Dad’s not Lovin’ It, Stephanie Key poses nude

John Key’s daughter is stepping out in life by herself and boy has she made a splash…posing near naked in her photographs. They are pretty good though with her work chosen to promote the prestigious art show, Paris Design week.

They are self-portraits which could land any young daughter in trouble with her parents.

But when your father just so happens to be a prime minister, they are all the more troublesome.

These raunchy self-portraits show Stephanie Key – the 20-year-old daughter of New Zealand’s Prime Minister John Key.

Miss Key is studying at a prestigious Paris arts school where she has created these astonishing self-portraits. They are being used to promote a show at Paris Design Week next month.

The photographs could well prove embarrassing for her father as the images show his daughter in a number of revealing poses.

The most controversial picture shows her posing topless with a cherry in her mouth while holding a gun in one hand.

I reckon they are pretty cool, wouldn’t mind having one on the wall myself.

What do readers think?


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  • conwaycaptain

    I reckon Dad is proud of her

    • LesleyNZ

      I don’t think so.

      • You wouldn’t. We’ll see. I’m sure Key will laugh it off when asked. Given all your other comments in a such a short time here, I think you’re being a bit fuddy duddy about it. After all, it isn’t your daughter.

        • LesleyNZ

          I am “fuddy duddy”

        • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

          Wait for this to become top news in TV1/TV3 tonight…..

          • motorizer

            sad thing is it probably will be.

          • Bryan

            yep that would be right 1 day and it was up on TV1
            JK will be sitting down with Mcdonalds to sort out a new advert for summer that should pay for the rest of his daugthers study in Paris

            but a poll that showed labour and greens going backwards not a mention for 5 days which shows again the social agenda of so much of the media

          • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

            That poll is rogue poll. Morgan is the real one bro.

          • Bryan

            it was the morgan one that showed then down the creek

    • Meg

      Key might be proud. But it is just tacky to me. Not real art at all.

      But then I am a traditionalist when it comes to art. This sort of “pop/advertising” art is just tacky nonsense to me.

  • blokeintakapuna

    Tastefully done… And she is 20 y/o, so … Squid Delicious!

    • LesleyNZ

      Is that the message she is giving?

      • blokeintakapuna

        She isn’t responsible for how anyone chooses to interpret her photos…

        • TomTom

          It’s always the most loudly righteous that have the dirtiest and filthiest minds.

          • Laidir56

            Really… doesn’t bear well for the Pope does it?

            (There are some idiots and then some Lesley)

          • TomTom

            Yeah. And then there are douchebags like you who can’t resist hypocritical ‘low-class’ potshots like “I’m thinking you don’t have a daughter, and if you do, she is a drunken smackhead somewhere prostituting herself.”

          • Anyone would be a douchebag to you who has a few morals and who has questioned her behaviour I’d imagine. You keep getting riled up over it… almost like you have something invested in her behaviour being deemed acceptable. Sad that.

          • TomTom

            You’re not very good at this commenting thing, are you? Haha kinda amused now… In fact, you seem to have created an account for only this blogpost? 6 comments on your profile… You seem pretty invested in this minor issue of the PM’s daughter studying at an art institute…

            Lol – I don’t have much invested in Black Widow’s behaviour, but it is amusing to me to point out her hypocrisy in accusing others of taking “low class” potshots when y’know… she’s doing that.

          • Anne Birch

            I think I’m doing quite well actually. Seems to me that anyone posting here with an ounce of intelligence or any qualifications intimidates the heck out of you. reaction: straying off topic and getting personal because you don’t like valid view points. shame that. :)

          • LesleyNZ

            Yes – that can be said of some who are righteous and some who are not righteous.

          • TomTom

            I think it can be said of all “righteous people” – my point being, those who actually believe they do live a good life don’t feel the need to shout on the horn constantly about it and put down others for their choices in life. They are confident that they are leading a good life and don’t feel the need to tell others that they are.

            And I think it’s wrong for you to insist on what others should think/believe, and above you assert that JK will not be proud of his daughter at all when you don’t even know the man or their relationship. Do you not think it’s prideful to assume to know someone so well that they must think a particular way about their daughter and boast about it?

          • Question:
            She used the MacDonald’s logo and branding in one of her “design” images or art. Does that mean
            MacD’s allowed her to use their branding and associate her “art” with their brand and target market?

            The only reason I ask is, a few years ago MacD’s sued
            someone for using their branding in an inappropriate way. I always thought of MacDonalds as a family orientated company all round so I find it hard to
            believe they would tie their branding in with something like this. If they have it is tactless given that NZ youth may see it.

            The news on TV played this down as have some papers. Not ok to do this and in fact Key is getting it easy because of that. Her work is completely out of context
            with MacDonalds branding and I’m really struggling to see where it fits in with them or their branding and advertising.

            did she ask MacDonalds permission? I mean it’s not as if she could say she did not intend for the images to be circulated given she will exhibit in Paris is it?

            The MacD’s branding
            is copyright to them any any design student in NZ is taught this, seems she has not been as people can’t just go create art like this
            willy nilly using someone’s logo without permission or collaboration. So which is it?
            What she has done is immature in terms of her age and the ability of design or art students studying in NZ. iI just think she is too immature to see it right now. If that
            sounds harsh, it’s because life is harsh, and when your an artist, you
            need to behable to take critique from your peers in order to have the impetus to improve. We don’t all go around praising each others work bloody stupid or no one would improve skill wise.

