despicable. He has his own children and he should be a lot more careful about his tweets! In other words “pull your head in sunshine”.

    • Liberty

      “You felt sorry Being pursued by the FBI.”

      You are a deluded with such admiration for such a dubious person.

      He rose to fame in Germany
      in the 1990s as an alleged hacker and
      internet entrepreneur. He was convicted of several crimes, and received a
      suspended prison sentence in 1994 for computer fraud and
      data espionage, and
      another suspended prison sentence in 2003 for insider trading and embezzlement.[12]

      • Sullir

        Don’t be a fool – I believe that the way in which the police and FBI acted was illegal and wrong. I did not judge or make comment on his past because neither you or I really know. I simply find his words and action concerning the PM;s daughter offensive and unnecessary.

        • Liberty

          There is a bit of selective morality going on here.

  • RightNow

    “For obvious reasons I like this art by her the most.”

    Just send him a McDonalds flyer FFS.

  • David

    Doubt we will see him getting grilled on Campbell live or taken to task by the Horrid.

  • David Fisher has just published a story on the Herald website denouncing Dotcom, and severing his ties with him.

    Oh, hang on; I must have been dreaming…

  • tarkwin

    I’m surprised he’s kept up the charade this long. They always show their true colours in the end, it’s a compulsive thing. The signs have always been there. Trophy wife who never speaks, always wears the same clothes, compulsive liar, compulsive eating disorder, self promotion freak, wannabe politician – I’m surprised there was no mayoral tilt, and to top it all off he has John Campbell and the trendy left as his very own puppets. It’s the pressure that gets them in the end. An error of judgement while chasing the limelight.

  • Bob

    The day the fat German prick is put on a plane to the US can’t come soon enough, I’ll be there at the airport giving him a two handed single finger wave!!

    • Martin White

      Amen to that.

  • Moves


  • Phar Lap

    In 2003 the sicko was found guilty of insider trading and forgery.Was wondering is there a police file in Germany or Hong Kong,that the NZ authorities should be made aware of ,revealing some more of his criminal track record,which has been hidden up to now .Hmmmm

    • Col

      Could be interesting???

  • Col

    He has a ticket to flyyyyyyyy he has ticket tooooooooooo flyyyyyyyyy, goodbye you fat bastard. By the why I heard something about his wife, she will stay here, she may be worth a buck or to when he goes, I m sure she will like to go out for drinks, and I m sure she will pay, must be suffocating living with fat bastard.

  • Harvey Wilson

    Last time I was in serious shit with the FBI I kept a low profile and stayed on polite terms with my host country’s rulers.
    What does this moron do ? Gives the feds and the host country the bird, and then goes all giggly over the PM’s daughter.
    Kim, to put it mildly, you’re too immature and stupid to stay here so off is the general direction we Kiwis would like you to fuck.

  • La la land


  • James Growley

    I keep hoping the fat bastard will do something to seriously piss off Mossad.

  • Observation

    Absolutely disgusting. What a pervert. He should be in prison where he cannot indulge in these sick masturbatory fantasies about an innocent young girl.

    • botti

      What’s so disgusting about those particular tweets? The reference to running around with the gun is obviously a dig about the police raiding his place which he’s bitter about. I don’t see anything in the tweets that could be described as “sick”? Maybe I’m missing something.

  • Ken Mathis

    funny how low blows and sexism and being a fat creepy asshole are only problematic when those views are against what you lot think…

  • Mimi

    Pfffft is this John Key’s arse crawler’s site…lol? Good on Kim, his comments were not that bad at all…anyway she and her father deserve mocking…she’s a queen of porn in those pictures. all my friends on fb around the world think so. This would never happen in a decent country with actual morals. Porn = Art…bs…You ppl have no morals if you think what she did was art…she’s just a disgusting little ho’

    • Hellen C Larke

      Why don’t you F*#@ off to your sewer hole where you just crawl out off. Just because you are not as famous you are jealous. ha ha .Jealousy will see that you remain in your serwer hole with the rest of your fb queer cu*@s .

  • pystol

    “For obvious reasons” – did he mean the images of FOOD? This particular photo is the tamest of the lot – maybe Kimmy isn’t quite the nasty old perve some would like to think. He’s as free to comment on the photos as anyone else – the news media has no problem publishing them and now they want to crucify Dotcom for tweeting about them. lol

  • This has never happened to me, I’m speechless.

  • longjohn

    Get him out of this country quickly. No value here, creep.