I’m OK with a gay Leader of the Opposition

Georgina Beyer thinks it may be “a step too far” having the prospect of New Zealand’s first openly gay Prime Minister.

Georgina Beyer, the world’s first transsexual mayor and MP, warns New Zealand is not ready for a gay prime minister and may be seeing a social conservative backlash.

With the Labour leadership up for grabs, it raises the question of whether Grant Robertson, the gay deputy leader, could be elevated to head the party, making him a strong possibility for prime minister.

But Beyer, who was an MP for eight years until 2007, said Labour needed to be realistic.

“I don’t think we’re ready yet,” Beyer said. “It’s not because Grant isn’t capable, I think he’s very capable . . . but the stigma that rests over those of us who are out, proud and gay who get into public office becomes untenable because you never shake it off and you get pigeon-holed.”  

Grant will get more pilloried amongst members of the party for being lazy rather than for being a poof.

Beyer said it was possible the debate over gay marriage, which became legal this month, had invigorated social conservatives, meaning New Zealand was less ready for a gay prime minister now than it was a year ago.

“I get the feeling out there that there’s a little bit of a backlash to what is being labelled social engineering that is being constructed, and I just fear that Grant would be laboured with a lot of that baggage.”

However, gay media personality Steven Oates said the marriage debate proved just the opposite – that we are ready.

“The Marriage Equality Bill has restored my faith in New Zealand as a whole,” Oates said. “I think we are bigger than that now.”

Beyer is wrong…I think the Marriage Equality bill will have helped Grant.

While sexuality should have no bearing on the leadership contest it unfortunately will.

Personally it matters not a bit to me, but it will to others, therefore I can see a happy compromise…while Georgina Beyer and others might have a problem with an openly gay PM, perhaps they could see their way to having an openly gay Leader of the Opposition…I certainly don’t have a problem with that all.


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  • Well said Cameron, it’s the Attention Deficit Delusionists that will be the problem.
    They stomp around saying “Look at me, I’m special” very loudly from fear of the mundane overtaking their lives and making them marginal freaks all over again.
    (*That’s their perspective being expressed by the way*)

    • tspoon

      Beyer isn’t really talking about Robertson, Beyer is talking about Beyers’ own favourite subject (Beyer). The entire ‘pidgeon holed’ statement is an attempt to deflect attention from the fact that Beyer sucked as an MP as well as in local government (take a moment to imagine how hard it is to distinguish ones self as a comparitively shitty politician), trying to claim, Carter-like, that Beyers’ share political awesomeness was unfortunately rendered void by the nasty nasty bigots.
      Somewhere in there could be a possible reason why kiwis may not want gay politicians, but I’m damned if I can put my finger on it….

      • The problem is there isn’t much else to Grant Robertson.
        He’s just another face, and everyone falling back on this as ways to define him just proves that he’s got nothing to offer.

    • tspoon

      Beyer isn’t really talking about Robertson, Beyer is talking about Beyers’ own favourite subject (Beyer). The entire ‘pidgeon holed’ statement is an attempt to deflect attention from the fact that Beyer sucked as an MP as well as in local government (take a moment to imagine how hard it is to distinguish ones self as a comparitively shitty politician), trying to claim, Carter-like, that Beyers’ share political awesomeness was unfortunately rendered void by the nasty nasty bigots.
      Somewhere in there could be a possible reason why kiwis may not want gay politicians, but I’m damned if I can put my finger on it….

  • Col

    They will be leader of the Labour Party, they will go in with a name like Bill and come out with a name like Jill.

  • Patrick

    Question is about Robertson’s ability & work ethic. Is the reality that he has risen so high because he is gay rather than because he has ability? I suggest it is because he is gay, the gay rights activists are always pushing their barrow, time for a gay All Black, time for a gay this & that, the rainbow faction support Robertson for one reason only & it isn’t because of his ability. Just like Obama – “time for a black president” had nothing to do with his policies or capabilities.

    • Must remember he wrote Shearers speeches for him … and sat there laughing while they were delivered …

  • cows4me

    I’m not OK with it. I don’t believe a Gay leader would have the interests of the wider community at heart. Like it or not gay isn’t the new normal and the gay lifestyle is far removed from the greater general public’s lifestyles. Gays generally don’t have family and would struggle to understand many of the issues faced by parents etc, you only have to look at the many laws She Beast backed that made raising children harder. A gay leader would be prone to favour rules and laws that put the gay way ahead of the general population.

    • Patrick

      Hear hear, the social engineering will run rampant, when times get tough & Robertson has to fall back on the rainbow faction for support they will demand a high price for that support. Once again in NZ you will see democracy being high jacked by a minority.
      Not sure the the PI community would continue to support Labour in these circumstances, they are too conservative (even with their fa’afafines) another new political party would form.