            Try sitting in on the NZIPPs judging comps sometime and you’ll see what I mean. Needless to say she needs to take the critique in her stride and deal when she takes it to the public like she has. I do wish people here would therefore shut up and quit with the “leave her alone” as
            she wanted to provoke a reaction obviously and she has got it.

            reaction being that people will put your work under scrutiny, compare it
            to the quality of their own art education and ask wtf your doing or
            what your lecturers are teaching you exactly when you churn out shoddy work like this.

          • There are relevant areas all designers in the industry need to be familiar with. On the course I studied (degree in NZ) you had the following:

            1. Yr.1 everyone had to have the basics. Industry standards in adobe software for the purposes of creating design or composites such as she has following industry standard practices. They also had to have the basics such as knowing how to draw, paint, use Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Adobe Photoshop and the basics of photography with a DSLR camera ( not an SLR set to auto or an iPhone).

            Assignments in each piece of software where done to prove your competence.

            2. Knowledge in how how to compose an image following the various art practices such as Rule of Thirds etc. How to shoot photography in different types of light. How to style a shoot professionally. How to shoot in manual mode for complete creativity. This meant you had to put the settings into camera yourself. F stop, shutter speed, ISO, white balance, the whole lot. These were mandatory skills you needed to have before you went on to specialise in ANY type of art or design following it such as web design, graphic design, photography, or illustration. (Her work illustrates exactly WHY everyone needs all those skills BEFORE exhibiting any work in a museum. She has shown no photography skill whatsoever, but as chosen to represent her design in the photographic form?

            3. Six months in students then go on to specialise in the area of their choice. Design, Web Design, Photography, Illustration etc. BUT you have ALL the basics to handle every single assignment thrown at you? Someone going to explain to me what type of art this is? Design? Photographic? Make-up and Drama? What exactly? As I’m totally confused as a degree graduate who has studied this stuff.

            4. Every assignment involves gathering a process (written and research). Justification of your ideas on paper with sketches and descriptions. Somewhere in this so called art is a process one presumes. It would have been really good to see what that was in context to the work then we could all understand it – we see no such thing. It just looks like she has thrown a lot of crap together in terms of skill when you compare it to even some 16 year old’s who studied from first year on my degree course.

            5. With each assignment, you had to closely communicate with your lecturer at every stage about what you were doing – just in case you went off on the wrong track…which means she had to have done that, and her lecturers encouraged this. So your left asking yourself what kind of art school it is. You had several weeks to do the work on any assignment. All your written process had to show or justify your work.

            6. On our course students were issued with a deadline to hand in. That meant printed work in a physical drop box and all digital files dropped into a digital dropbox so that lecturers could check your digital files to ensure you were following correct design and processing practices taught to you digitally for ALL types of art… design, photography, whatever. One assumes she is being taught this much as all design these days IS digital based, and she would need these skills as any type of designer. Would need to know how to prep images for print etc.

            7. At the hand back of assignments, everyone sat around to critique each others work. You had to be able to take feedback on your work and give feedback. Critique is a vital part of studying art. An important part of learning curve and you also need to take critique from peers outside of this so any critique she is getting here or anywhere in the press (due to release of her work public-ally) is valid and should be taken on board.

            8. Every year we sat written and digital exams in various software. We were given several images or elements and had to composite them following an already finished image placed on a slide in front of us in a given time – under pressure. is she doing this?

            This is not the only art course I have done. When leaving school I studied on an Art Foundation diploma for 2 years in the UK and studied every aspect of art. Drawing, painting, design, graphic design (back then done with pen not digital), fashion, life drawing, photography, print making, pottery, sculpture. Study of fine art through the ages and different artists work and their various techniques e.g. durer (print maker) or monet (painter) etc. STILL we needed to learn the basics of everything BEFORE we specialised or exhibited our work.

            What your looking at here is someone who gets to essenitally exhibit her art within a few months of starting an art course? A little premature really when you consider that all students taught here have to sit a whole three year course as degree students before work can grace the art gallery here. Mine was featured at Te Papa and was an assignment in itself – my final paper = grade A.

            That body of work was a result of THREE years of skill. Not only that but no student got to have their work published in the press and I can assure you that there were 16 yo studying that churned out far better work than Stephanie Key (take a look at examples of photographic work on the NZIPPS website in the Student section). The average Bronze award it wipes the floor with her work skill wise.

            None of those students will probably get as far as Stephanie Key will get with it simply because of WHO she is.

            This I find disgusting. A bloody travesty. And she has in effect taken advantage of her position and dad’s status all the more by using sexuality and nudity as a way of getting her foot in the door in the art world media wise.

            The fact that Key is not bothered about any of it tells me something about him as a father, a politician and a prime minister. There is no conscience there and never was. He is trying to pass off what she has done as HIP, and to be honest, it’s vomit worthy.

          • mike

            Are you offended by the nudity? Geeze I wonder what you think of some classic art… bit more in your face isn’t it.

          • Your missing the point and twisting it to your own argument by using excellent quality renaissance paintings (nude art) and comparing it with junk quality nude art??? Are you for real? Flattery of the PM’s daughter will get you everywhere though I surmise. Anything for Brownie points.

            I note though you missed my point about her exploiting her body, and her position (PM’s daughter) to pubilcise poor quality work – how do you think fellow peers and students feel deep down that she has had her work noticed like this? There could be students on her course producing better quality work who have not had it so well publicised… not really fair on them is it.

