Drunk or asleep or both?

Earlier I asked whether or not readers thought Winston Peters was pissed when giving a speech.

There is more evidence that has surfaced as well.

During the GCSB debate Dennis O’Rourke rose and spoke on behalf of NZ First, with Winston Peters sitting right beside him.

This is strange in itself, why would Winston let another member take the limelight using what is clearly, from the wording used, Winston’s own speech…and just before the dinner break too.

As you watch though you get a sense of why…Winston has a few flickers of a grin, then as the speech goes on he takes little naps, you can even see the little head nod that shows when someone who has fallen asleep wakes themselves up. 

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  • Patrick

    A little dribble out of the corner of his mouth would be confirmation – at least that is what happens to me when I fall asleep on the couch after a few jars….

    • richard.b

      I thought there was always a little dribble coming out of his mouth?

  • unitedtribes

    I do that all the time in front of tele

  • Col

    Big day for Winston, time he gave it away.

    • kevin

      Just marking time waiting for his baubles to occur/return in exchange for a ‘go-away-and-don’t come’back’ next year. Shit stirring now to try and keep current.

  • Tude

    It is a little hard to be sure from photographs, but I’m inclined to think there is a medical issue there. (if so,that would be sad)

  • George

    Why point out a normal situation. Now, if he stayed sober and awake it would be newsworthy

  • Chris

    The video’s different. Winston’s actually wide awake. Pissed, maybe, but he wasn’t asleep.