David Shearer: Strike Three

First there was the silly photo op with the vulnerable workers bucket

Then there was the own-goal question where he outed himself for having a secret meeting over the GCSB Bill and not trusting Russel Norman.

And then came the misguided stunt of standing up in Parliament with two dead fish…

Long may David Shearer lead the Labour Party…

Emmerson might have to reprise this cartoon and put Shearer’s face in place of John Campbell.


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  • I love the bit where Key asks Shearer to table the fish so he can take them home for dinner.




    (still on fire Cam)

    • DLNZ

      Key better be in quick. There is most likely a queue of Labour MPs with filleting knives ready and waiting.

      • P1LL

        Nah, they only want the heads for a boil up

  • Justsayn

    Oh dear.

    I do hope they keep him until after the election.

    • blokeintakapuna

      Hobson’s choice…

  • Grizz30

    Yes but Key would be slapping Shearer with a fish.

  • Poor David; he hasn’t had a great day today. Maybe that’s because he shared a stage with Kim Dotcom last night, and the Dotcom Effect has struck again.

  • blokeintakapuna

    A damp squid / Turkey hybrid holding 2 x dead fish claiming credibility to run the entire country…

  • cows4me

    Poor old Red Wussell, just found out that two timing, cheating, Mumbles has been seeing someone else. He must feel like crap, hell hath no fury like an Aussie scorned

  • Adolf Fiinkensein

    This bloke makes Don Brash look like Machiavelli.

  • Bob Murphy

    The PM didn’t spank Shearer in parliament today, he sat him on his arse with good left hook. Also good to see the speaker tell Wonton Winston to sit down and shut up.

  • Steve

    Key wrong again.Since Fran Mold has come back Labour has been going up
    in the polls while Key has become entangled in his own fishing line.The
    latest Roy Morgan Poll results(out yesterday) Nats down 7 to 44, Labour
    up 5 to 34,Greens up 4 to 14

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Well said Steve. The Mould effect is taking place already…..all it took was 30 seconds…

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    I have a feeling that all bros posting here are shocked by the Rogue Morgan poll…so they are looking for life line…Come on guys admit for once Sheep has outsmarted Key with his relentless opposition to GCSB bill and snapper quota. With FatCon by his side to supply truckload of money, it is better to be Sheep than Key at the moment….

    • dianne65

      God forbid, who would want to be like the dipstick Shearer. Hell if he ever becomes PM, he will be the embarrassment of the world. ahh ahhh ummm. He could never outsmart John Key, regardless of any poll.

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        Dianne65 – The expectation is “he will grow with the job”…..

        • dianne65

          The dipstick will never grow with the job. He hasn’t got a clue, and just doesn’t have the skills.

  • Hazards001

    The man’s a complete idiot. The commercial length is 25cm and the recreational one is 27cm not the 36 he was banging on about. (Currently) http://www.fish.govt.nz/en-nz/Recreational/Fishery+Management+Areas/Auckland+and+Kermadec+Areas/Finfish.htm

    • Steve

      Proposed changes range from leaving the minimum size
      at 27cm while reducing the bag limit to three, to increasing the minimum
      size to 36cm while leaving the bag limit at nine.

      • Hazards001

        Hence the (currently)

  • FredFrog

    How is sheep going to explain it to the missus tonight when he comes home with the fingers of both hands smelling of fish?

    • BobaJob

      He’ll flounder mate!

      • FredFrog

        Fuck me, that’s hilarious!

  • Col

    The last time something happened like this was when Mabel Howard held up her Bloomers in the house, and went on about the elastic in them. I wont say anymore.

  • Time For Accountability

    Was this a snap debate?

  • drummerboy

    It was actually quite cleaver of sharer to do that I thought. Most MPs wouldn’t know anything about fishing and fish sizes. And he visibly pointed out the double standard for commercial and recreational fishermen. If anything the sizes should be the other way round. Key didn’t answer he just sledged him… Which I did enjoy very much haha