Cunliffe announces candidacy for #Laboursgottalent, complete with new slogan…or is it?

David Cunliffe has announced his intention to seek the Labour leadership, and has launched a new slogan to support his campaign.

Unfortunately – it’s not exactly new at all… 

Here is a Clark image from the 1996 campaign.. the slogan’s pretty similar… and Labour lost that election.

1996 Labour Campaign Advertisement

There was even a nice little song that Cunliffe could perhaps resurrect:

David Cunliffe is going to have a real problem always having to explain that the T is silent.


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  • AJ

    Wow. And Helen wasn’t even airbrushed. No wonder they lost!

    • Scott

      She’s certainly an attractive lady

      • AJ

        Attractive? Lady? Personally not sure either are true, but whatever floats your boat :)

  • blokeintakapuna

    #Hey Cunliffe – you spell “No” with an N and an O – not like “New”

    • M3N78L


  • Tiny Tim

    Is it me or does it appear Cunliffe’s neck is as wide as his head?

    • Whafe

      Never trust a human who’s eyes are to close together ;)

  • Justsayn

    Shearer said that he resigned because he didn’t have the support of the caucus, so why isn’t he standing for election?

    We all knew that there were some in the caucus that didn’t support him. That was always the case. He knew it too. If he say anything different is is flat out lying.

    He seemed to think he had lost majority support of the caucus (and seemed to think that at some point he had that majority support).

    Well, that support is not needed to be the party leader, and if Cunliffe wins the one legged spoon race he will be leader without the majority caucus support.

    I don’t buy Shearer excuse for resigning. He should have told the truth for a change – I was getting hammered and someone else might do better.

  • Col

    He must have seen that slogan somewhere, because he couldn’t think that up by himself.

  • Justsayn

    I can understand a breast lift and a face lift, but what sort of sex maniac needs one of these?

  • Saccharomyces

    Where was the warning?!?! I clicked the jump, and got an eyeful of Helen Clark! Not a sight you want to see a couple of hours before dinner.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    I think these are WO Army people calling and making fun of my new leader…

  • Phar Lap

    Cunliffe was a loser when he worked for private enterprise.He then took the soft option,and joined the losers party Lie-bour.He couldn’t cut the mustard when he had to work for a living.

  • thor42

    He really does look like a bloody dodgy used-car salesman. I’ve never seen such an insincere smile.
    Anyway – his “youse fullas” line will come back to haunt him if he does become leader.

  • cows4me

    No fucking hope
    One eyed vision
    Just recycled bullshit.

  • Grant Robertson

    I can’t take seriously anyone who’s sirname has its first three letters spell the majority of a word that means ‘a thoroughly unlikeable person’.

    • Patrick

      I suggest sir that you are more repelled by the fact it nearly spells c***t, whereas your preference patently is for arse.

      Choo Choo – up the Hershey Highway Grant Robbersbum

  • TC

    Question – if Cunners wins the Labour vote, but then loses NZ next year, does he then stand down as leader? He doesn’t have to, correct? Either way, I don’t see it happening. Cunliffe is the quintessential crawl-over-broken-glass for power politician. He’ll do anything and say anything (as demonstrated in his bro-accented “John Key is going to eat your young” speech in Avondale). Once he’s in, he’s not going anywhere. This is all he went to Harvard for and everything he’s worked at “behind the scenes” on for years. If he wins Labour, you could be looking at the last leader of the Labour party in NZ. If he becomes PM, we could be looking at the last PM of NZ too.

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