Here piggy, piggy, pig

MPs are self serving pricks at the best of times, but when you seek to rein in their rorts and allowances they really go feral.

They seem to believe that they have the unfettered right to trough it up on the taxpayer. They are wrong.

MPs on all sides are joining forces to defend the right to set their own unlimited travel perks – despite a Government promise to transfer them to an independent body.

Prime Minister John Key pledged three years ago that the Government would strip MPs of the power to set their own perks. It introduced a bill last year to change the system, under which Parliament’s Speaker determines the widely criticised allowances that give MPs unlimited free travel within New Zealand. 

However, MPs on the government administration select committee have gutted the Members of Parliament (Remuneration and Services) Bill – and returned control of travel and accommodation perks to the Speaker. The U-turn has received cross-party support.

Mr Key has accepted the changes and says National MPs will vote for the amended bill when it came before Parliament again.

Labour leader David Shearer’s office said his MPs would not oppose the changes, and Greens co-leader Metiria Turei said her party had agreed to them.

The Speaker’s power to set the allowances has long been criticised as a case of MPs determining their own perks. A Law Commission report recommending switching control of the perks to the Remuneration Authority was accepted by Mr Key in 2010.

Former Law Commission head Sir Geoffrey Palmer said he was “sad” the recommendations had been overturned.

Political scientist Bryce Edwards said he was surprised by the U-turn, because MPs had made such a “big deal” of the proposed switch to an independent body.

“It’s a bad look for it to be coming back to the MPs,” he said.


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  • steve and monique

    Guess if you give MPs the chance to suck on the taxpayer titties,then they will. Sadly it seems Mr key has no say,if the numbers stack up against him. Release a list of these tittie suckers who voted it back to their control. Their employers(taxpayers) would like to know.

  • Michael

    The travel needs to be for Parliamentary purposes, private travel and attending party events should be excluded from funding. I travel for my job, but I don’t get the ability to pop and see friends and relatives or attend private events as part of my travel. MPs should have to justify their travel to an independent body.

  • cows4me

    Sir Geoffrey Palmer said he was “sad”. Sad , sad, you’re shitting me. Nothing sad about this Sir Geoffrey just bullshitting politicians who claim to serve the public while screwing them for everything they can get their thieving fingers on. Why do these pricks believe they are so special, so invaluable, so indispensable that they may live solely on the works of others. I wonder in dollar terms what these pricks return to NZ. You could probably run the country through the efforts of ten key MPs, the rest are like dags on a sheep arse.

    • GazzW

      Easy for Palmer to be sad – he’s already banked his super and planned his taxpayer-funded business class holidays that he will indulge in for the rest of his days.

  • williamabong

    These are the greedy filthy arseholes on the committee that are responsible, a bigger pack of self serving cunts you would struggle to find, and as usual list scum and Labour bludgers are over represented

    Chairperson Dyson, RuthLabour Party, Port Hills
    Deputy-Chairperson Auchinvole, ChrisNational Party, List
    Bakshi, Kanwaljit Singh National Party, List
    Mallard, Trevor Labour Party, Hutt South
    Roy, Eric National Party, Invercargill
    Walker, Holly Green Party, List

    • steve and monique

      Mallard and Ruth Dyson . Stand outs for “cunt of the year”

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Look close, you can almost put names to most of them, even the one that took off with a piece of corn to stash and then come back for more

  • Patrick

    Some big fellas there – pretty sure I spotted Gerry Brownlie

  • David

    Disgrace! Self-serving, freeloading bludgers.