Face of the day

A 25-year-old Oklahoma prison inmate who has spent his entire adult life behind bars is suing the state Corrections Department over claims he was forced to have sex ’50 to 100 times’ with his caseworker.
Philip Thomas Burris Jr. says he had no choice but to have sex with 38-year-old Kasey McDonald whenever she demanded it while he was serving at Joseph Harp Correctional Center, a medium-security facility in Lexington, Oklahoma.
McDonald was arrested last year on rape charges after prison officials obtained a recording of a phone call between her and Burris that included her making sexually explicit comments to him. – Mail Online



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  • Johnny T

    Sexual abuse in US prisons is apparently at disturbing levels. This doco is particular was pretty hard going

  • motorizer

    double take…. i thought that was the dude! then i thought is was dotcon then i thought it was jabba the hut. dont worry. i worked it out for myself in the end.

    • Me too, but it was the nails that confirmed the gender in the end.

  • Cadwallader

    Davina Murray for counsel?

  • Quintin Hogg

    That’s life with hard labour thrown in…

  • Pissedoffyouth

    Did she threaten to eat him if he didn’t comply?

    • LostinSpace

      I’d let her eat me in preference to err.. eating her…

  • williamabong

    Good job, it should be part of his sentence to be made to root fat ugly chicks whilst sober, good on you darling I hope you made him munch a dirty carpet as well.
    He was probably happier playing Mummy and Daddy with Bubba.

  • Col

    Jr is 65kgs and McDonald looks like 125kgs, yes Miss

  • rouppe

    240 pounds…


    • Richard McGrath

      More cushion for better pushin’ …

  • Patrick

    Sorry I find it hard to comprehend – for a rape to occur wouldn’t the gentleman had to have a boner? If so how on earth did he manage to achieve that while looking at Dot Kons ugly sister.
    Unless of course she was wearing a strap on & gave him a right royal “Grant Robertson”

  • cows4me

    I assume the corrections department will get a rash of female guard applicants should Labia go tits up in 2014.

  • Hazards001

    I’d complain too FFS