He’s not the messiah, he’s just a very naughty boy

Duncan Garner reckons that David Cunliffe has a messiah complex.

Heavens above.

Jesus is back.

Did you see David Cunliffe’s launch for the Labour leadership yesterday?

I reckon he suffers from a messiah syndrome or complex.

What’s that?

It’s a ‘state of mind in which the individual holds a belief that they are, or are destined to become, a saviour.’

And you saw all those traits on offer yesterday.  

It was an astonishingly colourful performance. What did he say? Here’s a sample:

“Our time is now.

I have taken this decision carefully after talking to colleagues, supporters and family. I have been very humbled by the response.

Their view is that I can bring together a party and a government that provides a strong, clear voice for fairness, inclusion and prosperity to be shared by all.

I believe that now is the right time to answer that call.

The Prime Minister should book a long holiday to Hawaii.

I am sick and tired of watching hope die in the eyes of our young.”

In short – this launch wasn’t the Kiwi way. It was the American way.

It lacked humility, judgement and the tone was over the top. But, it’s a clear sign that Cunliffe intends doing things differently – and he intends doing it with full noise.

He even had a dig at Helen Clark by saying the painting of himself on the wall wasn’t painted by him, nor signed by him. I’m not sure he realised he stepped on that landmine!

Nah, He’s not the messiah, he’s just a very naughty boy.


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  • tarkwin

    To be a saviour don’t you have to have something worth saving?

  • niggly

    Yeah, another three weeks of popcorn time as an unleashed MSM start prodding Cunliffe, Robertson and Jones for weaknesses.

    Cunliffe will be an easy target for obvious reasons (and he had a testy time with the msm previously). Should be interesting ….

    Robertson seems to be apt at feeding the media (thanks to being a one time prodigy of H1 & H2 etc), so it will be interesting when a journo finally gets under his skin (figuratively).

    Jones is always up for MSM ridiculing but because he can laugh at himself he can usually survive any tricky encounters. And being the underdog it really doesn’t matter too much anyway (meaning he might get an easier ride of the 3).

    As for Cunliffe and his supporters – watch his supporters (and Standard) turn feral as the heat is applied!

    • GazzW

      Just waiting on Gweg to turn up here once the blowtorch is applied.

      • niggly

        I wish Gweg or better still the SysOp would turn up here for a pasting – I took a gander recently and the SysOp Messiah was banning people he thought were “concern trolling” (about the Leadership contest) but worse of all, he attached a label to some joe/jo public commentator, with the words “Tory Troll” in brackets after their commentator name.

        Silly old SysOp, probably in his angry little demented word, he can’t see the irony (and his own hypocrisy) of say the Nazi’s labeling Jewish people in WW2 with their religious symbols to identify them to the masses as being undesirables. Apologies to Godwin et al.

  • blokeintakapuna

    I wonder if the rank and file members of the Labour Party enjoy and encourage American style election campaigns?
    The majority of their feral lefties that haven’t gone more feral and moved to the Greens, are always banging on about American-style politics, America’s influence, nasty American Corporations, American laws imposed on us here… and then… someone who wants to “lead” this bunch pulls out the “Most American” style campaign ever witnessed in NZ – go figure!
    3 weeks of this – not even Christmas lasts that long!

    • tarkwin

      Is Labour ready to be lead by a televangelist? I can’t answer that, but if this clown showed an ounce of humility he would sleep walk into the job.

  • Ducky

    Looks like DG has a crush on Curryleaf. Just as John Campbell had a crush on auntie helen back in the old days. Nowadays it’s Duncan worshipping curryleaf..

    • spiker

      DG is a Labour implant. Watch him get a nomination 4 years out as a reward for services rendered.

    • Hazards001

      That’s a ridiculous statement “John Campbell had a crush on auntie helen back in the old days.”

      I can’t stand Campbell but the ONLY person in the media of the day that ever gave the She Beast a real bitch slap was Campbell. And he delivered it so hard and fast she refused to ever be interviewed by him again. EVER! And never was.

      Garner however is a lefty tool and always was.

  • Col

    I m Jesus, as everyone tells me at work things like “Jesus Col ” or when I arrive they say “here comes Jesus, so I must be a Jesus, and when I pay the wages they even say Jesus thanks Col, so yea I can understand Cunliffe thinking he is Jesus, but in this case surely there must be a GOD

  • thor42

    And the Saviour did venture forth to the wilderness to speaketh to the “youse fullas” tribe.

    And the Saviour did say “youse fullas and the unions, come with me…”. In the name of the Father, Silent T and the Holy Ghost…. amen.

  • spiker

    Yup – Cunliffe is the Mess’ere all right. He is the Farter and the Wholly Goat as well!

  • steve and monique

    Lets crucify the mongrel.

  • Patrick

    There is something deeply troubling about Cunliffe’s personality. He is a strange character, messiah complex is probably the best description of him. Would love to see the blowtorch applied as my pick is he would behave like a baby throwing his toys & stamping his feet.

  • andrew carrot

    Who in liar-bore plays the role of Pontius? More importantly who will be the Betrayer? I think the latter will be Jones. He’s having too much fun to be otherwise.

    • conwaycaptain

      Andrew they don’t need a Pontius they need a BRUTUS to shove the knife into Cunliffe and Roertson

      • Hazards001

        That’s probably the one thing that would save them but they don’t have it. The old dykes are forming behind the lazy poof and the disaffected simpletons that don’t even really understand how they got to be Members of Parliament are lining up behind the sanctimonious twat.
        The odds of Jones actually getting the numbers to make a real difference and give NZ a genuine opposition instead of a hate filled foaming at the mouth mob of losers and ne’er-do-wells is not looking to great to me. I’d give him a 80/20 outsiders chance unless he can wrest the knife from the likes of King and Street and maybe bring Angry Andy into play to onside the EPMU.

  • conwaycaptain

    IF DC became NZ’s PM he would be a rerun of Muldoon and that is frightening.

  • cows4me

    It’s a wonder they didn’t play the Rocky theme. It looked more like a Don King press conference.