            Frankly I don’t care what YOUR perception of quality photographic work is as have viewed my facebook home page on a good day when thousands of images are streamed live as I have over 2’500 photographers added and have had for over 5 YEARS!

            I’ve been exposed to enough good and bad work to know. I’ve been graded by some of the best photography lecturers this country has. One had more Gold NZIPP awards than you could shake a stick at. I’m able to critique art and what is good quality or what could be a damned site better before people are exposed to it enmass.

            Believe me I would hardly be critiquing her work if I had not seen examples of excellent photographic nude pulled off with class and taste. See the likes of Trevor Yerbury’s photographic nudes and work in the UK. THAT is class and taste. She would do well to study study study the work of others and live and breathe processing software for a while, as she has some potential, but putting those ideas together needs a lot of refinement.

          • and preferably before she publishes her work again as I am more than sure she wants to get accolades and people drooling over her work (art critics) genuinely feeling it is excellent because it IS excellent. Not because of who she is, or the content of her art.

            Frankly she could have displayed some excellent painting skills or drawing skills and had that published and I would have absolutely NO problem saying her work was excellent if it was… nudes featured in it or not. But why self? Why not get a model to make less of a stir?

            Not to say she shouldn’t, but if I were going to feature myself nude, I would want to have every retouching skill known to man first and be able to process the image to Yerbury quality than just slap things together and stick some cut outs of four mouths in the corner of an image with cherries in. Or cut copy and paste several MacDonald’s chip packets all over the place to fill the white space.

            Kind of wondering WHY you guys are ignoring the MacDonald’s copyright infringement???? It’s a bit of a big deal. Would rather you did not push work where someone’s branding has been hit hard and when they have not announced there was collaboration or permission to use???

          • TomTom

            You are just the smartest person, ever, aren’t you? You know all abooout photography. It’s a pity you’re not studying at such a prestigious institution like Stephanie Key….

            Btw, I don’t give a fuck about how to do photography….

          • I can demo if you like… except I just don’t want anyone beating off over my work being a boudoir photographer and all. Not really fair to my clients who do like these images taken, but just don’t like them slapped all over the web. There are some images I can demo though… but I am gathering you have such a bee in your bonnet, you would declare them out and out crap, even with all my skills, just for the heck of it. Unlike S Key I do not like opening up cans of worms.

          • TomTom

            So to you, these photos are tasteless cos they weren’t digitally processed or something?

            You have gotten sidetracked from the original point I made to you – that you are being a hypocrite in your attacks against others on here. You could have just made a simple critique as to why you believe Stephanie Key’s work was not very good in your opinion. But nup, you had to go overboard and try assert that your opinion, in your opinion, is the only right one, and add on many unnecessary insults that just indicates to me that you’re very insecure about your own works?!! I could be wrong, but meh, that’s the impression you give off.

            Moreover, I can’t judge what you say as nothing other than bullshit until I can see your work to see if you are really qualified in saying what you have been saying about someone else’s work. I also do not see that you have presented any work that have been included in an event as prestigious as the one Ms Key’s work is. *shrugs*

            FYI – I don’t really care about what you did in your first year, actually, nor did I ask. Stop going for huge replies that never even address the points I’ve made, for fucks sake.

          • Anne Birch

            Let’s not get into comparing her work with mine shall we? I have been into the arts (and practising since the age of 18 yrs (LOOONG time) but I have quite a few years on her. Do not think it is fair to compare me at my level in the industry to her, but rather for her work to be compared to that of her peers in fairness to establish if she is as cool as the school say.

            Lets face it, if said school publish her work, use her for WHO she is, then more Kiwi students will see their school and insist on going to study there. So they get more fees and NZ educational establishments miss a few students. Kapiche?


            1. Did she take the images

            2. How did she take the images?

            3. They teach photography at that school. Was she taught to select manual settings right off the bat, or is she shooting on auto? (Behind us if she is doing the latter).

            3. If she didn’t take the images, who did?

            4. If someone else took the images – why are they not credited?

            5. If someone else took the images, exactly what was her contribution to the art? Did she just style the shoot?

            6. What is she demonstrating regarding her education – what has she been taught this Semester?

            7. Have YOU or anyone else taken a look at other students work?

            8. How did the media here get hold of the images? (Not published on the school blog???)

            9. Where images leaked? Who by?

            10. If images leaked, disgruntled fellow student who feels she is getting all the wrong attention because of who she is?

            I could go on ….. but cannot exactly critique the work any more or see where she is good at what she is doing if it isn’t outlined what she is studying. I’m not one of these people that just hears, “Oh this is amazing,” and agrees. Tell me the who, what. why, when, where and let me judge for myself please.


            MacDonalds logo and branding is their intellectual property:

            “Technically logos are copyrighted so you need permission. Things like the Facebook “like” button typically come with permission as part of their Terms of Service, which you can find on their website.

            Generally the TOS for any company will cover logo use, and generally they default to say “You cannot use it,” simply because it’s the safest. That is, if someone abuses they can always say “no, you have to stop,”and yeah, you do.”

            That quote is on the web out there. It is fact. It’s what I was taught. Why has she not been taught this, or why if MacDonalds gave their permission, DID they give their permission? Even though it just doesn’t seem to fit with their branding? Valid questions you seem to be dodging and skating over.

            Others on this blog are well able to see right through anyone trying to discredit me and seeing those questions as valid.

