Fiji releases new constitution

Fiji has released their new constitution today.

It looks a very good document and finally removes all preferences on the basis of race.

This document will form the framework with which Fiji will head into proper free and fair elections next year.

What will be interesting will be watching New Zealand’s and Australia’s response to yet another milestone towards a return to democracy being passed successfully. 

2013 Fiji Constitution by Cam Slater


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  • Patrick

    Just to clarify – are you saying Fiji does not have race based seats? Wow how forward thinking, perhaps the architect of this could advise NZ

    • Orange

      Nah NZ wants fiji to go back to how they were, mired in racism.

  • Justsayn

    At first I thought this was a piss take from Whale, imagine reporting real news on a day when we are trying to figure out if Labour has a Cuntleft to lead it.

  • LesleyNZ

    Well done Whaleoil – think you are the first in NZ to break this news. Wonder if mainstream media will now report this important milestone in Fiji’s road to the 2014 democratic elections. Just think – we will be voting here in NZ around the same time.

    • island time

      Michael Field will report it from a different angle….he will use words like “Military” “Junta” “Illegal Govt” etc.

      • LesleyNZ

        Yes you are right and it will be very interesting to see what Michael Field has to say about this news.He should have been the first one to report this news – he reports other stories pretty quick – mind you he tends to dislike positive news about Fiji.

        • island time

          He has never written a positive report on Fiji in 8 years. He is banned from the country as he is so unbalanced

  • Michael

    Looks good, apart from the weasel words over the role of the Military, lack of limitation on their actions, and the entrench immunity granted to all those that directly or indirectly took part in the 2006 Coup….

    • LesleyNZ

      If it weren’t for the Military and those, directly or indirectly, who were prepared to take action in 2006 there would be no 2013 Fiji Constitution and 2014 democratic election. Time to end the coup culture Michael.

      • Michael

        If Bainimarama was serious about democracy he would have quit the military, formed a party and campaign against the incumbent government on his anti-corruption and equality platform. He probably would have won the next election and the constitution would be in place by 2010.

        • Except Qararse rigged the elections…have you not read the independent report into the elections? In one region there was 125% turn out and every single person voted for Qarases party

          • LesleyNZ

            I spoke to a lady sitting next to me on the plane in Jan 2007. She said that Qarase gave the next door village a lot of money for a church but not their village because her village was not supportive of Qarase. She said on the day of the election unmarked non-governmental cars were seen taking away ballot boxes. She lives near Labasa.

        • LesleyNZ

          I don’t think so. It would have been too early. There has been too much to sort out first. For success you have to have a good foundation. As you know this takes time and being Fiji – probably twice as long. Corruption had to be reduced and sorted out and new laws put in place to bring Fiji into the modern age. If you read the Roadmap to Democracy you will see the detail of what had to be and still has to be done. 2010 would have been too soon. Also how do you change a mind set where corruption was part of the way of life? Fiji is changing but it is going to take at least one generation more. Fiji is much better.

  • spollyike

    Fiji implements a racially “blind” constitution at the same time we have the Maori Party fastidiously working on entrenching constitutionally special privileges to those of us with a drop of stone age blood. What is wrong with this country??