Dodgy ALP ratbag set to cop third corruption finding

Ian MacDonald is a dodgy, corrupt ratbag. Today it is expected that the Independent CommissionAgainst Corruption will find him to be corrupt for a third time.

The crooked former minister Ian Macdonald is likely to be slapped with his third corruption finding in a month, as the state’s anti-graft agency prepares to hand down yet another report into the former NSW Labor government.

The expected adverse finding against Mr Macdonald for his decision to issue a lucrative coal licence to a company run by a Labor Party ally, former union boss John Maitland, comes as the federal election campaign shifts into its final week. 

Already, the Coalition has been showering marginal electorates in NSW with postcards plastered with the corruption findings against Mr Macdonald and the former ALP powerbroker Eddie Obeid. The former premier Nathan Rees has claimed the scandal has wiped at least 2 percentage points from the party’s primary vote.

On Friday, the Independent Commission Against Corruption will table its report into Operation Acacia, a 60-witness public inquiry it conducted between March and May into a ”training mine” bestowed on Doyles Creek Mining in late 2008.

Mr Macdonald is likely to be found to have acted corruptly, and Mr Maitland should expect to be found to have perjured himself during the public inquiry, potentially a criminal offence. Newcastle businessmen Craig Ransley and Andrew Poole may also face adverse findings in the report, but they and Mr Maitland denied their conduct was corrupt. Mr Ransley was accused of capitalising on ”false statements” to obtain the coal licence without a tender.


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  • blokeintakapuna

    Birds of a feather…
    Same party name… same pay masters… same Modus Operandi…
    Gosh – all it would take would be for some major unions on this side of the Tasman to obfuscate their annual financial returns, or not even file them, to give the authorities a very large, Neon-lit billboard hint that says “Nothing dodgy going on here with millions in cash and assets appearing and disappearing”
    Can anyone complete the fable/riddle “Where there’s smoke…