            It seems you are yet another New Zealander who has absolutely NO confidence in the NZ Education system. Even though you don’t have a clue what is available here in the area of art education. Not my fault you don’t have any confidence in your own education system. Neither does the Prime Minister ad his daughter it seems.

            That’s what your trying to prove with the point about her having a better or more prestigious education in Paris, France isn’t it?

            I visited The Paris School of Art website last night. There are several genres of art she could be studying, but not having a clue (after looking at her work which it is) I couldn’t take a look at what she is studying curriculum wise.

            I certainly have a lot of faith in education here, despite not being a Kiwi. If you don’t that’s your problem.

            Just a little puzzled as to why you would feel the education abroad is any better? Are you suggesting that educational establishments and education here in NZ is substandard under a National government? Just wonderin’

            Really sorry you are in a sulk about the lack of a link to images. Maybe another time eh, when I actually know who you are, and if your a good boy. ;)

          • mike

            Sounds like jealousy to me…

            I don’t like them personally (prefer a nice landscape myself) but to attack them because of the nudity is just plain ignorant of art.

            And her work must be considered good as it is being used to advertise the Paris Design Week… tell us Anne has your work ever been used for such an event?

            And quite frankly I don’t think anyone else in the world knows or cares she is the daughter of the PM of NZ…

          • Anne Birch

            hahahahahahahahaha. hilarious.

          • mike

            Mind you, considering your profile I think you are just a troll. Can a mod ping Anne and find out where she really is… because I doubt it’s Paris.

            Is it a coincidence that she has the same mannerisms as Meg?

        • lich

          Err, some of them are a bit on the un-subtle side. Posing all but naked with a bunch of cherries and a sign reading ‘POP!’ – *in her panties*? Yeah, I’m sure there’s a tonne of totally innocent ways to interpret that. Somehow… >.>

  • maninblack

    i dont get Art.

    • Rex Widerstrom

      Me neither. Though the difference between it and pornography now appears to come down to the contents of a fishmonger’s van. Not that it’d be offensive even without the buffet…

      Bit like an art prize I saw awarded to a mediocre painting to which the artist had then taken a chisel, gouging a trail through it. This had the effect of linking the exposed wood to the dull landscape of a boat above it, imbuing it all with great depth of meaning. Or something. The only meaning I took from it was “my painting looks like shite so I’ve done something bizarre in the hope of flummoxing the judges”.

      The trick seems to be to go for a level of obscurity so deep that those who stand there thinking “WTF?” fear they’re the only ones missing the point and so agree with the luvvies who proclaim it “a work of genius”.

      • Anonymouse Coward

        My opinion for what it is worth is the McDonalds shot is a work of pop art comparable to Warhol.

        • Laidir56

          Warhol would not even touch MacDonalds… in fact no one with taste would touch MacDonalds.

      • Laidir56

        Rex I think I love you. *hearts*

  • Cadwallader

    Well at least she’s not dating John Campbell.

    • blokeintakapuna

      He wishes

  • Lion_ess

    I reckon they’re pretty cool too – wish I had a creative bend.

  • Col

    Better than Shearer throwing a couple of snapper around, I reckon Jk would be happy with these photos, really well done, but Paris is the place for art.

    • Black Widow

      The irony is, anyone could have drummed up that tacky shit with a camera and a few outfits in New Zealand… without resorting to attendance at an Art school in France ffs. As for JK being happy with these shots… you never hear from his wife… why the heck hear from his daughter. Be whole lot better if they towed the line and set an example to youth than act like prats on the world stage.

      • Col

        Piss off with that comment, why do you want too drag his wife into it as well so you can bit her head off, your a low class person.Yes you may have been able to do that here, BUT it was done in Paris. Why did we hear from his daughter, no bloody idea but who sent the pictures, I have no idea, but they are bloody good, and yes done in Paris. What example is there, oh sorry not for you, that is why we have freedom of speech and art is one of them, your full of yourself. If more youth got into this the world would be a better place, I can assure you of that.

        • Black Widow

          Yes, there is freedom of speech and freedom of art, but there is also freedom of thought. You’re low class opinion and lack of education are showing through. Biting back in a low class way cements it.

          • Col

            You are not who you are. Got ya.

  • steve and monique

    Art. Dont understand it,but not porn,so not offended

  • rockape

    Talented girl. Sorry Stephanie but I would just love Labour to try and gain mileage over this. If they really want to sink their ship,attack the PMs kids!

    • Cadwallader

      Don’t say this….they may decide Darien ought pose in a similar fashion!

      • Cadwallader

        …on second thoughts nobody not even Silent T would would torture an octopus by placing it near Darien’s genitalia.

      • steve and monique

        or Sue Bradford

      • motorizer


      • Bob Murphy

        Please, please no.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Wait for Curryleaf to go on the attack soon….

      • Bob Murphy

        Robertson should try it. Would be a hit in the gay world.

    • motorizer

      verrrry good point.

    • Col

      John Campbell may try something on Monday, to try and even up the score.

  • Whafe

    Prety classy really, there is for sure some talent there art wise….
    I don’t think John Key will be all out of shape about this. It is not some porn shoot, it is art

    • Meg

      Classy?? Really?

      Each to their own I guess.

  • LesleyNZ

    Why would she want to do this? I guess it depends upon how much you value your own dignity. I don’t think many parents would want their daughter to do this – no matter how arty it may be perceived to be. Not many dads would be happy to see their daughter portrayed in this way.

    • Dignity has nothing to do with art. I think you’re failing to draw a line between art and pornography.

