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A Missouri woman is facing multiple counts of child abuse after authorities say she left her 22-month-old daughter tied to her garage with a rope and allowed her home – which she shares with the toddler and another child – to become a feces-covered mold den. To top it all off, when authorities were investigate the disgusting home, they found a loaded rifle in the baby’s crib.
According to a probable cause statement obtained by MailOnline, 37-year-old Cheryl Darlene Dudley, of St. Peters, faces seven counts of endangering the welfare of a child and one count of child abuse for subjecting her children to the deplorable conditions.
Authorities first caught wind of the conditions in Dudley’s home on Monday, when a witness called police to report that the 22-month-old was seen tied to the garage.
When officers arrived at the home – located in the 1300 block of Cave Springs Estates – the toddler was no longer tied to the garage, but Dudley admitted that she’d used rope as a harness for the child and tied it to the garage to keep the child from going into the street.
When officers entered the home, they found several prescription pills on a dresser in the baby’s bedroom. Dudley told the officers that she didn’t know what they were, but they’d been on the floor, so picked them up and put them on the dresser. She said she stole them from her mother and brother hoping they would help her get to sleep.
Moving on from the prescription drugs, officers looked in the baby’s crib and found the loaded rifle just sitting on top of the sheets.
Dudley explained to the officers that she thought she heard someone in the backyard, so she grabbed the gun hoping she would scare off any possible intruders.
When Dudley realized there was nobody in the yard, she left the rifle in the crib – she told police she was ‘too tired’ to put the gun in its proper place.
After discovering the rifle, officers began to notice the filthy conditions of the home.
In their report, the responding officers say there was dog feces all over the floor of the home, as well as mold, mud and cigarette butts.
The bathrooms, the officers note, were ‘covered in dirt and filth,’ and looked like they hadn’t been cleaned in months.
The officer noticed that the refrigerator in the home was operational, but smelled of rotten food.
In the basement, officers found extensive water damage, as well as pieces of plastic and cloth laying at the base of a hot-water heater, which poses a potential fire hazard.
The officers also noticed bruising on the toddler, which Dudley said was from ‘disciplining.’ The baby also had dog-scratches and flea bites on her legs.
In addition to removing the children from the home, authorities also removed five dogs due to the disgusting conditions.
Dudley was booked into jail on $30,000 cash only bail. – dailymail.co.uk


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  • williamabong

    Scum, a prize example of why we should neuter the underclass.
    Good thing it didn’t happen here, we would have sorted her a state house, nice little benefit, and run front page stories about how National policies were driving innocent people to despair.

    • Brian of Mt Wellington

      Thats right and Campbell Live would raise funds for her to help pull her out of govt forced poverty.

  • Richard McGrath

    What a catch!

  • Dumrse

    I’ve not been that far North, is this part of Hone’s electorate.

    • tarkwin

      I was in the pub in Whangarei last night, saw about ten that looked like her. If you go to Dargaville the percentage is even higher.

      • williamabong

        Welcome to the Hatfield powerbase, these drug fucked inbreds are actually given a vote.

        • tarkwin

          The Hatfield power base is Kaitaia. To be in his electorate you have to be on some other obscure roll. I, living in the Whangarei electorate have the misfortune of having Phil Heatley as my M.P. As useless as Hone but at least he doesn’t whine constantly.

  • cows4me

    To be fair to the “woman” I would say she has issues. Bet is she has previous brushes with the law. There is bad and then there is mad. These days bad is usually the call before mad. How many now locked up in prisons would have been locked up in a mental home years ago. Medical help may be of more benefit then punishment.

  • Hazards001

    The real question that needs to be answered is what sick bastard fucked her?