Filthy, troughing, swines

You’d think that there were a few important issues New Zealand faces that had the potential to unite all the political parties at least to the degree that they put aside party politics and personal scores long enough to work on something that will be of long term benefit.

The political hot potato that is the retirement age and the affordability of superannuation through a superannuation fund would be one of those issues for example.

To date, we haven’t seen any of this kind of pan-partisan cooperation between New Zealand politicians, have we?

Fear not:  Hell may not have frozen over, but they finally have agreed to put their differences aside to work towards a common goal

MPs on both sides of Parliament are joining forces to defend the right to set their own unlimited travel perks – despite a Government promise to transfer them to an independent body.

Prime Minister John Key pledged three years ago that the Government would strip MPs of the power to set their own perks. It introduced a bill last year to change the system, under which Parliament’s Speaker determines the widely criticised allowances that give MPs unlimited free travel within New Zealand.

However, MPs on the government administration select committee have gutted the Members of Parliament (Remuneration and Services) Bill – and returned control of travel and accommodation perks to the Speaker. The U-turn has received cross-party support.

Mr Key has accepted the changes and says National MPs will vote for the amended bill when it came before Parliament again.

Labour leader David Shearer’s office said his MPs would not oppose the changes, and Greens co-leader Metiria Turei said her party had agreed to them.

Suddenly, they’re all best mates.

A spokeswoman for Mr Key said this week: “The prime minister has consistently been an advocate for the principle that an independent body should set these entitlements.

“This bill makes further steps in that direction and the prime minister is confident it will be seen as a positive development,” she said.

“Given the nature of the legislation, achieving cross-party support was important – and that has been achieved.”

The PM has been consistently an advocate for the principle that an independent body should set the entitlements, but he wanted to achieve something even better, so he canned the independent body and kept the decision process among MPs themselves.

That’s logical.



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  • Apolonia

    Yet another reason to get some new parties into parliament.

    • Bazar

      and do you believe these new parties, once in parliament, would vote to strip themselves of perks?

  • Col

    On this matter, has anyone seen Hone?

    • Dave

      More to the point, better we never see Hone ever again, I here Perth is nice, he should move there with his entire clan.

      • BobaJob

        But then who would fight for the poor and unjustly treated here?

      • AnonWgtn

        You cannot get into Australia with a criminal conviction.

        • Patrick

          I thought a criminal conviction was still a prerequisite for entry into Australia – when did that change?

  • ratesarerevolting

    Colour me surprised.

  • Rodger T

    Parasites one and all, about time a time limit is introduced to prevent these bloodsuckers from getting jobs for life.
    2 Terms as PM then back to reality like as per the US.
    4 Terms for Ministers in govt or oppostion.
    No way should these people be able to spend 25-30 years on the public tit like some seem proud of doing.

    • BobaJob

      Have we got enough talent here to do that? Or wouldn’t it really matter all that much?

      • Rodger T

        Talent, what the fuck is that? LoL
        Maybe we could do a Politician Idol or Dick Factor and get them from there, could`nt do any worse than what we have now.

        • BobaJob

          Dick Factor might give us to many!

          • Mr_Blobby

            We have to many know.

      • Muffin

        If politics wasn’t such a shitty forum, then well qualified normal people would get into it. Instead you get parasites like we have now. With some exceptions.

        • BobaJob

          Yeah looks like talent was a pretty bad word choice. Has there even been a normal one? I really can’t think of one…

          • Muffin

            No one springs to mind

    • conwaycaptain

      Not only a time limit but an education and previous employment standard. In other words they must have had experience outside Govt and Party Posns and NGOs and also reach a certain educational standard
      Ian Mcleod a Conservative minister in the UK in the 60’s was asked by someone about becoming an MP/ He said Get a job and experience, start a family and then come and see me in 20 years time.
      Many National MPs have experience before they get into Parliament many in the opposition have little or no experience apart from the TROUGH

      • BobaJob

        Yeah makes sense, don’t really know what motivates them in to politics in the first place.Would the pay have to go up?

        I hear thier retirement plan is gold plated. Why? We are always told how great kiwisaver is – they should have the same.

