I am a racist


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  • thor42

    Great video!

  • Richard McGrath

    Well said that man.

  • Graeme Edgeler

    Blair did not abolish Treason. It’s still there:


    His government did vote to remove the death penalty for it.

  • unitedtribes

    Hard to find any argument there

  • crocket

    My goodness, what an inspirational speech, succinct and to the bloody point. well done that man

  • HeyJude

    I love Paul Weston and have been following him for a while now. He originally started another political party, which merged with the EDL. Then recently they split and he started out afresh with Liberty GB.

  • tspoon

    People are increasingly no longer bothered by any of these types of shaming and branding methods used by those without any argument that could stand on its own feet. If no possible action of your own can prevent one being racist or sexist, or guilty of any one of a plethora of patently rediculous ‘phobes’, then the only remaining course one can take is to say f*ck it – call me what you want.

    • thor42

      Agreed! I mean, the lefties throw around the words “racist” and “Islamophobe” so often that they have lost all of their sting. A phobia is an “irrational fear”.

      When you are familiar with the Koran and hadith (as I am), you soon find out that there is *nothing* “irrational” in fearing and disliking Islam. It is the *sanest* thing in the world to do.

      • Bunswalla

        You can say exactly the same thing from studying the bible and witnessing all the unspeakable horrors perpetuated in the name of christianity over the centuries.

  • philbest

    Top tip: a hard-hitting essay from this guy:


    Truth is now Hate Speech in David Cameron’s Britain

    The last few paras:

    “……..The British patriot and philosopher Roger Scruton once said that if
    words no longer had the desired effect, then words would be replaced by
    deeds. By denying free speech, by denying words from Geller and Spencer,
    David Cameron is helping to ensure that deeds will be forced to replace
    words, because our own government no longer allows us to use words.

    The deeds will be violent. No race or culture submits quietly to
    their disinheritance, but for traitors like Cameron these deeds will not
    affect him personally. Islam is growing nine times faster than any
    other demographic and young Muslim males are becoming increasingly
    radicalised at Saudi-funded mosques. This can only lead to future civil
    war, and Cameron has shunted this war onto the shoulders of his own
    children, and the shoulders of every innocent child in Britain who has
    no power to influence the future. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Cameron who does
    have the power to actually do something about it, but only uses it to
    clamp down on people he thinks are on the wrong side of history, the
    wrong side of morality and the wrong side of good.

    But it is you, Mr Cameron, who is on the wrong side. One day I
    very much hope you will explain to a court of law just why, given the
    choice of backing good or evil, you chose evil. Robert Spencer and
    Pamela Geller are clearly good, but you barred them. The skull-crushing
    jihadi enthusiast Mohammed al-Arefe is clearly evil, yet here he is
    Britain. This is not Pakistan, yet you seem intent on enforcing
    sharia-compliant blasphemy laws as though your office were in Islamabad,
    not London.

    Why? Why have you labeled truth and facts to be “hate?” This is
    not the action of a democratic government; it is the action of a genuine
    dictatorship, and your totalitarian behavior is being carried out on
    behalf of a foreign religion and a foreign people who wish us only harm.

    I said earlier that no words can describe the sheer revulsion
    good and moral people feel about your recent action Mr Cameron. The
    civilised world is now talking about it in horrified tones. You have
    publicly shamed Britain on the international stage, but, hey, don’t
    worry, Dave, just chillax. Leave the mess you have helped cause for your
    children — for all our children — to physically and militarily deal
    with, if indeed they can. For them, for our children, it will be a quite
    literal fight to the death.

    Your abject cowardice in the face of potential Islamic aggression
    makes you a traitor to your country. Your dictatorial dismissal of free
    speech in barring Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller makes you a disgrace
    to decency and democracy, and an insult to every soldier like Lance
    Bombardier Richard Field who sacrificed so much to defend that
    democracy. You will never, ever, be forgiven and one day you will be held to account…..”