Ghetto Schools Revisited

The repository of all knowledge – Wikipedia – tells us that a Ghetto is:

“a part of a city in which members of a minority group live, especially because of social, legal, or economic pressure.” 

When asked about Charter Schools back on the 29th of July Chris Hipkins’ best response was:

Given the recent release of school data highlighted on Monday and revisited here:

School (decile)

NCEA Level 1 Failure

Roll (% European)

Taxpayer Funding

Otahuhu College (1)


1348 (2)


Southern Cross Campus (1)


1558 (1)


Aorere College (2)


1508 (3)


Papatoetoe High School (3)


1648 (3)


Mangere College (1)


796 (1)


Tangaroa College (1)


942 (1)


One Tree Hill (3)


905 (8)


Onehunga High School (4)


1315 (22)


Tamaki College (1)


585 (4)


James Cook High School (1)


1410 (5)


Nationally 20%

i.e. massive segregation


How does Hipkins describe these schools? Are they happy for him to describe them that way?

What does he propose to do about them? Apart from repealing a model that Standford Unversity says:

benefit[s] students from poor families, black students and Hispanic English-language learners more than their peers in other groups,


 “The results reveal that the charter school sector is getting better on average and that charter schools are benefiting low-income, disadvantaged and special-education students,” CREDO Director Margaret Raymond said.

Labour’s 9 years of reinforcing the zoning and lack of choice for people in this areas has lead to a situation that the Left clearly see in their best interest to maintain.

Time for the people in these areas to look for choices that Labour/Greens/PPTA/NZEI constantly seek to deny them.


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  • Where exactly is Mangare?

    Next time I’m close I should pop in and see what’s become of the place.

  • Mike

    If you multiply the each schools failure rate by the number of pupils, you get 5974 failed kids. What’s labour’s great plan for them??

    • dumbshit

      list mps

    • le sphincter

      Last time I looked National was in government, whats their plan….

      Well they do have a plan for Rio Tinto a $30 mill plan for wealthy company

  • CheesyEarWax

    Sorry to say this but the main cause of these kids failure is their parents and their whanau. These dumb Labour voter parents do not value a good education and Labour and the unions knows it. Getting charter schools off the ground will be a good start, but getting these kids into them is another story.

    • thor42

      True, CEW. I’m just thinking how on earth that can be changed. Not very easy.
      If you *force* them to go to the charter schools, that removes the element of choice in education. Then again – maybe the useless and feckless in society *need* to have their children made to go to good schools (so that the cycle of uselessness can be broken).

  • johnbronkhorst

    This boy is dumber than the floor boards in my house!!!
    What’s more, he just keeps on proving it!

  • It gets worse for Hipkins; he has tried to push his anti-Partnership Schools bias into the Child Protection debate, suggesting that teachers at PS’s won’t be subject to screening and vetting. And just as John Key schooled John Campbell last night, Hipkins has been schooled by John Banks; can you fall any lower than that?

  • philbest

    More money has been getting thrown at “lower decile area” schools for years with no improvements in outcomes visible. So what is Hipkins solution? More of the same?

    Zoning guarantees that the children of lower decile income parent(s) will end up at the same school, because real estate markets sort people spatially, into income levels.

    Ironically, the higher house prices are forced by urban planning, the more marked this effect gets.

    • thor42

      “More money has been getting thrown at “lower decile area” schools for years with no improvements in outcomes visible.”

      Exactly! I wonder how many hundreds of millions of dollars has been thrown at these schools for *no improvement whatsoever*.
      Such schools have *had* their chances – more than enough – for decades, and they have blown it.
      It is time for a bold new approach to give children an excellent education.

  • dumbshit

    I wonder what his reply would be if asked if his so called ghetto schools have ghetto teachers

  • Wallsingham

    Do you have stats for integrated, Catholic, Polynesian, Auckland schools? Hato Petra, St Paul’s, Marcellin? As a comparison with charter schools they would serve as an example.