CTU Affiliated Union TUIA gets $63,898.00 IRD hand out

The Owl reported back in October 2012 that TUIA Union made a voluntary disclosure that they had a $70,000.00 withholding tax issue with the IRD.

The Owl always support entities who make a voluntary disclosure – means the leaders have good governance.

Well done TUIA for their disclosure but read my Observation.

For the record and as per their 2013 accounts just filed the following settlement with the IRD was as follows. (Page 6 of the accounts)


GST write off $22,559.00

PAYE write off $93,097.00


Interest IRD  ($47,039.00)

IRD penalities ($4,719.00)

Net Surplus to TUIA Union $63,898.00 (banked to equity)

Observation by the Owl

TUIA union has $118,494.00 in the bank.

Why wasn’t this deal struck?

Pay GST $22,559.00

Pay PAYE $93,097.00

Total $115,656.00

Balance left over $2,838.00 – I mean the $118,494.00 in the bank is as far as the Owl can see is the PAYE and GST collected which should have been paid.

So based on this deal all businesses in NZ should not pay GST and PAYE and keep the money in the bank.

Have I got this sooooooooooooo terribly wrong?


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  • Get Real

    this is incredible and Labour and Greens should be asking the then Minister of Revenue Peter Dunne why this happened. Helen Kelly should hold head in shame as the accounts show CTU were still collecting their affiliation fees while the public money was being hidden.


  • Jimmie

    Everyone knows that taxes are for ‘other’ people to pay.

    Some people have to pay taxes and some have to spend those taxes.

    It is their unalienable right for socialists to bear the burdensome responsibility for spending those taxes.

    It is the right, nay duty, for dirty evil capitalists to pay their fair share of taxes. And even that is not enough, pay more you filthy capitalists or we will nationalise you out of business..

  • Time For Accountability

    I suspect the wire offs are incorrectly described and it is the penalty accruals that have been written off to be replaced with a late payment fee in the interest portion.

    It would be extraordinary for paye to be written off because the employee would have to pay it personally. They still have income on which they must pay tax towards which goes the employer payments on their behalf.

    The unusual factor is the union is ongoing and not stopping in liquidation.

    The affiliation fees were paid in preference to paye and Gst.

    That is extremely dodgy governance.

    Helen how did your conscience feel receiving affiliation fes in preference to employee paye? Again dodgy springs to mind.

  • Anon

    one serious letter going to Peter Dunne, Helen Kelly and DIA

  • Muffin

    I am sure Campbell live or seven sharp will be doing a thorough investigation and hard hitting report for the country to see!

    • Whanga_Cynic


  • AngryTory

    The Owl always support entities who make a voluntary disclosure – means the leaders have good governance.

    The Owl may be so … generous. The Whale Army should not be. Tell you what, how about:
    – confiscate all that cash
    – deregister the union, close it down, confiscate any remaining assets
    – cancel all contracts, all workers covered by ’em revert to minimum wage with zero benefits
    – jail all the union leaders & shop stewards
    – permanently civil rights of all members

    there. that seems about right to me. Perhaps we can give the leaders some time out of jail on Home D for their good behaviour.