How sorry is Andrew Little?

Yesterday Little Angry Andrew apologise for bullying Air New Zealand staff and ranting about it on Twitter.

But how sorry is he really?   

Turns out not much:

From: Andrew Little <[email protected]>
Date: 14 August 2013 10:11:09 PM NZST
Subject: RE: Just read your twitter complaint about air nz- you are a grub!

And you’re an idiot.

—–Original Message—–

Sent: Wednesday, August 14, 2013 09:54 PM New Zealand Standard Time
To: Andrew Little
Subject: Just read your twitter complaint about air nz- you are a grub!

To think this man pretends to want to lead the Labour party.


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  • Monty

    Angry Andy should definitely be the next person to lead the Labour Party. And with his impeccable union creditentials he should be there for a very long time. A wonderful reflection on labour that angry Andy is one of the best they have got.

    • peterwn

      …. as leader of a minor opposition party?

  • double d

    everything about this guys exudes anger. his persona in the house, when interviewed, etc etc.
    Is it because he is in opposition that he is so negative? Or is this just him. refreshing as a does of clap.
    labour is in BIG trouble if this guy is seen as leadership potential.

    • Bad__Cat

      And that is a problem because…?

      • double d

        heh heh – quite right. not a problem at all…..

        • dumbshit

          “Little” man big mouth syndrome —he fits both criteria perfect

  • Garbageman

    I actually like this sad wee man, he is just a gift that keeps giving.
    Have a few more wines and get on that twitter acct Little man

  • AngryTory

    Has he resigned? No?

    Well then he’s not sorry at all is he?

    • Ducky

      A Gilmore has the balls to resign from parliarment, A Little has not even apologise publicly ???? What a wanker.

  • Macca

    Isn’t it funny how Labia MP’s (or any left for that matter), are able to act like this with never a mention from our unbiased MSM! Surely this must prove the agenda of the press to try anything to destabilize the government – leaving no pathetic stone unturned!

    Aaron Gilmore and the following mass, media hysteria ring any bells….or am I missing something here?

    • Arran Hunt

      I’m not a fan of Andrew or Aaron, but to be fair (something labour rarely is) Andrew posted a tweet about the general service he received (which was good service but, as a twat, he thought he deserved more). Aaron publicly and personally lambasted the worker, twisted it, turned it, blammed everyone else and then finally resigned.

      What Aaron did was worse, but the MSM is still giving this guy a get out of stuffups free card.

      • Ducky

        you didn’t mention A Gilmore was a Nat, and A Little is a Labia, of course , the media does NOT go after one of it’s own kind.

        • Arran Hunt

          I was implying that with my last line. The fact that Little is with Labour will mean they will go easy on him. Much like the sexist comments the other day, if they had been said by a National MP it would have been as if he had been hitting baby seals. When it comes from a Labour MP there is barely a whisper.

      • Macca

        I totally agree that what Gilmore did was far worse but surely this deserved some sort of mention! Gilmore was top news for nearly two weeks FFS – on radio, TV and print media!
        There are too slight similarities if you look at it carefully with both people thinking that their positions warranted better service than what they received! The only real difference I see is one is left and the other right!
        Did you see the comment made by Hone here the other day Arron – where he was seen in a video clip to say that ‘John Key should fuck off’!? One would think this would have made top news – not a dicky bird! Had this same comment been made by a National member…….. maybe you could explain this to me also in your defense of our unbiased media?

        • Arran Hunt

          I agree it needed more attention in the media, but was merely saying that it isn’t comparable to Gilmore. Hone is a joke, I wonder if he says some of the things he does purely for the press, but I doubt it. I guess I just hope to live in the world where someone so racist as he is isn’t elected to parliament.

  • williamabong

    Perhaps it’s time the voters saw more of Andrew Little – Penis at work, isn’t it amazing how quickly he has turned from the workers advocate to just another tory with a stick, perhaps he has been sitting too close to Smackhead Fenton for too long.
    Labour the gift that keeps on giving, and giving, and giving.

  • johnbronkhorst

    his apology tells you everything.
    “…..I was wrong to send it”
    That’s like saying I’m sorry It hurt your feelings (BUT not sorry for his attitude in the first place).
    Especially in context; everyone, who has ever flown, has experienced delays from ALL airlines. It is just a fact of flying. It is NOT the staffs fault and for a supposed person in a position of responsibility, that is getting these perks for free, his attitude is reprehensible.

