Has John Key Lost his Mojo?

John Key heads off to conference this weekend under pressure. The Fonterra scandal took the media’s eye off how shifty and uncomfortable he looked over Andrea Vance having her comms passed on to an enquiry. Instead of acting decisively Key buggered around and didn’t do any blood-letting, meaning there is going to be a lot more scandal to come.

The Fonterra scandal is just another screw up under Nathan Guy’s watch. The meat labelling issue was bad enough, and to have another scandal following on so closely looks like a minister needs to be sacked for not making the grade, and before the public start turning on Key for propping up such a useless minister.

On Leighton Smith’s show this morning he was very wary when asked by Leighton Smith about the competence of his minister, and he would, he is the one who promoted him ahead of other more capable people.

No one in touch with politics would be surprised that Nathan has been a disaster, he has been captured by his offices because his bovine intelligence means he can’t see when he is being led up the garden path, and certainly can’t make good decisions. He has also been caught out lying to promote socialism on this blog before.  

If that wasn’t enough Guy has pissed off middle New Zealand by trying to cut their snapper catch. MPs are calling to say they are getting more complaints about cutting recreational snapper catch than they have had on any issue, including gay marriage.

John Key’s political skills seem to have deserted him.

If he was still in touch with the New Zealand public he would have sorted out the snapper quota shambles before it reached the public. You can’t piss off a whole heap of fishermen and win elections. If he was smart he would give the guy who built his BBQ a call instead of listening to Wayne Eagleson.

He should have sacked Wayne Eagleson over the Andrea Vance fiasco, giving him some well paid contracts to soften the blow, but getting him out of the way before there is more damage from the privileges committee.


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  • Pete George

    Pretty heavy comment, but fair enough.There are signs he’s losing his touch and intuition.

    And Key made some unwise comments about Rodney Harrison and the Law Society this morning too, whether he’s right or not he has poured petrol on an already difficult to manage GCSB fire.

    • johnbronkhorst

      Careful not to get wrapped up in the lies and perception of this…stick to facts, or you will be sucked down into the depths with the other gutter dwelling sensationalists like labour!!!

      • Pete George

        I’m not getting drawn into any lies, I’m simply observing – and Key can sometimes come across as arrogantly pissy and dismissive. And that’s happening more often. His gloss is wearing very thin at times.

        • cows4me

          Should seen him a tin of wax Pete.

    • LesleyNZ

      But you have never liked him. What he said about Rodney Harrison and the Law Society was the truth. They all have agendas – especially Ahmed Zaoui’s lawyer.

      • Cadwallader

        Agree. The NZ Law Society can tend to be very precious.

      • Pete George

        Nonsense Lesley, I don’t know where you get that from, I’ve often supported Key and think he’s been one of our best Prime Ministers generally.

        In fact I’ll go as far as saying I’ve liked Key more than any Prime Minister in my time. But like Whale I’m prepared to call weaknesses when I see them.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Fonterra’s problems are …Fonterra’s problems.. little or NOTHING to do with the govt. except to help minimise harm.
    andrea vance’s E Mails were not opened….NO harm….NO foul!!!
    Her telephone records were NOT requested,.
    NO scandal here except what the media and labour/greens want to scare up!!!

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    LOL – When Sheep is on target to power, not even God can stop Sheep. He is winning folks! Even Whale Oil knows John Key was responsible for the rusted pipe.

    • cows4me

      Have you ever given consideration to electrotherapy?

      • Cadwallader

        Perhaps he is the outcome of a voluntary lobotomy?

  • steve and monique

    No,just one of those weeks you would wish the people around had done their collective jobs right. Cant say ” for fucks sake” when you are the PM in public, but bet you he would like to.

  • John.Doe.2013

    The PM addressed the Amcham awards last night and was at his very best. Clear, articulate and funny with a few choice barbs for the German fraudster and a few others. He was on message, and I suspect anyone doubting his mojo left convinced he is the man to lead us for the next 3 years.

    • Pete George

      I’ve seen him in action and he can be very good, better than any politician I’ve known.

      But he seems to be getting worn down by the job, the problems he has to deal with and by an increasingly less forgiving media. And his annoyance is showing more often. It’s normal for parties and PMs to gradually fall out of favour.

  • Ratchet

    Time to start grooming Crusher to take over leadership?

  • cows4me

    Gee you can’t have plain sailing and blue sky forever, shit has to happen, that’s what he’s paid for. Life would be pretty boring if you didn’t have a bit of drama. Better to have issues sorted now then at campaign time.

    • steve and monique

      And he has had his fair share,what with Earthquakes etc. Mind you David Lange said 3 terms is all a PM will survive,before he becomes cynical etc. One more to go,and lets see Crusher take over the reigns.

  • thor42

    He needs to heed the *number one* rule of the political Right – “taking the soft-cock option is always wrong.”

    If he had heeded that, Guy would be on the street with Key’s footprint on his backside. The Maori party too would have been told “where to go” with their “constitutional review” bullshit.

