Fake followers. It isn’t worth it

Via tech2.in.com

Via tech2.in.com

As I explained over the last few weeks when looking into the Pakeha Party‘s miraculous rise to popularity which turned out to be nothing more than a farce, and subsequently also the Facebook page of the Bish’s daughter, sudden and unexplained rises in Facebook “Likes” or Twitter followers are normally due to someone having slapped down the credit card and ordered some in.

It appears the same has happened over the ditch

The Liberal Party has denied it is buying fake Twitter followers for Opposition Leader Tony Abbott in a bid to make him as popular on the social network as Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

Mr Abbott’s Twitter account has received a boost of almost 70,000 in followers in the past 12 hours.

Many of the accounts that have recently started following Mr Abbott appear to be fake.

The Liberal Party, via Facebook, said it had become aware that someone on Saturday night started buying fake Twitter followers for Mr Abbott’s account.

“We are working with Twitter now to remove the fake accounts and investigate who was behind this,” the statement said.

“The Liberal Party has not purchased or artificially sought to inflate any social media numbers.”

It is important media stop breathlessly reporting the apparent popularity of ‘overnight’ successes on the Internet.  More likely than not, these came about due to a little help from some “friends”.

Or in the above case of sabotage, enemies.


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  • Patrick

    Labor Party Black Ops? Wouldn’t put it past the corrupt lying bastards

    • Based on what we’ve seen from the Greens over the last 5 years or so, I wouldn’t be surprised they have something “grey” like this up their sleeves. Whaleoil will be keeping a close eye on things mind you.