Electric Car farce in UK, councils blow millions

Green projects worldwide are failing and taxpayers and ratepayers are picking up the bills, especially for idiot projects associated with electric cars.

Councils across the UK have spent more than ?7.2m on charging points for electric cars over the last three years but many are not being used.

One in six councils admitted to having at least one point which has not been used at all over the past year.

While less than a third of authorities have a charging point used on average more than once a week, more than half of which are used only by council vehicles.

BBC Radio 4?s You and Yours found that council spending amounts to ?1,750 per electric car.?

Answers to Freedom of Information requests from 91 per cent of councils in the UK revealed that 139 had spent ?7.21m on charging points between them since April 2010.

Twenty-five of the councils (18 per cent) said they had at least one point not used at all between April 2012 and April 2013, while 41 (29 per cent) councils had a point used more than 52 times over the same 12 months.

Prof David Bailey, a transport expert at Coventry University Business School, told You and Yours: ‘At the moment there are hardly any electric cars on the road.

‘There are more charging points than there are electric cars.

‘Much more effort needs to go into stimulating the demand side and educating people so that they know how to use these cars.’

No one wants useless electric cars. I get very very worried when academics start talking about stimulating demand side…that usually means subsidies…which means they are picking our pockets to fund their lifestyle choices.