Face of the day

David Cunliffe¬† (left, no, right….no..left) Ahead in the polls for most preferred leader of the Labour Party.




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  • Pissedoffyouth

    Speaking of stuff.co.nz, the new headline is: “New fairfax show kiwis don’t trust key”…

    uh, the fuck? After years of constant pissy attempts to break him, this is all you have? How about “Worldwide poll shows nobody trusts Fairfax media”? At least that would be the truth

    • opusx

      What kiwis dont trust key? Leftie MSM readers obviously.There’s not a single person in my extended group of peers or colleaques that don’t trust him. You couldn’t get a more straight up pollie. Not to say he ain’t capable of a few little whities though. No wonder the guy is getting sick of the bullshit,

      • Col

        I hear JK is getting a new pair of Gumboots as he is expecting more shit from Labour.

        • Black Widow

          He’s been wading in his own shit for quite some time… perhaps it’s getting deeper and he needs taller gum boots?

          • Col

            Could you tell me how and when?

          • Black Widow

            You need to get out more instead of sitting at your computer sweetie… you’ll develop diabetes and sitting disease.

          • Col

            Not me darling, out playing golf at 8-30am had a nice lunch and a beer, and thought I should see what the unemployed do all day, like yourself, I bet your over weight and have hairy legs, right?

          • Black Widow

            Why would that turn you on? Pity really, I mean I could play an asshat game like golf and slowly walk around but I prefer to run like a cougar every morning, and sharpen my claws on asses like yours whilst sipping my cup of Earl Grey… right before I sit down to write my next article on one of the 6 websites I write for.

          • Col

            Turn me on, yes, enjoy it as I do my running every 3rd day of the week, just got new runners, much better on my back than the old ones. But if you shave the hairs off your legs you will run faster, they say that helps with bike racing, or is that if you fall over, also do my martial arts although slowing down these days. I drink Burdock Tea, better for the body. As for your claws on asses like mine, love to see you try. You would need to buy a new keyboard once a week with all the abuse you give it. lol You take care breath in, hold 3 seconds and release, will make you feel better, when you need too give me a hard time.

    • johnbronkhorst

      Poll taken, just before shearer stood down. Is that also just before we found out that shearer LIED about a meeting with John Key re GCSB, and Key told the TRUTH!!

    • Steve

      Key will be squashed by KIm Dot Com, the court case is set for April
      next year.The pressure will be on Key to resign for Misleading all New
      Zealanders and his Trust will be completely gone. Collins is implicated
      as she was Minister of Police,English signed the cover up papers
      leaving only Joyce.

      • Black Widow

        I don’t think he will resign at any point – he has no conscience. He allows the other stooges to do all the dirty work for him (Bennett, English, Collins etc) but he is part of the problem, and doesn’t give a flying flewsy daughter.

        The fact this government even put ONE person forward to fill the boots of two ministers (minister of police and minister justice) is beyond me – I find it personally abhorrent.

        Complete conflict of interest if ever there was one – and Key should know that New Zealanders deserve a lot better if we’re to call it a democracy – not a democracy when the Police Minister does one thing and the MOJ backs it up because it is her ass that just changed stuff or pushed something through.

        Collins needs to walk anyway… she is far too biased in the way she deals, and hasn’t got the experience being a tax lawyer – but prefers to tell Privy Councils and Supreme court judges how to do their job like a nut case.

        I would not miss any of these three politicians…they’re all gutless and don’t give a toss about the average New Zealander.

        • Pissedoffyouth

          You know what this putting one person to do two peoples jobs is?

          one less civil servant taxpayers have to pay for.

          Key and co aren’t perfect but they are best of a shit bunch

        • FredFrog

          “Collins needs to walk anyway… she is far too biased in the way she deals, and hasn’t got the experience being a tax lawyer”

          I guess the entire labia caucus needs to walk away then, as the only experience they have is troughing.

        • Hazards001

          The average New Zealander does not sit at home on the dole writing her 6 web site essays a day.
          They’re out working.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Is it me, or does the cat (on the right), look relieved that it coughed up the fur ball on the left!

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Cashmere Cat