      • johnbronkhorst

        I would agree on the past experience front. That would make elections more like what they should be , JOB INTERVIEWS.
        But a change to the list MP’s and how that works is needed.
        ie the list (picked by a party) would have to be fixed, NO moving people up or down it after the election. Penalties (financial) for resigning from a list position after the election. Heavy promotion and focus on party list so everyone knows the quality of ALL the candidates up for election.

    • johnbronkhorst

      Not the way the US system works!!!
      2 terms as President is the max. Prime minister is more like “leader of the house” or “senate majority leader” and they don’t have a limit.
      Ministers can’t be in opposition.
      25-30 years in a job should be admired not denigrated, after all we wouldn’t kick you out of a job just because you had been there 30 years.
      They are theoretically on performance review every 3 years, if you don’t like what they do, vote them out, actively campaign against them. That is your democratic right. But YOU must ACT to actually take maximum advantage of YOUR democratic rights. Just voting will not be enough!
      Actions like:
      Join a party
      Go to conferences
      Help in candidate selection (become one yourself)
      Help the candidate at election time (put up hoardings etc)
      Promote the party you join
      Better to remove the perks, especially the ones they get AFTER they leave or are voted out. eg travel perks, and make them semi fund their own retirement, as per everyone else etc.

      • BobaJob

        OK JBK, that’s a bit sensible. You get my Up Vote!

  • BobaJob

    ‘The U-turn has received cross-party support.’ – What else in the last 5 years have had that!!!

    • GazzW

      No filibustering required!!

  • Phar Lap

    Even the so called” green party” that last bastion of hypocrisy are in on the action.Appears the joint leaders ,known as Laurel and Hardy were not prepared to let such a bucket of taxpayer funded freebies, slip through their sneaky cotton picking fingers,or their feigned austerity propaganda campaign,against” rich pricks”.

  • Bob

    As usual the rank hypocrisy of the Green MP’s is showing through their veneer of self righteous sanctimony, whine and complain about everything, demand enquiries into anything and oppose all, and at the same time make sure they have their snouts firmly buried in the trough!

    • BobaJob

      Can’t argue that point – Mr Norman please explain.

  • Patrick

    Once upon a time there was someone who stood for all that was right & proper when it came to MPs & what they spent the taxpayers’ money on. He built a political reputation on this & he was nicknamed “The Perk Buster.” He then became a Government Minister & buried his snout in the trough like all the rest.

    You cannot trust a politician to do what is right when they are faced with the temptation of lining their pockets with the taxpayers’ money.

  • cows4me

    It’s a wonder the pricks don’t have a pipe directly plumbed into Fonterra, got to keep the swill going.

    • Travis Poulson

      Maybe that was the dirty pipe that has been the cause of all these problems. It’s tainted with bullshit.

  • Jimmie

    To be a pollie you have to be prepared to have your every word picked apart and criticized, you have to be completely insincere during election time pretending to love going to a bunch of boring social functions, and you have to remember that you are not free to say what you think on any particular subject – you have to think about all and any consequences that may flow from it.

    Not to mention flying on planes 4-5 days a week, boring meetings, learning how to write laws which are ten times longer than they should be, and the weird disruption which is caused to family life.

    Who the heck would want it? Sure the pay is pretty good but no point getting a good salary but always knowing that you are one slipped word away from public disgrace.

    That is why most pollies are folk with no conscience or ethics – they simply don’t care for their personal/political reputation at all – just their overarching goals of power and troughing.(Political psychopaths?)

    Or like the greens (and progressive labour) a religious fervour to convert the nation to their new social/environmental construct.

    And yet these folk are charged with writing the laws of the land? No wonder NZ struggles to get ahead – lunatics/asylum/taking over.

    • johnbronkhorst

      You mean it is a job!!
      Every job has it’s good bits, that you enjoy, it’s bad bits, it’s boring bits etc.
      You don’t get to choose, you do them ALL, because it is your job!
      The main difference for politicians is, their job is only loosely defined, yes the “kissing babies”, boring meetings etc are required. But you also, to a degree, get to set your own rules, make laws etc the hard part is …to do the right thing and make sure everyone either knows it’s the right thing or actually agrees with you!