      I would associate a lack of dignity with porn, not art. Art is a freedom of expression, rather than outright smut. Some people fail to be able to draw the line between those 2 things.

    • kiwi93

      I, respectfully, disagree with you. Many women have posed nude for years. If you go to an art gallery in Europe, you’d see a lot of art featuring nudity. She’s an artist. I don’t see what “dignity” has anything to do with art. I guess it’s a matter of perception.

    • Brent

      Rather these pics than spread eagle on a Harley, if it was my 20 year old you would see them less as a dignity issue than Keys 20 year old. Could be worse, could be your 40 year old son crying and screaming give back my my flag.

      • LesleyNZ

        I don’t have a 40 year old son.

        • Brent

          The point was dignity. I’m sure if you did have a 40 year old son he would not be crying over a stolen flag.

    • La la land

      Lesley… Completely out of touch as usual….

      • LesleyNZ

        That is your opinion. So be it.

        • Agent BallSack

          I get you though. We’re all not cut from the same cloth and I think you add a lot to the discussion here. However, I’m not bothered by the photos but wouldnt rush off to see the uncensored version. I think it’s art but then I also think the human form can be art too – without it there would be no Venus, no statue of David the list goes on. Imagine an art world of still life where Eve cannot be portrayed (bare breasted but fig leafed none the less). Classic Art is about nature and natural things. Modern Art is harder to pigeonhole. The fact that this has caused discussion shows this is actually art, whether we like it or not. If my daughter did the same I can’t say I would be impressed but I would probably just say thank god she’s not Miley or Madonna or any number of crazy teen role models. IMO it’s not offensive, just not to my taste.

          • LesleyNZ

            I guess I think of the consequences of actions later on in life – and how the internet works. Some decisions you make in your youth you look back wishing you never had made those decisions. Miley – that poor girl – saw her on telly tonight. So sad to see her like this and she thinks it is so wonderful – now. The likes of her are out of control. Madonna is a sad middle aged woman trying to capture and hold onto her youth. I don’t have a problem with the statue of David etc – the human form. None of those classic art forms had the kind of subtle message such as what we see in today’s world.

          • mike

            What subtlety? Maybe you should google classic art and nudity and see what comes up.

            Just because its a painting and not a photograph doesn’t make it any less in your face.

      • Laidir56

        I think your completely out of touch with kids doing stuff like this to get attention… after all, Daddy isn’t always going to be Prime Minister. Why not take advantage of it while he is by doing something shocking, and tactless.

        • la la land

          She is at an art school in France for gods sake – this sort of thing is not really risque at art school. There’s nothing really shocking about these photos. I’m sure her reason for doing this has very little to do with getting into the media in new zealand and more to do with expressing herself to the best of her ability in front of her tutors and peers and the design week audience. You are so narrow minded.

          • Black Widow

            There are many ways to express yourself through art and you don’t have to get nude to impress tutors. In fact this could be seen to be trying to get the tutors attention in all the wrong ways. And your right…. there is nothing shocking about the shoot or images, but then you don’t have to shock people to be classed as tacky do you?

            It’s not so much the mind that’s is narrow… it’s just the fact that it isn’t exactly setting a great example to young girls in NZ is it? Especially when you have a conservative Dad.

            And pullease don’t give me your spin on it being a great example of artistic expression either…as said earlier, I would not want my daughter seeing trampish stuff like this or feeling it’s even normal.

            Your narrow mind has seen you disregard the influence on other girls but then some do not think beyond beating themselves off to this junk behind a monitor.

    • Laidir56

      Your not far from wrong Lesley…only fathers see it that way in the male species though when daughters do this type of stuff like this happens. Every other red blooded male thinks the opposite (except when it’s ‘their’ daughter that is).

      Sad thing is there are so many beautiful or artistic things she could have done with photography, and this is not it.

      • Col

        Your a weak bit of piss, who asked you, your just jealous your nothing but a bit of shit on a computer, who hides behind that keyboard, you, must have hairy legs and wash once a month. You have no idea about art, your only on this bandwagon because it is the PM daughter, go to your corner.

        • LesleyNZ

          Reverting to nasty name calling and getting personal is unnecessary Col.

          • Col

            Just letting people know they should pull there head in I still think your a perv, just the way you say things, the police could profile you.

          • LesleyNZ

            LOL – you sound a bit weird saying that Col – you must be young.

        • Black Widow

          Fortunately there is no law against making valid points with a key board. It’s just trolls like you that need to get a life it seems because you can’t take differing opinion.

          • Col

            Nah I can take a difference of an opinion, but your comments are so far left your going to fall over. You must have hairy legs?

    • Col

      Why would she want too do this Lesley? Because you CAN’T.
      If my daughter did this I would be happy for her, nothing in it but art, but there are grubby people around who would like to twist it, your not grubby are you Lesley?

      • LesleyNZ

        You can think what you like about me Col and make assumptions – nothing to do with can’t – you can do anything if you want to. If it is just art then why are there grubby comments? Which of course – is to be expected. If it just art then why the accompanying comments in media that relate to the photos being provocative? There could be a bit of naivety here – not thinking of the consequences long-term and how media and people do twist things. These photos will be in cyberspace forever.

        • Col

          You will find grubby people, no matter what, and may it say in cyberspace for ever.

    • rockape

      My dentist, a Wing Commander in the RAF. Had the centerfold from Penthouse on the ceiling above his dentist chair. It was his 19 year old daughter, now that was probably inappropriate but she was a lovely girl and he was proud father.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    I am waiting for Naked Emperor’s resignation any time now….game over bros….

