Good, finally someone is acting against the Teachers Council secrecy

Well done Graeme Edgeler, he complained to parliament about the Teachers Council making up their own rules, especially those protecting dodgy teachers by suppressing all details of their cases. Now a select committee has ruled on his complaint and says the Teachers Council needs to open up.

We need to know about ratbag teachers.

Teachers appearing before a disciplinary tribunal should be named, a parliamentary select committee has ruled.

The Teachers Council’s practice of automatically suppressing the names of school staff complained about is not in accordance with the Education Act, the MPs panel said.

Communities are not being told about teachers found guilty of physically or sexually abusing students – some of whom have been allowed to return to the classroom.  

The Teachers Council put a warning on its website last year saying it was illegal to publish details of complaints. The little-known rules have been in place since 2004.

The Herald on Sunday and Wellington barrister Graeme Edgeler complained to Parliament’s regulations review committee that the rules were suddenly being enforced.

In a decision issued this week, chairwoman Maryan Street and member Lianne Dalziel did not consider the council’s rules were in accordance with the Education Act.

They said the act “clearly intends the Disciplinary Tribunal’s proceeding to generally be open, and information relating to proceedings to generally be publicly available”.

The committee said the council – which has made 29 decisions this year – had the ability to change its own rules and recommended it did so to ensure proceedings were open.

It also recommended the Government consider amending the Education Act to specify explicitly that the proceedings be open to the public.

While they are at it, how about removing the same protections in every court. If we need to suppress anything let it be victims details.


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  • blokeintakapuna

    Should the Teacher’s Council be liable and culpable for all the kiddie fiddlers in their midst they have allowed to keep hidden, whilst knowing or strongly suspecting of illegal /immoral activities?

  • Ururoa

    Why do we have these extra-judicial systems (lawyers, medical, teachers, real estate agents?). Why are they allowed to be judge and jury in what are criminal cases?

  • Patrick

    Shows just how bad the Teachers Council is when someone as leftie leaning as Street decides they are acting outside their own rules. The whole outfit should be disbanded.

    • AnonWgtn

      But they are just another Teacher’s Union – the more the more obfuscation.