  • LesleyNZ

    Not sure about the snapper issue ( sure it will be resolved) but JK is not losing his touch. Heard him on Leighton Smith’s show. He was very good. (And I don’t agree with him on a few issues). Interesting hearing the other side of the NZ First politicking Winston Peters GCBS bill story. As JK said – you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. As for the Labour party – they need to start being more honest – grandstanding over the GCSB bill – yet if they were in power they would be passing the GCSB bill – politicking! Imagine having to put up with these silly games and politicking day after day.

    • Travis Poulson

      He even got a good little sledge on Leighton when he read out a supposed email on climate change and John called him out that it was probably Leighton under a pseudonym. He mentioned it a couple of times, Leighton was lost for words both times :)

      • GazzW

        Leighton has a bee in his bonnet over the GCSB privacy issue and won’t let it go. I thought that JK was in good form this morning. So he’s made a blue in appointing Guy – HR shit happens in all good companies and the snapper issue will be fixed. Considering the problems JK has had to face up to over the last couple of months he made a really good fist of this mornings two hour session. Who the fuck cares if the Law Society is upset – the public hate lawyers and have a deep mistrust of lefties like Harrison. No damage done there.

        • Travis Poulson

          Snapper issue is already fixed, latest reports that Guy is backing away from the changes.

          Edit: but yes you’re right re: Leighton and the GCSB issue. I’m becoming increasingly tired of him harping on about it on a daily basis. I’ve even switched off a few times which I usually only do when Danny Watson comes on.

          • GazzW

            Same ZB listening pattern as me Travis. Just can’t tolerate Watson.

          • Sponge

            I agree – to call Watson a lightweight is an insult to helium.

          • worksux

            Not fixed at all, All he has done is stepped back from one option of the three, None of the three options fixes the underlying reason why Fisherman have had a gutsfull.

  • Bunswalla

    I think Geoff Thorn would disagree with your blithe statement that there was “no bloodletting” over the Andrea Vance comms debacle.

    That august organ of the proletariat TV3 even accused Key of “shafting” Thorn only last week. Seems he’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.

  • Anonymouse Coward

    It will come as no surprise to those who follow my posts that I think that JK’s dogged support for the funny police has been a mistake.

    A more measured approach like punting funny police reform off to the Law Commission would have lowered the political temperature as well as giving a base for more reasoned political dialogue when legislating to reform the funny police.

    Now he has an enquiry into an enquiry into an enquiry, a senior civil servant falling on his sword, another offering his resignation, legislation which is barely supported and being actively blocked in the house by the opposition, and the press up in arms about their privacy

    To cap it off there is the risk to him that the Inspector Clouseau’s at the funny police will perform another embarrassing pratfall like the DotCom raids

  • David Broome

    So wrong WO. Nathan is one of the few Minister’s who is calling the Sir Humphey’s out on meat. Unless you want state intervention he expects the officials to do and some don’t like it. I am genuinely surprised you are sticking up for them.

  • Gamma Ray

    John is too shrewd to have made a mistake. The guys Teflon and his entire career in anything is unblemished.
    It’s highly likely he is playing his move like the skilled tactician he is. All I can say is – wait and see. Just when he always appears trapped and stuffed he pulls a fly kick and is back on top of his opponents whilst securing even more confidence from the public of his aptitude.

    Lets just see if anything sticks at all. I bet nothing.

  • BobaJob

    NG and Bovine intelligence, lovin it!
    JKs been under the gun of late and the Bovine putting an extra fish on his plate at a time when JK is handling a lot of other sticky stuff combined with the Nats born vest this weekend and probably Peter give me all you snapper Gman has been busy auctioning of dinners with JK for every spare minute! No doubt the paying dinner guests will be dull and lame types as well.
    Also it could be that WEagleson style might be a bit to similar to his own. I agree he should have sacked him. Would have been a chance to get some fresh blood etc.

  • lou

    What a bunch of complaining tossers we are!

    Shit happens, Fonterra screws up – they are a a private company and not the national party!
    Snapper is disappearing – don’t you go touch my Fush Hey? I will vote Labour and Green to cut my nose and spite my face
    Andrea Vance’s little escapade – Keys is to blamed! Really?
    China’s usual little power games with the meat exports and Guy is to blame?
    Someone in a government department is an idiot and now I will change my vote.
    Get a life!

    Tall bloody poppy syndrome – no wonder all the clever people have left and is only us complaining whingers that are left.

    We should get a Labour Green government – then you will have lots more to whine about.

  • Bryan

    as the Fonterra boss said last night ” we run 32 factories and one factory had a problem and as soon as we knew we nailed it and remember folks people still want milk in their tea, milkshakes,etc they can’t go long without food and it was only a trace they found and most kiwis fridges would be in worse condition inside and that’s why Fonterra still sold 60000 tons of milk powder at last weeks auction because they know at least the kiwis will tell us if something is wrong mean while the police have still not charged miss vance for having govt documents she should not have had