  • drummerboy

    gonna be honest here, art is in the eye of the beholder. In my eye…. this isn’t really art.

    • benniedawg

      True, it does take some interpretation but art is all about suggestion and personal impression. David Shearer’s fish art last week was a profound statement. Only problem was he presented it to MSNZ. Had it been executed at an art expo we would still be lauding his creative excellence.

  • Anonymouse Coward

    Excellent art direction.

    Persons who make negative comments about this likely have not experienced head in hands moments with their own children.

  • blairmulholland

    It’s all fun and games until it’s actually your daughter doing it

    • LesleyNZ


    • Col

      No you don’t have a daughter, I d be happy with this if my daughter did this, see people who look at it as not being art, look at it and see it for the wrong reasons, sorry blair, but your a perv.

      • blairmulholland

        It’s “you’re”. Learn to write at least before you try and hurl personal insults on the internet. I have two daughters, and I hope when they grow up they are more modest with their body than this. It has nothing to do with sex, and I don’t care whether it’s art or not. It’s about standards of decency that you set for your children, male or female. If you have different values, that’s fine. I don’t.

        • Col

          Sorryyyyyyyyyyy about myyyyyyyyyyyyy edey cation. Your full of yourself, if you think like that your daughters will have boyfriends in the back seat of the car. Your mind is pointed at sex, not art, boring old dad.

          • blairmulholland

            Again, it’s “You’re”. Learn to write in English properly or STFU. I find it bizarre that you think that my mind is on sex in this instance. I don’t think the photos are sexy or sexually arousing. They might have more artistic merit if they were. In terms of art they are pretty dull. Personally, I think if anyone finds them arousing or even artistically meritorious, then they need to get out more. The photos look like something that Edina and Patsy would commission and think incredibly daring, but they’re not. It’s all a big yawn.

            It’s depressing to think that supposedly all the “exciting” Dads of the world would have no problem with their daughters undressing for something so cheap and tacky and nasty.

          • Black Widow

            They’re not sexually arousing. They do look a little odd though and you have to wonder what the heck was going through her mind in the organising that particular assingment/s.

            I don’t think anyone in their right minds could find necrophiliac tendencies with a dead octopus erotic, if anything they make her look extremely childish and naive or stupid.

            I find it hard to imagine she is 20 years old… there is not even anything skillful about the way she has composited images together either… no decent photo-shopping skills displayed (e.g. wdie angle lens used to give a certain effect or different lighting used for drama), no decent photography skills displayed, no decent costumier skills displayed… she doesn’t look like she can even cut shapes out neatly either… it’s like she’s rushed the assignment she was meant to do, thrown some shit together on the last minute as some students do when they haven’t been working or even attending class.

          • Col

            That’s what some dads say about there daughters but deep down what do you really think? If your daughter showed you her photos what would you do? I think you are a control freak and your daughters would feel very happy away from you. As for my English sorry not everyone was gifted with the Queens English, I do admire those who write well, but I read between your lines and feel you have a deep threat of someone finding you out, you are not what you are, interesting. Sorry about my English, but that comment about it just shows what you are.

          • blairmulholland

            Well Col, you’re a child molester.

            See, I can make shit up about people I don’t know on the Internet too. When are you going to stop killing kittens and raping babies, Col?

          • Col

            I don’t make up shit, I can read between the lines by what you have been saying, and of course this response you have written is a normal response by someone like yourself. What you have just write, would you enlighten me on these subjects, as you seem too know all about them, right?

          • blairmulholland

            Yes, you’re so insightful that you originally thought I didn’t have children. You seem to be a very strange person who is taking this topic far too personally. All I did was make a general comment that many fathers would be embarrassed, and you felt that you had to personally attack me and my family in response. You are a coward. Most people you said those things to in person would punch your head in, and you’d deserve it.

            I state again that if that was my daughter, I’d be embarrassed. John Key appears not to be embarrassed. Good for him. It’s his daughter. We are entitled to pick our own values in life. And frankly, if you don’t like that, then you can fuck off.

          • Col

            Oh dear, Blair did I pinch a wee nerve, you gotta have balls to take the thick and thin on WO, I don’t believe I attacked your family, but that is a normal response from people like yourself ( I may be wrong) when I read what you have been saying. As for the punch to my head, that again is a sign of frustration from your inability to handle matters, as you said “All I did was make a comment”. If you want to partake in these blogs you gotta take the good and the bad, you go and have a wine and sit back and just say, that Col gave me hard time, bastard, you will live another day to fight.

          • LesleyNZ

            You seem to be pretty new to this blog Col. Blair has been around for ages.

          • Col

            It shows!!!
            Bit like the Labour Party, out with the old in with new, the problem here is, those running for Leader are all from the clearance sale. You say what you want, Blair says what he wants, but he seems to have a one way highway, you may even be on the same highway if I m right?

          • blairmulholland

            I’m handling things just fine, thank you. You, however, are getting personal with anyone who says something you disagree with on this thread. You seem emotionally invested in a way that I personally am not. That’s very strange to me, and I’m sure it is to other readers. Do you know Stephanie Key personally? Actually, I don’t care if you do or not, but you should be called out for attacking people and not their ideas. You may think that’s all part of the cut and thrust of online debate – so be it – but it doesn’t stop you from being a coward and a poor debater. If you have to resort to calling me a pervert and speculating on my relationship with my daughters then you have lost the argument. You should fuck off and come back when you have learned some manners and exercised your brain a bit better.

