The Huddle at 1740


I am on The Huddle tonight with host Larry Williams and Josie Pagani.

Our topics will be:

The pay out for Halatau Naitoko’s family over his death. A quick recap is that the AOS shot and killed him when they were meant to be aiming for the bad guy! He was just driving along the motorway as a courier driver and got caught up in the police mess to catch the baddie.

Now it’s a three horse race for the Labour leadership with Jones, Robertson and Cunliffe all putting their names forward to be voted on. The nasty has already started  and I would imagine to at some point they’re going to really start pointing out each other’s weaknesses and then after the winner is declared they’ve all got to go back to work as a “united” party.  

The creepy fat German now retweeting photos of Stephanie Key. He’s breaking all the rules. The children of the pollies are off limits – no matter what. I think that the fat German’s now in danger of completely running himself out of town, as the poor girl doesn’t chose what her parents do and doesn’t want to know about it, so who the hell is he to pull her in to the political arena?

As usual you can listen online or through usual methods.

I will post audio tomorrow morning.


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  • Whafe

    Great work as always Cam, Josie was a bit slow on it today

  • Col

    Well said Cam.