Gang Patch bill passed

Might need a grinder to remove this patch

Might need a grinder to remove this patch

Mark Mitchell’s Gang Insignia Bill was passed last night. Mark took over promoting the bill after Todd McClay was appointed a minister.

A bill banning gang insignia in places owned by the Crown or local authorities has passed into law [last night].

Police would be given the power to seize gang patches and official colours within a few days. Offenders could be faced with a $2000 fine.

The Prohibition of Gang Insignia Government Premises Bill’s sponsor MP Mark Mitchell said he did not expect an escalation in tension between police and gang members as a result of the changes.  

He believed the law change would act as a deterrent and would not generate a greater workload for police officers responding to complaints about gang members in public spaces.

The law change will apply to 34 gangs identified in the legislation, but also allows the Minister of Police to identify an organisation as a gang.

The bill is a quite a bit softer than Mark Mitchell’s usual method for dealing with gangs. He was instrumental in clearing them out of Wairoa a number of year ago. His stories about the effectiveness of dogs in dealing with gang members are great.

Labour of course opposed the bill, because they like sticking up for criminals, gangs and thugs as part of their law and order focus.


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  • Agent BallSack

    The Prohibition of Gang Insignia Government Premises Bill’s sponsor MP Mark Mitchell said he did not expect an escalation in tension between police and gang members as a result of the changes.

    He doesnt know much about gangs and their fierce defence of the colours they wear obviously.

    • Bunswalla

      I think you’ll find he knows quite a bit about gangs, actually.

    • kehua

      That thinking is about out as date with the Crims `hate pedo`s and woman bashers` myth.

    • Mark Mitchell was a dog handler in the Police, and was sent to Wairoa with his dog team to contain and Police the gangs. He found that thy didn’t like being chewed on and that single act alone was the best gang deterrent he found.

      He also copped a samurai sword to the arm that nearly severed it completely, so I think he knows quite a bit more about gangs, gang violence, drugs and scum that you could possibly imagine.

    • Tom

      Funny they didn’t have any colours a few years ago.

  • rockape

    I dont know ABS . My wife was an emergency nurse in South Auckland, the rule was take your patches down or no treatment. She is only a wee girl but a bit of pain was a great equalizer so their not that tough!

  • rockape

    I like the idea of ridiculing patches. Maybe mongrel mob toilet paper, Black power schoolbags for kids, My BBQ Tshirt is covered in Gang patches,russian ones! Take the power away by ridicule!

  • James M

    And if they have tatts can we have them tattooed over the top to picture acts man on man falacio?

    • James M

      As a matter of fact the hand looks like it has a limp old dick and balls, so the corrections officers only have to tattoo the gang members face with dick hand going into it.

      • wiltinpenis

        That’s quite a stretch for the imagination.

  • Col

    So that means we can fine Labour $2000.00 dollars every time they go to sit in the House, well they are a gang of thugs.
    Old Hone most likely wear a patch in the House next week, just to piss everyone?

    • Goldie

      The Act only applies to people wearing insignia of an organisation whose members promote or engage in criminal activity, and only if they are in government building like a court, hospital, prison or school.
      Labour Party people are (a) not organised enough to ever be considered a gang, and (b) are corrupt sad socialists, but lack the enterprise to be criminals.

      • Sponge

        (b) Phillip Field anyone?

      • Whanga_Cynic

        (b) Helen Clarke, signing other people’s art?

    • tarkwin

      Wouldn’t worry too much there Col, I think even Alamein Kopu showed up more often than retard mummy’s boy.

  • twr

    Funny how people with National party rosettes steal way more from me than any gang ever could and yet they never get banned. Ditto labour, greens and the rest of them.

    • cows4me

      Such is life.

  • P1LL

    That feral needs to find a tattooist who can space out letters better

    • Agent BallSack

      B….fingerspace….L…..fingerspace…….A…… oooops what finger comes next…..

    • tarkwin

      I’m amazed they got the spelling right.

  • Agent BallSack

    In response to my above post, thanks for the rebuts without down votes. Mark Mitchell = Great Cop! No one would deny that except the scum he has pulled down. My thought – and badly explained due to work constraints (damn manufacturing crisis has me working my ass off, umm manufacturing stuff), lets see this legislation actually work!

    And lets ban gangs. Not the shit they wear!

  • Agent BallSack

    I have a blunt, broken grinder handy should the police ever want to remove this…..