          • It seems to me that when people comment who have no art qualifications to speak of you question it, and when they then post WITH those qualifications and pull her work apart or question it, you question them again? Can anyone actually win with you … I’m kind of wondering if you are a National representative who is trying to do some damage control here.

            If I were you I would try some other tack, because I don’t think there is any fixing a wayward daughter…which to my mind this is what it is. I can’t think of any normal father that would approve of his daughter doing what she has. You feel that is the case, fair enough, but keep your sad standards to YOUR daughter thanks.

          • Col

            I have values you wouldn’t know of sweetie, old saying “if you let it go and it comes back” really sweetie you should “zip it” Wrong word sweetie “wayward daughter” , “approve of his daughter doing this”, just shows you that you don’t want to have freedom of speech or in this case art, sweetie it has been going on for years and Mums and Dads may have liked it and some people may have been killed for it. Famous paintings of nudes, but you don’t look at those do you, just because it is a photo, no difference to me, I think it was a great work of art even though it was a take from someone else who had already done it before , didn’t hear you saying anything about that. You should go down the street and ask people what they think, give Blair a kiss from me. Oh Qualifications are something you did at UNi, doesn’t mean your qualified.

          • Black Widow

            What I find suspicious is, any comments I have placed here in support of Blair, have been removed? Which makes me think your connected with authoring this blog and have a personal axe to grind where Blair is concerned because I don’t believe I said anything less insulting than you have where it concerned discussion about your acid comments towards him.

            Do me a favour and get some ethics will you… not ok to delete comments and take on another persona to attack people on your blog.

          • Col

            Not me darling, must be the GCSB. Never knew about Blair until the other day, as far as I m concerned he is someone on here doing the same as you and me and the rest of us, do you know Blair or something because I have no way of cutting your comments. Just have another Earl Grey and things will be ok, oh and a slice of lemon. Did you know that hot water and lemon juice and a slice of lemon is believed to stop the growth of cancer, it is the alkaline so they say.

          • Black Widow

            Yesterday I placed comments agreeing that the images were anything BUT erotic and there was nothing in what I said that could be perceived as offensive really. Well, not that I’m aware of but when someone on your blog is getting a hammered by some nut case with no real point and a bucket full of insults about his fathering standards, or accused of being a pervert, you don’t step in or remove the inappropriate comments that stray from decent debate?

            Do you think it’s practicing decent ethics to then remove any supportive comments in and around them when that’s occurring as a blog owner because that is literally all I did here? Provide support for someone being bombarded with accusations about being “perverted”.

            Forget the avatar I use, or the name…place that all aside. My right to comment as I am doing with some level of anonimity as long as my comments stay on track. Nice blog and nice safe environment for internet debate…not!

            I’m sure everyone would agree that Col the Troll is getting really abusive here…but I don’t see you removing his comments? So whats the story Mr Whale Oil blog owner???

            Do us all a favor and act a little more transparent or have some decent ethics and remove half of the tactless comments by Col the troll here. Bloody disgusting that when someone puts a valid opinion down based on their own standards of upbringing a daughter, this ass hat has full rights to insult as he pleases without your intervention. Or is just your alter ego as the blog owner having a go at people who post here because your a National supporter in damage control?

        • Black Widow

          Your absolutely right Blair. I have one daughter and she is precious, and the likes of that behaviour being paraded publically does have an influence on younger girls. It’s not just that… I’d rather my daughter attracted the right type of men, not ejits like the Col the troll here who would probably exploit her and call it “art” when it should come under “tart.”

      • Black Widow

        I’m thinking you don’t have a daughter, and if you do, she is a drunken smackhead somewhere prostituting herself.

        • Col

          No she is very beautiful, tall good looking and is in a very good job, and she doesn’t have the time to waste with trash like you, but I do, give me a kiss you naughty thing, come on, but shave the legs first, sweetie.

  • Brent

    Dont like them all but have great respect in the Fact she has the right and the guts to express any view she wants, Reds not my color, I like greens and yellows. sort of like the Fries one.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Somehow my thoughts are: Why is John Key’s opinion of HIS daughter’s behaviour, ANY of my business?
    As for art, well, on that subject I am an ignorant pleb, happy to be so and know what I like. On this, my opinion will be kept to myself (where it should be).

  • Kokila Patel

    It must be a conflict for any parent. The photos fall on the artistic and classy side, rather than icky side, but it’s how you’d feel about gross people looking at your daughter or son. I personally wouldn’t, but I know there is nothing wrong with them, or anything to be ashamed about.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      This is going to damage Key’s reputation a lot….

      • motorizer

        ahhh ha ha ha ha hes going to pick up lefties from this. i just know it.i have some friends in dorkland who are into this kind of crap and HATE john key with a passion. but i think this opens up a new door to people like them. even gives them an excuse to like him… !!!!%!^%&%[email protected]!

        • Hazards001


      • Kokila Patel

        Nothing to do with him. His daughter is 20

      • Col

        No, it shows him as a real New Zealander with a real family. I look forward too his reply to John Campbell, if he dare ask!!!

      • Rebecca

        I don’t think it’ll hurt Key’s reputation if the same people who decry GCSB now try to make mileage from loss of privacy and innocence in the internet age. I feel sorry for the girl- a cruel end to youthful exuberance once she realizes how her self-expression has been perverted for political ends.

