Dodgy broke Spanish ratbags try to kill bad news with Gibraltar

Spain is broke and their prime minister is accused of taking bribes.

So this is obviously the ideal time to have a donnybrook with the Poms over Gibraltar.

Spain has warned that it is ready to impose a new border tax, close its airspace to planes using the British overseas territory’s airport, and investigate the affairs of Gibraltarians with Spanish economic interests.

“Clearly, we remain seriously concerned by the events at the Spain/Gibraltar border,” the Prime Minister’s  spokesman said.”Specifically on this issue of border fees, the Spanish have not raised the prospect of introducing border fees with us.

We are seeking an explanation from them regarding reports that they might target Gibraltar with further measures.” 

Hopefully the Lib Dems realise that a Vanguard visiting Gibraltar is a gesture of good will and solidarity. Meanwhile other Navy ships are off for a little visit that should give the uppity dagos a little wake up.

Britain has said a rapid reaction force of warships will visit Gibraltar on its way to naval exercises in the Mediterranean, even as the fierce diplomatic row over the disputed territory looked set to continue.

The Navy’s force led by HMS Illustrious and including two frigates will sail for the Mediterranean on Monday at the start of a four-month deployment.

Three ships including the frigate HMS Westminster are due to stop later this month in the port amid a standoff with Madrid over punitive border checks for visitors to Gibraltar.

The visit was announced two days after Gibraltar’s chief minister demanded that warships be sent to stop Spanish incursions into the Rock’s territorial waters. On Thursday, Fabian Picardo told The Telegraph the territory would be delighted to welcome the Royal Navy.


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  • Blue Tim

    Clearly Gibraltar is a diversion from Spain while their Argie mates sort out the Faulklands

  • conwaycaptain

    In the days of Francisco Franco Gibraltar was in effect blockaded and survived.
    Gib survived WW2 and when you think Franco could have walked in and blocked the entry to the Med and therefore German subs could have free passage it makes an interesting “What if” scenario.
    If the Spics decided to “invade”, aircraft would be no good as it would be house to house and the whole population would be against them. Britain could invoke the Treaty of Windsor with Portugal and base aircraft in Portugal and that would be interesting RAF fighter pilots up against the spics. The worry would be if Argentina and Spain fo ordinated their attacks and the UK is fighting on two fronts.
    Maybe base a Battalion of Paras in Gib and the Falklands and say bring it on.

    • Muffin

      I imagine the states would take the opportunity to loose off some old ordinance while the poms are at it.

  • thehawkreturns

    I think “Spanish ratbags” is an unnecessary use of words with identical meanings. Similarly, “French weasel”.