Grant Robertson is a loser, says precisely what a loser says

On Saturday I posted a list of things that losing candidates say. Number two on the list was:

“The only poll that matters is the poll on Election Day.” This doesn’t guarantee defeat in the upcoming election, but it means you are losing the race at the time and have no empirical evidence to the contrary. It’s up to the candidate to change the dynamic of the race.

Yesterday Grant Robertson announced his candidacy, promptly spammed the members and when asked about TVNZ Q+A poll that showed him well off the pace he replied: 

Mr Robertson this afternoon said he wasn’t concerned by those numbers.

“It’s early days and this is one of those occasions when you can say there’s only one poll that matters, it’s a poll of MPs members of the party and affiliated unions and that’s the poll I’m focused on.”

Oh dear, poor Grant, uttering the very thing losing candidates utter. Looks like the first elimination from #Laboursgottalent isn’t far off.


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  • conwaycaptain

    Now that is an OXYMORON Labour’s Got Talent!!!!!!

  • Col


    • Bunswalla

      And so’s our own Lydia Ko – only equalled the course record of 64, birdieing the last hole, to win by 5 shots with daylight second.

      • AnonWgtn

        Brilliant Lydia Ko

  • tarkwin

    I really don’t care who gets to captain the socialist Titanic, I just hope they distance themselves from the Greens. Russel is the biggest anchor they have ever had.

  • Patrick

    If he loses he will play the “gay” card in much the same way the race card is played when it suits.

    • Mike

      Agree. He looks like a bit of a sook. Playing the gay card whenever something did not go his way worked well for Chris Carter – NOT!

  • Robertson and people within the msm are making the mistake thinking NZ will vote for a gay PM just because the gay marriage bill passed. Fact of the matter is the bill was passed by politicians, not voted on by the public. General voting NZ will not vote for a poofter PM, not yet anyway.

    • Bunswalla

      Agree and regardless of sexual orientation, Robertson’s a beltway guy, virtually unknown outside Wellington. As many have opined, correctly, over the years, if you want to win a general election you have to win Auckland.

    • johnbronkhorst

      I think they would vote for a gay PM. BUT and (pardon the pun) it is a big BUT. NOT an OPENLY gay PM!! I don’t mean still in the closet, I mean not (like Robertson) making it the whole focus of his being!
      A gay PM, who is competent, hard working and trustworthy, not focusing on his “gayness”, could, possibly get elected!!

      • Hard working? He’s never had a real job in his life!!!!!!!

        Every single job has been with his front hooves in the trough.

  • Michael

    Having read his email, he said nothing that would inspire me – just platitudes. If I was a Labour Party member I’d be looking for both a risk taker and grounded person – a kind of circuit breaker from the current Labour politician.

  • unitedtribes

    Listening to DC this morning certainly had the cringe factor

  • GregM

    If they really want to get back grass roots labour voters they will select Shane Jones.

    • Patrick

      Shane Jones – is that grass roots or dry roots?

      • Barry

        So far, a sodomite and a part-hori – ye gods!

  • Day Day

    Guess Robertson intends to start as he means to go on.