How many do you get wrong?


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  • Rodger T

    Of course ,the sitzpinklers in the media that need to watch this clip,won`t.

  • Eleven

    • P1LL

      Eight , but he is a yank so how would he know how to pronounce English words ?

  • Steve (North Shore)

    The miserables are miserable

  • Bunswalla

    He got forte wrong, the only other ones were no-names that I’ve never seen or heard pronounced.

    I’ll add a mention of two wines that are almost always mispronounced in New Zealand – Moet et Chandon, and Coleraine. The first is pronounced Mo-ette not Mo-ay, and the second has only two syllables i.e. Coal-rain not Coll-a-rain.

    Explanations available if required; expect most discerning readers on this blog not to need them. PD and Blobby are bound to argue on the basis that
    a) They’ll argue about anything, and
    b) Such wines are for the elite capitalist bourgeoisie and not cloth-cap workingmen.

  • Ratchet

    I read through the comments on youtube, and there are a lot of people calling this video out on accuracy, for example, I’d trust Italians to give me the correct pronunciation of Gnocchi, Koreans for Gangnam and French for Forte (doesn’t it usually have a flourish over the e?), and he doesn’t even go near ‘Aluminum’ (The rest of the world says aluminium, what’s wrong with the yanks?)

    All in all a pretty poor video from these guys (they even screw up some of the surname pronunciations, like Gyllenhaal and Lautner – or are they telling the people who HAVE these surnames they’re wrong?!?) It seems like a huge America knows best wank-fest, disregarding all other cultures. For crying out loud, it’s not even THEIR language.