    • Laidir56

      Whats classy about posing with a dead stinking octopus?

      • Kokila Patel

        I thought it was kitsch and classy

        • probably is if you like dead sea animals around your genitalia.

          • Col

            May make no difference around yours.

      • Col

        As I said before, because you can’t!!!!!

  • I think they’re great. Every thought projects on film is the only advice I’d have. 8-)

    • I considered them all art except the Mc’D’s one. That to me is just advertisement.

      • More about the Photography than the model, so yeah good call

  • conwaycaptain

    With that white skin and red hair she could have posed for Dante Gabriel Rossetti and the pre Raphaelites.
    The pose with the Macdonald’s ads and the fruit is taken from the pose when Byron’s mistress, Lady ? Lamb was carried on and placed on the dining table surrounded by fruit etc

    • Col

      I looked at it and thought I had seen it somewhere else, thanks, so I m not getting old.

  • conwaycaptain

    Lady Caroline Lamb was her name.

  • Allan

    if she was my daughter id be pissed, since she isn’t (and im proud to have multiple double standards) im off to Google to find the uncensored version

    • LinkinHawk

      good luck I trawled every were to no avail

      • Allan

        Yeah I gave up too

        • Observation

          Why has this art been censored? Doing so is repulsive and disrespectful to Mr Key’s tremendously talented daughter.

  • I’m not going near this one with a 10 foot pole. Or any length of pole.

  • hifuncblonde

    I think this will only enhance JK’s popularity.

  • GregM

    Good on her. I like art like this anyway, doesn’t really matter who the model is.

    • 4077th

      Art with Tits and ass is good by me..

  • Hazards001

    “Miss Key is studying at a prestigious Paris arts school…”

    Well I suppose she can can’t she? It’s not like she has to get a real job when she grows up…errr…until recently anyway!

    • dyannt

      I wouldn’t think that a Paris arts school would be ‘prestigious’ for very long if ‘talent’ wasn’t one of the hightest criteria for getting accepted.

      • Hazards001

        I have art talent my whole family does, my kids are showing signs too. So what?
        It’s not work not a job and not relevant.

        On top of which money also gets you into “prestigious” schools.

  • kiwi93

    She’s just another arts student. She is a person of her own. People shouldn’t pick on her because her dad is the Prime Minister.

  • dyannt

    Painters needed models; and a model would be somebody’s daughter. Nothing has changed in the art world.
    An octopus instead of a shell – that’s creativity for you.

  • motorizer

    just goes to show how the PM has raised his daughter to be open minded and not a mindless drone like the left would try and have us believe. good shit. positive positive.

  • La la land

    I would be so proud of her if she was my daughter – what an honour being chosen to represent the Paris design week.

  • Bryan

    can you hear the question in the house now

    “Would the prime minister advise the house is he going to follow his Daugther and produce some art for the Paris show ” to which he would reply
    yes ” I’m going to enter two dead fish gutted “

  • FredFrog

    I think something more newsworthy is that there is at least ONE kiwi woman who has a waist, as evidenced by these photos. I’ve heard rumours there may be more, but I’m battling to find them amongst the pear-shapes that make up NZ womanhood.

  • BAM

    Nothing screams Art more than pleasuring yourself with an octopus.
    Well done that young women, I look forwards to her hamster collection

  • Laidir56

    1.) Obviously influenced by Cindy Sherman…except when you emulate your supposed to push photographic art further. I don’t see that.

    2.) No photographic technique or pose shown whatsoever, unlike Sherman who changes pose, stance, photographic style etc.

    3. Had she
    not been Key’s daughter, you would never have seen these images. She ‘s done it for a reason, and I don’t think it had anything to do with art.

    • Col

      So why don’t you crawl back into your hole, and shave your hairy legs.

  • Callum

    Would the pictures have the same impact with a fat/ugly chick in them? If not then it a bit hard to claim it is art.

    • Col

      Yes I thing it could, as long as the person is not to bloody big, large yes, would be good to see someone do it.

  • K. Hepi

    A porn star is born!…NOT with those mosquito bumps! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  • Paul

    Stephanie Key is better than a Mitsubishi

  • KiwiKiwiKiwi

    Euro trash in Paris genre, nothing that original, using your own image knowing that you are the daughter of NZ prime minister is a bit obvious to attract attention to yourself. In fact it smacks of a lack of talent!!! wonder if the snapper fishing lobby groups will launch a ‘protect the octopus population’ campaign! GCSB must be furious, now there is no need to spy on the Key family, since its all in the public domain.

  • Care

    God damn for wasting food like this !

  • Kev

    love Dad’s comment: “We’ve always told her to eat her food, not play with it!”

  • Speak_Truth_to_Power

    Gives new meaning to the word Octopussy

  • bobfairlane

    BFD. She looks good. The “art” is pretty tasteless, though. Don’t see what it has to do with any elected official, though. If she was a pop singer, no one would care.

  • bobfairlane

    Can we get these without the pixellated nipples?

  • SimonX

    Some of them are pretty good. And isn’t it nice to live in a country where it’s not treated like a huge scandal? The PM’s daughter is an art student, who obviously has talent, he’s proud what she’s doing, and that’s pretty cool. It’s also cool the Kiwis seem to appreciate that it’s art and she’s her own person – nice one!

    • Where did you read that? On the side of a MacDonald’s wrapper or something? Just wondering what part of internet sites and debate you didn’t read… I note no one addressed MacDonald’s and the copyright infringement on their branding… wonder why?

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