Green taliban want Snapper cuts to go further

Oh dear, if all the fishermen thought that National and Nathan Guy were chumps and were threatening to change their votes because Labour and David Shearer [Insert #Laborsgottalent winner’s name] were going to save their fishing rights, then they need a re-think.

The green taliban loons that Labour will need to prop them up if they get close to the Treasury benches think that what has been proposed so far isn’t far enough.

Did you wonder why the Greens haven’t said boo about snapper? Wonder no more.

“We are supportive of the Ministry’s proposed interim target of rebuilding the snapper stock to 40% of its original biomass,” said EDS Policy Director Raewyn Peart.

“This would allow fishers to take greater numbers of fish in the long term as well as providing environmental benefits.

“However, we were disappointed to find that all three management options proposed by the Ministry would fail to achieve such a rebuild, and will likely see a further decline in snapper stocks. This is inconsistent with the requirements of the Fisheries Act and the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park Act. 

“In addition, the proposals fail to comply with the Ministry’s Harvest Strategy Standard. This was put in place to provide greater consistency and transparency in the management of New Zealand’s fisheries.

Labour can;t promise to save snapper fisherman…or “fishos” as #Laboursgottalent contender David Cunliffe likes to call them.


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  • blokeintakapuna

    Strewth… A few well placed FAD’s (fish attraction devises) in the Firth and Gulf would encourage fish to remain and eventually build a micro-Eco system – just like what happens with ship wrecks after a few years.

    For a very small initial set up cost… The immediate and longer term benefits are phenomenal.

  • Macca

    Anyone who thinks National will implement this policy would have to be nuttier than squirrel shit! Do people really genuinely believe that National are as thick as the left and would implement a policy that could well cost them the next election – ain’t gonna happen!
    Above though is a prime example of why people need to be afraid of the Gweens! Sadly though, the bulk of your average socialists are just too thick to see it!