  • MarcWills

    Follow the money. Why was an MP travelling on a GrabaSeat fare? How much was the taxpayer billed for this, and what happened to the difference? I find it hard to believe MP’s would book travel online using GrabaSeat when they are very restricted in time and have to be booked so far in advance. Maybe there was a refund applied to the original booking…

    • Owl

      very very very very very very very very very very very very very GOOD POINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • GazzW

      Not only the flexibility but also Grabaseat fares do not attract airpoints which is a huge deterrent to many corporate travellers who use the points accrued on business travel for the annual Fiji family holiday. I am pretty sure that MPs get to keep their airpoints for personal use.

      • AngryTory

        Yeah. It’s called corruption – their family holidays paid by OUR TAX DOLLARS.

        Under John Key, MPs & Govt staff are required to used their airpoints for government business only

        • Macca

          Some sunlight on this would be very interesting! Maybe it will get top news coverage for weeks on end the way the Owls and Whales revelations on the union tax fraud corruption did – oh, wait a minute………..

        • Dumrse

          I’ve met you, you are the Tui sign writer.

    • Bunswalla

      I think you’re getting a bit carried away. Read the original tweet – I take it to mean that the Koru staff firstly said his ticket couldn’t be changed because it was a Grabaseat, but that it wasn’t. By the time they checked and found it wasn’t it was too late for that flight.

    • P1LL

      I read it as the CSA thought he had a GrabaSeat ticket so he could not change flights but when he checked it and saw he had a regular ticket it was to late to change.
      Maybe I am miss reading it ?

      Edit : Damn it , Buns must have posted whilst I was typing

  • williamabong

    Memo to Air NZ staff – Every time a piece of Angry Andrews checked luggage comes down the elevator to you, please use this as an opportunity to evacuate your bowels, Andrew will appreciate the extra Little suprise when he gets home, and it will give you the chance to give some shit back to him, remember it was your airline he insulted.

    • It wasn’t the airline that Little insulted williamabong; he actually insulted a very small group of staff in a very specific part of the airport which he identified. That’s very bad form from an MP whose party supposedly represents the workers of New Zealand, and from a former trade union leader whose role was to protect the rights of his members.

      I gave Little kudos yesterday for having the decency to apologise, but I’m starting to wonder if his apology was just for appearances. If he is continuing to abuse people behind the scenes, then one has to wonder as to his sincerity.

      • Whafe

        KS, the Little man has not an single measure of sincerity and he has shown us all that……

      • Whafe

        KS, the Little man has not an single measure of sincerity and he has shown us all that……

      • williamabong

        Little isn’t sorry,never was, he sucked down a few glasses of free chardonay and pulled the trigger on a stupid comment, now it’s pure damage control and crocodile tears.
        Andrew you are just a low grade cunt, and you said what you meant and meant what you said, after the piss hit, and you had your Little tanty, perhaps you should go on Campbell Live to apologize he’s looking for a story to boost his ratings.

        • Macca

          Yeah, I’ve always found that alcohol has the effect of bringing out true personalities in people – and it doesn’t discriminate who either!

  • blokeintakapuna

    Little must have had no toys as a kid and perhaps 2 penis’s also – because surely no one could get that fuckin’ stupid only playing with one?

  • Owl

    There is a great story in here – if Parliament Services book airfares
    Why are they doing grabaseat?
    if not booked by the government – who was paying for the airfare???
    Was it the Labour party or a third party?

    Grabaseat is for the general public – why is Andrew Little taking this opportunity away from the little person the street?

    This story has real legs. I want to know more.

    • MarcWills

      Perhaps Ms Vance has not much to do now her phone has stopped ringing? Or someone else from the MSM??? A nice Litttle project (heh, see what I did there).

      • Dave

        Hmmm Ms Vanca and shorty little, there is a match made in leftie heaven, she should call him, they definitely deserve each other.

    • Macca

      Go for it Owl – I’ve certainly missed your in depth revelations!

    • Whafe

      Yep, as the saying goes – “somethings rotting in Denmark”

    • Time For Accountability

      Its not the old cash the full fare for a credit and replace it with a cheaper fare pocketing the credit scam is it?

      After passed on to a friend or family member.

      Lets have an expenses inquiry headed up by Storming Norman.

  • Auto_Immune

    I hope the people concerned were EPMU members; it would make the story that much better.

    • Time For Accountability

      Any is actually he tll a shareholder in the subsidiary company to EPMU.

  • LesleyNZ

    Better not to ever put anything like this in writing, texting or emails. Andy should know this.

  • Ducky

    Someone should rename ” Angry Birds” game to ” Angry Andy”..

  • Time For Accountability

    Does anyone know who the short angry man is who jumping around in theWellington Koru lounge post earthquake ranting and repeating “Put me on first”?