      • AngryTory

        Not sure the the PI community would continue to support Labour

        they wouldn’t.

    • AnonWgtn

      I read that Grunty Robertson is in a legal sort of marriage, to a bus driver (no knock on that) and has a child ??

      • Civil union to Alf…who is actually a top bloke.

        • So Grant bottoms then. No wonder he’ll only ever rise to the level of deputy leader.

          Boom Boom.

  • Michael

    Beyer sounds like the character Daffyd in Little Britain. Robertson is the “only gay in the village” so no one will support him.

  • conwaycaptain

    What worries me is not the fact that he is GAY but the act he has bugger all experience in the REAL world.
    Once again we are getting a Professional Pollie who hasn’t done a damn thing except have his nose in the trough.
    Ian Macleod an UK Conservative Party Minister was asked by a young man about being a politician. Macleod’s advice was “Get married, have a family, get experience in business or a career and when you are about 45 come and see me”

  • Agent BallSack

    I dont think our trading partners are ready for a gay Prime Minister. His sexuality will be the foremost thought when dealing with other leaders, so we say bye bye to dairy trade with Russia? Middle East? He will be the laughing stock of those nations.

    • Agent BallSack

      On the bright side hopefully he will visit one of those countries and be thrown in jail for immorality.

      • LabTested

        APEC meetings would be interesting Putin is very anti gay. It is still illegal in Malaysia. Also China will still be holding a grudge about the deputy PM (Red Russel’s) Tibet flag incident

        • Putin ran out of options, entire villages have been decimated by it , the impact on society of the few Delusionists in the scene is extreme.

          Lead by example was all he had left.

    • His A.D.D. smile will make them cringe alright, wash your hands afterwards , it’s good for the soul M8!

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    The poor petal is getting a little ahead of herself. John Key is not gay so far as I’m aware.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Watch for the “obama card” to be played if robertson gets the nod.
    ie….Everytime someone disagrees with obama, out come the racist accusations!!
    With robertson the tactic will be, everytime you disagree with him or criticise him, you will be accused of being homophobic!!

  • AngryTory

    Who cares whether “New Zealand” is “ready” for a Gay PM (or opposition leader)?

    Labour governments are made or broken in South Auckland – while National governments are made in the middle-class suburbs. If – as in 2005 – South Auckland votes Labour en mass, Labour wins. If then don’t, then generally Labour doesn’t win.

    We already see in the Auckland mayoralty race, a Pacific Christian South Auckland candidate distinguishing himself from Len. Put Robertson in as Leader of Labour, it’s certain there will be a Pacific/Christian party (perhaps aligned with CCCP, perhaps not) at the next couple of elections – and equally certain that will hand the next couple of terms to National.

    (Of course, Silent T is so divisive that the resulting ructions will hand the next couple of terms to National should Labour go the other way).

  • Dr Wang

    Labour’s reticence re promoting Robertson merely reflects the reality that they want to continue to represent their large constituency of homophobes – some would call it irony, some expediency, others hypocrisy.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Here are some facts of life. Load it inside your heads National supporters.

    1. Chicken Little has chickened out of the race. Horse has bolted. Porn King will announce tomorrow he has better things to watch and not interested. So the race will be between Curryleaf and Rolly Polly Roberston.

    2. As per TVNZ poll this morning Curryleaf is way ahead. So Curryleaf will win. Currlyleaf will follow She Beast’s example (nominating uncle Cullen as her deputy) and nominate Rolly as his Deputy – primed for Finance Minister and Deputy PM role.

    3. Curryleaf-Polly combination will be a super hit and the next poll will show Labour touching 37%. With Greens on 13%, John Key will be toast.

    4. Labour-Green alliance will win 2014, 2017 and 2020 elections before a National Government is elected in 2023. Until then stay calm and pay the extra taxes to restore social justice.

    5. There is nothing you can do to change these events of life. So carry on with a grin.

    • rockape

      Damn I should have listened to you SCS before posting! You are so filled with wisdom! or something.

      • johnbronkhorst

        Up vote for the “or something”.

    • steve and monique

      Why would you want to put that nightmare in print.

    • OT Richter

      Don’t you mean “carry on with a gin”?

      • AngryTory

        carry a gun?

    • Angry Chicken Little

      Relax! have a Tui mate..today is today, don’t count the chickens yet, the eggs have not hatched.

