Finally Shearer realises that snapper is where it is all at

He had to be led there by John Key, but finally David Shearer agrees that snapper is the issue that New Zealanders care about.

The government must abandon its plans to reduce recreational snapper catch limits, while leaving commercial catches unchanged, Labour Leader David Shearer says.

“Catching a feed of snapper for the family is a Kiwi birth right. The Government has sided with big commercial interests over the rights of every New Zealander to go out and fish. It has badly under estimated how strongly people feel about their fishing. 

“Everyone agrees we need to ensure snapper stocks are sustainable, but if catches need to be reduced to protect the fishery commercial operators should share the pain.

“This is a basic issue of fairness. As a weekend fisherman myself, I don’t see why recreational fishers should bear the brunt of catch reductions.

“Feelings are running high at public meetings we have attended on the issue. And if the government is getting anything like the same feedback as the Labour Party, it will be throwing its proposals overboard. We certainly will if they are in place when we come into office.

“We’ve received about 30,000 emails about the issue and already have more than 7,500 names on our petition against the changes.

Riiiight, so how many emails has Labour received on GCSB…that would be interesting.



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  • sarah

    Well now that Labour have cottoned on maybe JC will now focus on that after all it is his leaders vision

  • Whafe

    The mumbling blithering idiot would be late for his own funeral….. Is he not the first living brain donor?
    Only about near 2 weeks late!

    • DLNZ

      Donor organs must be matching in anatomical size between recipient and donor. That narrows down the possible recipients of previously mentioned brain to Green Party members, GCSB loonies and small worms.

      (Edit: Typo )

      • Bad__Cat

        He could donate it to a real sheep, but they are dumb enough already

        • Whafe

          Only a sheep will headbutt the post in the yards!
          Perhaps Shearer has been doing this to often?

          • DLNZ

            And he also needs to learn that shit doesn’t stick to fenceposts. The only thing that will knock over a fencepost is a tractor. The Labour tractor has been out of fuel for quite some time, and needs someone with more than a learners license to drive it.

          • Whafe

            The Liabour gutter politics strategy has not for sure realsied that stick doesn’t stick to John Key either, let alone fence posts

  • Justsayn

    Good to see that someone is taking Key’s advice, even if Campbell is not.

    But Sheep needs to work on the catchphrases. He risks swinging public opinion in favour of a tight snapper limit.

    “Catching a feed of snapper for the family is a Kiwi birth right” is the type of hyperbole that make we think that, while I know nothing about the issue, this dickhead must be wrong.

    • OrphanIsland

      He should stick with “Ummm, and They’re right it isn’t fair!”

    • metalnwood

      Yes, I never liked him using phrases alike ‘catch a feed’ or during the food in schools debate using the word belly all the time when it would never be used in the same context in conversation. Why he needs to sound like Billy T is beyond me when talking about is stuff.

      • NeillR

        Because he thinks he’s talking to his constituency. Like Cunliffe on the back of the truck. But they don’t talk like that in Grey Lynn any more.

        • Mr Sackunkrak

          Wazzup bro. Izz gets my feed and bitches where I sezz em.

      • CheesyEarWax

        Yep, Shearer has to sound like hes from da hood.

  • OrphanIsland

    Yip, must have been my email about a job at the GCSB that triggered it all.

    My bad , sorry :-(

  • johnbronkhorst

    “Everyone agrees we need to ensure snapper stocks are sustainable, but if catches need to be reduced to protect the fishery commercial operators should share the pain.”
    and the job losses?
    the increase in the price of fish at the supermarket (where most people get it)?
    the resulting increase in food inflation?
    Balance is what’s needed! If the fishery is dwindling, then reductions are required, by both recreational and commercial!!
    While 9 fish down to 3 fish seems excessive. Perhaps 9 down to 7 with a slight increase in size limit,
    and a 10% reduction in commercial quota and a size limit the same as recreational!
    This is negotiation and compromise , not just as shearer is doing which promising the world to voters to simply get their vote. Nothing to do with fishing!!

    • In Vino Veritas

      Reducing the bag limit for some recreational fishers will make no difference to how many they take. Say for a tangi for eg.

      • tarkwin

        They’re actually surprisingly good around here. If you’re a local organising a wedding, funeral or sporting event regardless of colour it’s not too hard to get a permit to take what you need. Edit spelling

    • Col

      You can blame the price of fish on Sealords for one, if they stopped giving there quota away, we wouldn’t need to pay these high prices. I saw Blue Cod the other day at $46-50 a kg fillet, I use to buy that 12 years ago for $12-00 kg fillet.Sealord should be giving jobs to NZers.

      • Honcho

        Blue cod as a fishery is pretty well stuffed now, im not saying snapper is going the same way, quite the opposite infact, snapper is on the rebound up, but it isn’t getting there quick enough, enough time to get a solid generation of breeding out of the current stock and the fishing will be even easier.

  • mike

    I listened with interest this morning when JK announced the plan to reduce the bag limits was only in one area (where the recreational and commercial fishing was about equal)… and they were actually considering raising the bag limits in several other areas.

  • Shoreboy57

    Surprised the PM hasn’t closed this down. Maybe Goodfellow’s Sanford has an interest

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Fellows – John Key is going to do nothing about Snapper quota. Sheep is going to use this as his political weapon and slay Key. The next poll will reflect this for sure. Watch out….

    • Whafe

      What will Shearer use after the Snapper SCS, Tampon’s?

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        You will be scared to know Sheep has asked his research wing to explore a secret video of John Key visiting a Tampon factory in North Korea…John Campbell and FatCon are waiting to pounce….

        • Whafe

          John Campbell would probly fuck up an interview with a Tampon also…………………..

  • steve and monique

    Fucking Einstein!!!. Took this long?.

  • Bad__Cat

    What do we want? “Baaaaaaaa”
    When do we want it? “Baaaaaaaa”

    • Mr Sackunkrak


  • peterwn

    Just ask Rod Vaughan about Kiwis’ passion for fishing – he found out the hard way.

    • Travis Poulson

      Never interrupt a man fishing :)

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Tonight there is a meeting in Auckland where FatCon, Sheep, Poo, Horny are going to talk against GCSB. Jessica Garden Mulch said on TV1, 2000 people are expected….John Key is finished bros….NZ is swinging against Key on this.

    • steve and monique

      2000,is that all. Hell you get more boats out fishing most weekends.

  • Rodger T

    Shearer is exercising the Labia Party birthright,being a day late and a dollar short.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      His US Bank account is not short of dollars bro…..

      • Rodger T

        Ur right ,there is no bag limit on offshore bank accounts.
        Something for JK to think about? ………..yeah right.

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    Actually David, we don’t give a shit about snapper, we have just been pulling your tits, we really care about strawberries though, and National is about to nationalise them, please do something!