Don’t believe what you hear on Radio NZ

via Noelle McCarthy

via Noelle McCarthy


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  • cows4me

    Was the song “The great Pretender” ?.

    • P1LL

      That is a great song C4M :) I am you tubing it now for memories sake

      • Jman

        Especially the Freddie Mercury version

  • Motherof2boys

    Jim Mora needs to listen more and assume less. I find his interviewing style irritating at times because of his assumptions… The off button is often required

  • get a grip

    leave Jim alone – I like him, even if has some socialist views!!!
    We are actually assuming that this was a real letter from a real person sent to Jim and not another stunt!

    • Chris

      Yeah, who the fuck said it’s true and really from someone who chose the best song ever written? I’m sick of people making stuff up like that and telling us all it’s real. Fuck them, fuck them all.