From now on the All Blacks will be referred to as the All B-words

In a fit of PC madness, liberal blogs refuse to call  the NFL team Washington Redskins by its name.

In a move to be even more sensitive to minor outrage, Slate, Mother Jones and The New Republic all announced that they will no longer refer to the Washington Redskins as the Redskins.

Slate first announced its decision on the site on Aug. 8, with The New Republic and Mother Jones following suit shortly after. Slate took the opportunity to bash owner Daniel Snyder and even admitted that the term wasn’t that offensive.

“The name Redskins is only a bit offensive, it’s extremely tacky and dated — like an old aunt who still talks about ‘colored people’ or limps her wrist to suggest someone’s gay,” David Plotz wrote on the site.

Franklin Foer, editor of The New Republic, tweeted that Plotz’s argument was “air-tight” and that the magazine would be changing its stylebook to reflect the omission of the team name.

Kevin Drum of Mother Jones wrote a piece where he said, “Dan Snyder’s team would be the R-word, to go along with the N-word and the C-word and all the others.”

The three outlets are more than 10 months behind the Washington City Paper, which chose to adopt the alternative name of the Washington Pigskins to refer to the team last October. Dan Snyder has publicly stated numerous times that he has no plans to change the team name. – The Daily Caller

That’s that settled then. I expect the commentators tonight to refer to the All Blacks as the AB’s or All B-words. Anything more is just plain racist.




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  • thor42

    I wonder if they call the Cleveland Indians baseball team the “Cleveland I-words”?

  • rockape

    Manchester United=Personchester United.

    • Betty Swallocks

      S-externalfemalegenitalia-horpe United ??

      • Bunswalla


    • Jman

      What are they going to call Arsenal?

  • cows4me

    These liberal idiots will drown in their own horseshit.

    • Dumrse

      From a purely technical point…I would have thought cowshit was more viscous therefore……
      Just sayin, not implying.

  • mark

    I think a better weighting of gay and transgender players in the starting line up would be a step in the right direction. Maybe we could chuck Nanaia Mahuta and Darien Fenton in the frount row. They’re dudes right?

    • Bunswalla

      A couple of years ago some up-tight Christian website decided to reclaim the word “gay” and set up the software so that any article submitted with the word “gay” in it would immediately be converted to “homosexual”.

      This was all fine and dandy until they ran a piece on the winner of the US Olympic Athletic trials. The 100m and 200m were won by a Mr Tyson Homosexual. Homosexual was very dominant and won his heats easily. In the final Homosexual got away to a good start and won by 1.5m.

    • Patrick

      Wee Wussell Norman is also “ex dude” by my reckoning. Nobody who can whine in that high pitch has testicles. “Gimmie back my flag” what a softcock biartch.

  • A-random-reader

    If the All Blacks were actually called the Blackskins, then perhaps you might have a point.

    But they aren’t, and you don’t.

    • Travis Poulson

      I originally put in a disclaimer at the bottom of the post:

      “(disclaimer: for all the argumentative slow people, yes I know ‘All Blacks’ is nothing to do with skin colour/race)”

      But then decided it’d be more fun to remove it to see who was first to take the bait.

    • kehua

      Call `em whatever, just don`t call `em late for dinner.

  • OrphanIsland

    Offensive ?? , Ludicrous , what does charging your opponent and slamming him into the ground count as then ????

    Next they won’t be allowed to call themselves winners , instead of playing a game they do tea and biscuits and debate who will be the eventual winner …. M8!

    PC = Inverted Childish Plonkers

    • Travis Poulson

      Did you get downgraded from a planet to an island? times must be tough.

      • OrphanIsland

        Yeah bud, maggot feds wont give me job, so I gave them shit ;_)
        And it’s a “closer to home” name change, describes me better these days.

  • steve and monique

    Brown is not a colour,its a smell.

  • Bunswalla

    I hope the All African-Americans win the Bledisloe test tonight in Sydney.

  • AnonWgtn

    Being sacrilegious I do not care a stuff for Rugby Football above college level .
    So the All Blacks can call themselves whatever they want as many like me do not care a toss.

    • Travis Poulson

      Rugby, or sport in general isn’t really the main point of the post. It is political correctness.

      • kehua

        Trav, checkout Russell Peters on Utube or dvd might be some good `mental health breaks` in his humour.

        • Travis Poulson

          I’ve heard him mentioned in the past in conversation, don’t think I have watched any of his shows. Will check him out.

  • Super_Guest

    From what I understand the New Republic is a black magazine whereas Slate is filled with preening white dicks. The problem here with people who aren’t of a particular race deciding what other races should be referred to is that…it’s fucking retarded. Most Indians prefer to be called Indians as opposed to Native Americans, yet the chalk-white intelligentsia say that not only are they wrong in how they want themselves to be refereed to as, but that anyone who complies with their wishes are rathist.

    Not to mention the fact that Indians in general don’t find the name offensive. They compare it to calling your team the “Spartans” or something.

    NB I investigated this matter a while ago and came to these conclusions, things might have changed in regards to the redskins name, but it damn sure hasn’t in regards to the Indian/Native American thing.

  • Mediaan

    The most offensive sport team name in existence is The Crusaders.

    The Crusaders sailed to the eastern Mediterranean on ships provisioned sometimes by sale of some of the child crusading volunteers, for slavery, when stopping on the way in North Africa.

    After successes, they wrote letters home to England and Western Europe rejoicing in the splashing of the Jewish and Saracen blood splashing up round their boots as they walked through the ways of Jerusalem. Whole slaughtered families.

    They were trying to invade and conquer Jerusalem for the Pope at his request.

    Never mind that they were over there on a murder mission: they thought their work at it was a glorious triumph.

    Disgustingly, our city has to carry the burden of this behaviour. Who chose that vile name?