Face of the day

Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer unexpectedly announcing his retirement earned him over $700 million.
Ballmer, 57, took over from co-founder Bill Gates in January 2000, but his leadership was questioned throughout his tenure by Wall Street and Silicon Valley, as Microsoft’s stock price floundered – until his surprise announcement sent shares up over seven per cent.
With over 300 million shares, Ballmer is the company’s second-largest shareholder, with only founder Bill Gates holding a larger stake in the company.
Ballmer’s 333,252,990 shares rose to the collective tune of $786 million, according to Businessweek. – Mail Online



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  • Resign from the company, shares go up.

    Labour will be hoping the same thing has happened to its political stock with Shearer’s departure.

    Wonder if Helen has managed to dangle a sufficiently nice UN carrot in front of David this weekend that will make him feel less of a failure and eases the transition away from political life.

    • Some would argue he was barely even in political life.

      • Has a future as a fishmonger though.

    • Orange

      Good ol’ Dale Shearer

  • sandynobb

    Developers, developers, developers, developers, developers http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMU0tzLwhbE#t=40

  • Patrick

    His stewardship has been poor, MS has lost direction & a failed foray into hardware manufacturing hasn’t been a roaring success with the company now massively discounting their Surface product, a supposed competitor to the IPAD, albeit with a poorer battery life, & totally locked down OS (RT model). There is a huge landgrab underway between MS, Google & the likes of Amazon for the “Cloud” & the IT landscape is changing rapidly. Be interesting to see the next appointee & where they take MS – MS has a very strong HR policy of promoting females so possibly even a woman at the helm.