Fishing lessons for Shearer: Paula Bennett puts the Labour mascots to shame

Paula Bennett has been out on the boat, doing what Labour can’t.

FB 24082013 (2)


H/T Keeping Stock 


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  • LabTested

    Paula rocks!

  • Col

    She has two big one eh!!!

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Col bro – Do you want to hold them for her?

      • Col

        No Paula has a husband who can do that for her, and also fillet the fish, dinner for two shall we say. I m not lowering myself to be a Shane Jones.

  • That’s a marvellous sledge from Paula Bennett; “My snapper are bigger than yours, and I caught ’em myself!”

  • A women that catches her own damn snapper AND kicks the bennies in the teeth is welcome at my place anytime.

    No, anytime.

    Call me.


    • uh oh, call the cleanup crew…

      • LabTested

        what? Mr Wolf?

  • Monty

    Looks like a much better and more productive day than the labour counterparts who are spending the weekend in a women’s conference bitching at each other and the world in general

  • Simo

    Go Paula!

  • cows4me

    Did Mumbles supply the bait?

    • Whafe

      No mumbles was obvioulsy the berly

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    That’s priceless! And the Greens will spew.

  • steve and monique

    Nice pair

  • blairmulholland

    That photo is so obviously photoshopped. I thought Paula was a bit more clever than that.

    • Photoshopped with a shadow on her top from the fish, and a shadow of the photographer on the tail of the fish, don’t be dumb blair.

      All photoshopped from her iphone out on the boat…..right.

      Edit: and if your comment was sarc, it needs some work :)

  • Bongobongo

    You go girl.
    And that’s what will resonate with voters next year.
    – Male politicians who like members of the opposite sex.
    – women politicians who can get their hands dirty and mix it up with the everyday kiwi lads;
    Not guys with husbands and angry union chicks.

  • Dumrse

    What a fine pair, dam fish look good too……

  • rouppe

    She goes fishing in a dress?

    • LabTested

      I know. I would prefer she fished naked like the rest of us, but we can only dream

  • worksux

    Bet you didn’t catch them in the BOP, You know where Paula, its where snapper stocks have been raped by the commercial guys to 6% of original biomass, So fuck off bennett and do something about it, instead of trying to get some brownie points from people who actually care about our fishing stock

    • She’s not the minister for primary industries numb nuts. That’s about as intelligent as ranting at Anne Tolley about defense.

      So how about fuck off yourself, and grow a brain while you’re at it. Engage some intellectual thoughts instead of kneejerk emotional ones ranting at the wrong minister.

      • worksux

        Listen cunt, I know who she is, Do you think it would be different if it were Nathan Guy,