More on the Cunliffe/Robertson plagiarism

A reader from the US writes:

Hey Cam,

Its not a very popular show in NZ, but in the recent season finale of Veep, a political staffer writes a speech for his boss’s political party opponent then gives his boss the same speech but with some minor changes. From the synopsis …

Meanwhile Dan, Selina’s communication aid who has been vying a position in her rival Gov. Danny Chung’s office, accidentally replicates language in speeches he wrote for each of them. “I had to write Selina’s speech for the science fair so fast that I think I plagiarized the speech that I wrote for Chung,” explains Dan, showing Amy, the VP’s chief of staff, the fake, cheesy patriotic anecdote he used in both speeches. Chung tells Dan he will use the goof as political ammunition against Selina, as he too wants to run for president. 

It is hilarious to see this plot being played out in real life.

If you have not watched the show I recommend it. It is no Thick of it, but it does have many great creatives prefixes to the word “fuck”.

Sounds very interesting, I wonder if it is as good as House of Cards which I have been enjoying lately.


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  • pzkpfw

    Veep is fantastic, series two has just finished and they renewed for another series in 2014, a brilliant watch.