Dodgy dago dreaming about something that will never happen

Dagos march backwards about as fast as wops. They couldn’t even win a civil war.

Now a dodgy dago Mayor is dreaming about something that will never happen war.

Gibraltered image: The pro-Spain Gibraltar image from Francisco Javier Pérez Trigueros's Facebook page Photo: Facebook

Gibraltered image: The pro-Spain Gibraltar image from Francisco Javier Pérez Trigueros’s Facebook page Photo: Facebook

The Spanish mayor of a popular expat town has come under fire for posting pictures of a pretend military invasion of Gibraltar on his Facebook page.

Fransisco Perez Trigueros was branded a “fool” after using a mocked-up image of Spanish Army soldiers marching over Gibraltar’s runway under fighter jets. 

The photoshopped image also shows a Spanish flag flying over the British territory and an Osborne bull – Spain’s national symbol – halfway up the Rock.

Critics attacked the nationalist mayor of Callosa de Segura near Alicante. Gibraltarian Jonathan Manasco said: “It is fools like this that encourage others to violence and hatred.”

Ernest Romero told Trigueros to “go to hell” on the website of a Gibraltar-based activist group.

Trigueros, a member of the governing Popular Party, which is at loggerheads with Britain over Gibraltar, got himself into hot water last month over an attack on nationalists living in Spain’s Catalan region.

After the booing of Spain’s national anthem at the opening of the Barcelona swimming world championships, he went on Facebook to rant: “Lets give these s—- their bloody independence now so they leave us be.

“But build a 30-foot-high wall so we don’t have to see them again.”

He later withdrew his comments and insisted he was only attacking the sort of Catalans who burnt the Spanish flag.

Political rivals accused him of behaving like a fascist and called on him to resign.


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  • conwaycaptain

    The soldiers marching are members of the Spanish Legion their elite troops.
    However how would they fare up against the Bootnecks or the Paras who have spent the last 25 years on almost continuous ops in Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan.

    • Harroputza

      I love how their officers’ dress is open-necked shirts. Could that get any more Dago (coming from a Dago)?

  • James Stephenson

    David Cameron should invite the leaders of Basque and Catalan independence movements to Downing Street

  • Marty

    What’s the difference between a Spaniard and a bucket of shit?
    The bucket.

  • Col

    Some people love Spain, give me the French and Italian food anytime.

  • Shoreboy57

    Can’t run their own country – why invade someone else’s

  • roxo

    And if you look at the image they are gloriously marching away from Gibraltar. More sangria señor!

  • sandynobb

    The Gibraltar baboons have never been more numerous.

  • Kopua Cowboy

    You think the Falklands pissed the poms off, just you try this right on their doorstep. Right when they’re mobilising to give Syria a spanking, too. What a fool.

  • George

    Remember what happened the last time some jumped up dictator played with British sovereignty ?

  • mark

    Aww, and there was me thinking you’d be supporting Mariano Rajoy and his crypto-falangists.