Global Warming is actually good for you: PROOF

The looney left would have us all believe the world is coming to an end and it is all our fault. Global Warming will be the death of us all…or maybe it won’t.

Undertakers are blaming an unseasonably mild winter for a major slump in business.

Morticians have reported a significant drop in the number of funerals, with fewer people dying from seasonal diseases such as influenza.

Warwick Hansen, a former New South Wales president of the Australian Funeral Directors’ Association, says it has been a tough few months for the industry.  

He says undertakers usually take on more staff at this time of year to cope with demand.

“They staff their businesses at a level that they believe they can provide good quality service to families,” Mr Hansen said.

“When they hit their peaks they need to bring in extra labour, whether it be casual labour or contract labour such as the use of hire cars.

“But it certainly has been a very, very moderate time for funeral directors.


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  • Icarus62

    Check out the ‘burning embers’ diagram for a rather less biased view of the impacts of global warming.

  • blokeintakapuna

    So the dying business is dying itself eh! Winnie will be pleased to hear as it might be enough to get him near 5% of the vote… Provided the warm weather continues…

  • Mr_Blobby

    Wait for it less people dying means more people burping and farting, hence more global warming or is that climate change now, it is hard to keep up.

    It the answer to a problem is to TAX it then it is a con.

  • cows4me

    Don’t tell us we know, tell your mates in the National Party.