How to torture a cat


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  • LesleyNZ

    Gorgeous cat and such a clever cat! (Even I had a chuckle) BUT Nick – you wanna watch out – what with a surname like yours………………………………….

  • Phil

    The only good cat is a dead cat

    • Wait for the 7:30 video. It opens up a whole new world if you’re a cat hater.

      • Phil

        Sounds intriguing. I have no idea why people keep these vermin as pets.

        • I made the mistake of getting some along the way before realising it wasn’t smart. One took 22 years to die. People don’t think this through when they get a kitten. One left. Probably another 2-4 years in that one, and then that’s the end of cats in my house. But through one decision or another, there have been cats there for over 25 years, although the last 2 came as part of the Mrs Petal v2.0 package deal.

          Love to get a dog again, but I need to change my life first so it would actually get the attention it deserves.

          • Mr Cat meet mr Sack, meet Mr Lake