Dodgy ALP ratbags cost NSW $90M

The dodgy ALP ratbags have cost NSW $90 million in lost revenues with their corrupt dealings…and that doesn’t even cover the costs of th investigations, just the lost revenue from mining licences.

Corrupt conduct by the former Labor ministers Eddie Obeid and Ian Macdonald in relation to lucrative mining licences cost the state $90 million in lost revenue, a report has found.

Treasurer Mike Baird revealed the figure during a budget estimates hearing at the NSW Parliament on Thursday morning.

Mr Baird said he had asked Treasury and the Department of Resources and Energy to examine the cost to the budget after findings by the Independent Commission Against Corruption last month.

ICAC found Mr Macdonald and Mr Obeid conspired to rig a tender for a mining exploration licence over land owned by the Obeid family at Mount Penny in the state’s north west.

The commission is due to report its findings on Mr Macdonald’s decision to grant another licence at Doyle’s Creek in the Hunter Valley without tender and against departmental advice to a company chaired by a former union boss, John Maitland.

Mr Baird told the hearing the licences “were effectively given away”.

“Noting that ICAC was not an economic body but was an investigative body, I did ask that Treasury and the department of minerals and resources and energy actually have a look at what the costs were for those actions that were taken,” he said.

“What this report has found is that, if the licences were not issued corruptly or negligently, this state would be $90 million better off. They were the upfront fees that should have been paid in relation to those two licences.”

Mr Baird also said a further $50 million in ongoing annual royalties from the licences have been delayed due to the corruption hearings.




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  • blokeintakapuna

    Birds of a feather…
    Didn’t CTU ring leader Kelly try and import Aussie unionists attempting to hijack and derail the LoTR movies?
    Unions here years late n filing annual financials…. That then funds the Labour Party…
    Dodgy.., whiffy… With a strong hint of tainted malfeasance.

    Just as well the authorities are moving rapidly to investigate….

    • Dave

      BIT The Kiwi unions are rank amateurs compared to the Aussie heavyweights, who with their middle eastern element, really know how to run rip offs and corrupt practices. The union movement in Aussie is full of them, as is their cousins the ALP.

      • AngryTory

        Bullshit. NZ is just more tolerant of leftist corruption, and the media are leftist lapdogs.

        • Dave

          Bullshit back at you AT. I repeat, the unions in NZ are rank amateurs compared to the Aussie Heavyweights. I have been on the receiving end of them in a dispute that dragged for 2 weeks. After the first few days, we had a police presence in our home after hours, they were not taking chances. POA was a polite discussion around cupcakes by comparison.

          But agree, the NZ media are more leftist lapdogs than their Aussie Counterparts.

  • FredFrog

    Wonder if they’ll confiscate property, etc. from the scumbag to try to cover the expense. Hope like hell they do, and put the ratbag and his shit-for-brains family in the poorhouse

  • Dave

    $$90 Mill is only a small percentage of the entire rip off, look at Eddies Son Moses, the Acorn doesnt fall far from the tree. With their family connections, Moses Obeid RIPPED off a “SmartPole” Light and power pole design from the City of Sydney (Council) and sold it throughout the Middle East (via family and business connections). He had licenses to market the SmartPole in certain countries, but not the middle east and elsewhere, and lost in Court, but its still before the courts under appeal.

    The entire Obeid clan, their Terrigal factional supporters, and a lot of their Midddle Eastern brethren all need a short trip from Australia to Matrite in Northern LEbanon, where Eddie learnt his trade in deception and corruption.

  • GazzW

    Nothing of consequence will happen. We are talking NSW here. Anyone who has the ability to put these crims behind bars for a significant period has been or will be paid off, frightened off or could even be killed off. This sort of shit has been going on in NSW since 1788.

  • AngryTory

    Bill it all to the ALP – jointly and severally with all individual members

    Oh whoops, most of them would be bankrupted. Oh dear, they’d all have to be thrown out of parliament and ineligible to contest the next election.

    What a fuckin pity that would be.

  • AnonWgtn

    Surely this is a matter for the Australian Police – no, not perhaps after all.
    Their Unions would not allow it.
    Look at their own record.