Fake Twitter accounts

Elections tend to bring out the satire and mocking, and in Australia it is no different.

Some pontificating self-important tosspots think that fake Twitter accounts are terrible. Some are, but most are funny. How anyone spends time running a fake account is beyond me.

One guy who now lectures in journalism explains why he set up a fake politician Twitter character.

In the online world you can be whoever you want to be.

Take Twitter, full of fakes and perfectly suited to making fun of our politicians.  Political satire is an important part of any healthy democracy so as the election campaign rolls on we can only hope our newsfeeds fill with fakery and pointed fun.

One of the best fakes in recent years was a legendary Twitter account that paid homage to former Family First Senator for Victoria, Stephen Fielding.

The man behind @FakeFielding was Scott Bridges, now a lecturer in journalism at the University of Canberra.

His choice to prank the senator who once arrived at parliament dressed as a beer bottle was less a question of why choose Stephen Fielding, and more a question of why not?  

‘He is just a parody magnet. His personality—the way he acted inside and outside of parliament—was crying out for satire I think. I was not personally a fan of his politics but I think it was just his character that turned him into such a good Twitter fake.’

At first Bridges registered his account @Senator Fielding, a handle which survived for a couple of months before he received a notice from Twitter. They had received a complaint about impersonation and suggested a name change to @FakeFielding.

‘[A]nyone who read the @Senator Fielding feed would have known it was a parody rather than impersonation, but the terms of service of Twitter requires you to have it right up there and obvious,’ Bridges says.

Bridges wanted to build the character of @FakeFielding into a hapless, bumbling incompetent, to offer satirical balance to some of the strong personalities we see in politics.

‘One of the running gags on the @FakeFielding account was that Steve would forget his little lunch when he went to parliament or had trouble unbuttoning his shirt and had to ask his wife to help him. He was a helpless, childlike character, which was just plausible enough I guess.’

Who are our best Fake Twitter accounts?

Fake Dr Drash seems to have run out of puff. The last tweet was on 9 Jul to me.

Fake Gerry Brownlee isn’t really that funny, but is still going strong.

I’m not sure Alasdair Thompson’s Twitter is fake, all it ver does is pimp a new book coming out on Oct 2 and tweet about periods and tampons.


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  • Muffin

    is there a fake WO account?

    • Justsayn

      This is the fake WO site.

      • tarkwin

        The Standard is that sad it must be a piss take. Surely everything that has ever gone wrong can’t be all John Key’s fault can it?

        • Even that is his fault.

    • Periodically some people set them up and/or fake sites but they always run out of puff after about a week.

      • Agent BallSack

        After an ounce we’re all to stoned to care!

      • Justsayn

        Thanks for that Cam (whomever you really are). The GCSB will find you out once Russell gets his little, red, freckled, masturbation calloused hands on the batphone. He will have everyone who buys a SUV, or any car that produces more than 150kW of power monitored. You’ll find a hemp dressed foul smelling hippy walking 20 paces behind you. Be afraid.

  • Col

    I think Labour doesn’t want the GCSB passed, as they may get caught laundering money for the election, Winston will have to pay back his $158000.00, and Noddy Norman will have problems getting his Pot sold on the open market, so where is that Metiria Turei these days, she aren’t been in the House, is she getting a new jacket made or is she in hospital getting staples.