Dodgy Ponzi scheme ratbag was a rooter too

It seems that Bernie Madoff wasn’t just screwing his clients, he was screwing the crew as well. And it appears he wasn’t fussy either.

Bernie had billions and this was one of his roots?

Bernie had billions and this was one of his roots?

When he wasn’t screwing everyone, he was screwing everyone.

Unbridled sex fueled the Madoff machine – and the Ponzi scheme king got himself tangled up in a love triangle, according to bombshell papers filed late Thursday.  

The raunchy allegations surfaced Friday as secretary Annette Bongiorno and four other Madoff Securities workers pleaded not guilty in Manhattan Federal Court on Friday to an amended indictment that details their alleged roles in their boss’ massive $65 billion scheme.

“One of the defendants was in a love triangle with Bernard Madoff himself,” the papers state.

The defendant was not identified, making it unclear whether Bernie was getting it on with Bongiorno, office worker Joann Crupi, or the wife of one of the three men accused in the indictment.

“The government’s investigation has revealed that over the course of the multi-decade fraud alleged in the indictment, a number of Madoff Securities employees and customers – including expected witnesses, defendants and others – were engaged in romantic or sexual relationships,” with one another, state the papers, filed by the prosecution in the case against the five workers.

Prosecutors, however, want the alleged sex-romps excluded from the trial “as unduly prejudicial evidence.” They did not give a reason, but sources said the feds could be trying to protect the credibility of government witnesses who have first-hand knowledge of the hijinks, who are slated to testify against the five.


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