I bet she is registered too

The Labour party and their union pals in the PPTa and NZEI all claim that Charter Schools are evil, in the main because there is not a requirement for all teachers to be registered.

Apparently that will result in bad people ending up before a classroom teaching unlike what happens now with registration where they get weeded out….oh wait.

An early childhood teacher accused of importing drugs from South Africa has been told not to turn up to work today.

The 37-year-old woman, who has name suppression, works at a Christchurch early learning centre caring for children aged 2-5.

For legal reasons her workplace cannot be named but the centre says it plans to inform parents of her arrest today. The woman had been subject to police checks before being hired.

Customs staff searched the woman’s home on Thursday after they intercepted a package containing 8 grams of methamphetamine (P) at the International Mail Centre in Auckland on July 24.

They found drug paraphernalia and eight empty point bags containing methamphetamine residue.

She has been charged with importing methamphetamine.

Yep, registration works so well.