Herald on Sunday manufactures outrage again

tgwtY0CThe Herald on Sunday is continuing the crusade against the government and alleged spying by manipulating an old story to claim some sort of outrage.

They have dredged up the tea tapes saga and re-written it to suit their narrative of spying. They lie to readers in doing so. But then this is what “decent journalists, trained and skilled” do these days. They lie, they cheat and they manipulate public opinion to suit their own political agendas.

No wonder people distrust media.

The article starts like this:

Lawyers are demanding a review of how police intercept private communications after a photo-journalist’s cellphone logs and messages, including exchanges with a lawyer, were obtained in and inquiry instigated by the PM.

That is a lie right there in the preamble. The communications were not “intercepted”. The txts were obtained after a legal warrant was obtained, some months after the event took place. There was no interception.

This is a classic case of how the media manipulates people to fear things, in this case the government and John Key. 

Police seized the text messages of a photo-journalist involved in the “teapot tape” saga, including exchanges with his family, his lawyer and Herald on Sunday journalists.

Auckland University associate law professor Bill Hodge describes the police actions as “mind-boggling”.

The Herald on Sunday has obtained the dossier of about 323 text messages sent and received by cameraman Bradley Ambrose, in the days before and after the notorious cup of tea between Prime Minister John Key and Act candidate John Banks during the 2011 election campaign.

Mid-boggling? an outraged law professor thinks that the Police obtaining legal warrants is “mind-boggling”. What is mind boggling is that this story has been regurgitated to suit a political agenda.

Note the use of the words “seized”, and “intercept”. This is designed to place the ideas of coercion and force into peoples minds. They were obtained in the rather tame manner of obtaining a warrant that was served on Vodafone. No interception, no seizing…just deception by The Herald on Sunday.

This weekend, the new case of police secretly reading a journalist’s communications has heightened concern about authorities cracking down on media that publish information embarrassing to the Government.

What new case of police ceretly reading a journalists communications…it was no secret, they obtained a warrant, investigating a complaint laid with police. Is the Herald on Sunday and Bill Hodge suggesting that Police can no longer obtain warrants to investigate crimes?

This article is an outrage. It isn’t until well down the article we get to the bottom of things, long after they have emotively suggest the Police are snooping on journalists, “seizing” things and “intercepting communications”.

The logs of Ambrose’s text messages and phone calls were disclosed by Vodafone NZ after police served a search warrant on the company on January 24 last year, two and a half months after the incident.

Oh, a legally obtained warrant. But still they persist with the outrage.

But Auckland University associate professor Bill Hodge said it was “mind-boggling” police would intercept text messaging over such a minor charge, especially when the Evidence Act 2006 provided clear protections for journalists to guarantee the freedom of the media. “Why in hell would they have those, for what investigatory purpose?” he asked.

Is Bill Hodge thick or was he mis-led by Bevan Hurley. The txts were not EVER intercepted.

No wonder no one trusts the media. In this case they are lying little bitches.


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  • PlanetOrphan

    Not even a recorded conversation can highlight motivation, even though the media tries to use it that way, slippery slope they be spinning down IMO.

  • GazzW

    Thank God Soper is away for an extended holiday with the child bride. At least we are being spared his lefty spin on ZB & Prime News.

  • Bad__Cat

    “Lawyers are demanding” Council of Civil Liberties (again)
    “heightened concern” the sound of left wing journalists bleating
    “Left wing journalists” redundancy

    Source: My Modern Dictionary of Media

    • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

      Just a typical case of the empty can rattling the most.

  • AnonWgtn

    Bill Hodge has always been a useless prejudiced wanker.
    That is why the media always turn to him.

  • unitedtribes

    A friend of mine was investigated for a drug rape complaint. It was a set up from the start. This was discovered later and the investigation dropped. This did not stop a reporter claiming “the drug used in this case is very hard to detect” Said she was quoting the police. There was no evidence then or now that any drug was used.

    • Dave

      Unitribes, I would ask a lawyer to send a little note to the editor, claiming bias, lack of facts, distortion of the truth, demand a retraction and damages….. and costs.

      The MSM MUST be held to account for their lies and distortion.

  • Liberty

    It is notable how the lefty Media consider it acceptable to secretly tape the PM.

    Yet get hysterical if the State wants to tape someone who has a dubious past.

  • peterwn

    So one could conclude that John Key should not have laid the complaint because Ambrose’s communications would be laible to interception. I can well imagine someone laying a complaint with the cops:
    PLOD – just a few more things. Would you prefer an interception warrant to be issued or not?
    Would you prefer a mild investigation or an agressive investigation?
    When doing a raid;
    – should we just bang on the door
    – use dogs
    – use Armed Offenders Squad

    – use anti-terrorist squad
    After arrest:
    – remand at large
    – remand on bail
    – in custody
    – in custody – D block.

    This shows just how ridiculous the journos and opposition are attempting to set up John Key to take personal blame for the method of police investigation.

  • Col

    It was never like this when Helen was in power, the more they say about JK the more votes he gets, go the Herald.

  • Time For Accountability

    Hodge as a legal person is a shocker.

    He commented in the ODT on a fraud steers parole hearing based on comments reported by journalists who had no knowledge of the actual facts.

    Lets hope he does not lecture on the evidence act.

    Bill lets not get verifiable evidence get in the way of your rush to give an opinion.

    People like Bill destroy the integrity of the legal process.

    He should be called a journalist.


    Look at another story of Stuff.
    “James Cameron buying Staff Silence”

    How dare he have a private life. If he lives in this country we must know everything about him


  • Edwin Wigmore

    What is mind boggling is that the media are still huffing and puffing over such a trivial event.

    FFS, who cares what was said in a private conversation about a man who was sitting on 1% and everyone knew would be gone by lunchtime.