  • rockape

    Why I dont care about Labours leadership. Labour seem to think that Cunliff is the new messiah that will lead Labour to victory in 2014. Well he just isnt so bad luck on that. Why do I hold this opinion? I just think policy is so much more important than who leads the party. Take for example a party that went from the exteremes. National and Brash to JK. How much difference did it really make.If we look at the trend in voting 2002.2005,2008,2011 the change of leadership maybe altered that trend by just a couple of percent. 21%,39%45% and 47% for those 4 years. No dramatic change can be put down to leadership.
    Look to at the two Labour candidates, Shearer was likeable,OK looking and appealing to middle NZ, Cunliff is not likeable, looks like a dork and appeals to the hard left of the party. What Labour seems to forget is that if you want to win an election you have to take votes away from the Government, not your potential allies. That is all Cunliff and a shift to the left can achieve.

  • rockape

    Post continued,Lunch in my house waits for no-one!
    Labour in Clark had the best leader it could hope for shown by the fact she would be leading Labour today if they had that choice. But even with such a strong leader how dird their vote perform 2002 , 52% 2005, 41% and 2008,33%. If Labours leadeship was their main problem then why that rapid decline over 3 elections. The same team is still there , more or less, the same policies are still there, the low percentage they are polling is still there.
    What is their problem then;Policies! While the Unions and the membership is so unappealing to voters, they will remain in the land of the opposition benches. A new leader,and policies that dont appeal to the hard working taxpayer(the working man/woman , in NZ, isnt going to change their fortunes. Cunliff will be leader, he will never be the PM.
    Leaving leadership in the hands of the Caucus was a good idea. At least those making the decision were acting in self interest and and therefore concentrating on getting Labour re-elected. The extemists in Labour,Unions and Membership activists are more interested in there philosophy than getting re-elected. Their bad,our good luck.

  • dyannt

    “While sexuality should have no bearing on the leadership contest it unfortunately will.”

    And unfortunately the media will mention it every time his name comes up. Why? No one writes “John Key, New Zealand’s heterosexual Prime Minister”

    • Hazards001

      Exactly but wait for the gnashing of teeth and baring of breasts from the pinko rainbow ponces if he isn’t elected.

      The simple fact is he comes off as a fat lazy poof with no working creds in the so called workers party.

  • JB Sails

    I quite agree WO that NZ probably would be ready for a gay PM. Despite the understandable resistance by those one would expect to oppose such progress, the climate for acceptance of LGBT in NZ is favourable, with the equality of marriage being the highlight.

    The rest of the world would be the worry, though. Would an openly gay PM representing NZ be welcome in Russia, Middle East, South East Asia and China for that matter. United States although embracing slowly the notion homosexuals are people too, would probably look twice at a gay PM.

    Just a thought, while having a gay PM might be lauded as a great leap forward for NZ, it could be a disaster in the bigger picture in the long run.

  • blairmulholland

    I think it’s bizarre that anyone is even raising the issue of Robertson’s sexuality. More pertinent is that he is a commie prick. I couldn’t care less what Robertson does with his penis at night, but I am rather bigoted against his political philosophy.

  • BR

    What is it with the owner of this blog and the promotion of the homosexual lifestyle? The promotion of the widespread acceptance acceptance of homosexual behaviour could hardly be described as a worthy cause, even if one was of the opinion that such behaviour is at at least OK.

    The acceptance of homosexual behaviour is a cause celebre of the left. There would not be a single green party member who would be against it; same goes for labour. Why the hell fight on the same side as these nasty destructive bastards when there are far more important causes to rally around?


  • LesleyNZ

    Well I am not and nor are the majority of NZers. Georgina Beyer is right. The majority’s voice does not get heard. The voices of those advocating everything gay and the lobbyists and the “who you know not what you know” crowd (especially those residing in Wellington) are the voices who are heard. A gay person choses to live a certain lifestyle that is different from the norm. How do they view the world? Very, very differently than a heterosexual person – especially those with a family – and I mean a mum and a dad family. Look what happened during the Helen Clark years. NZ has had enough of things gay. It is time to shift the focus and obsession some have with the gay old homosexual world to the heterosexual world. Labour can start by choosing a leader who is of the “old normal” persuasion. Mind you if Grant Robertson was elected leader the Labour Party would continue wandering the wilderness – lost – for a very long time.

  • Whafe

    It matters not that Robertson is into the brown over the pink. Couldn’t care a less…
    My main point is that his whole bent (no pun intended) for all things politics is a joke.

    Having a gat leader of the opposition or a straight leader of the opposition, Labour are toast until they sort out their silly internal factions…. If they were are business, they would be tits up and declared bankrupt….. Of which basically they are, only gettign the odd breath because of the unions propping them up.

  • Geoge Micheall

    The continuing reference of GR sexuality by his persistence in declaring his sexuality is starting to annoy a lot of people. We don’t care what GR sexuality is, nor what he does in his private life, a NORMAL person does not bring up his /her sexuality when he/she wants to be the next Labia leader. Being gay DOES not meant you are superior, in fact just being tolerated.