Interesting media manipulation from Fairfax

Media Manipulation, DomPost hides Shearer poll data

Media Manipulation, DomPost hides Shearer poll data

On Wednesday Faifax’s DomPost lead on the front page with a hit piece from Andrea Vance on John Key, inside was their latest poll, quietly laying a landmine for David Shearer to step on.

What is interesting is that Fairfax withheld a substantial amount of their poll and released it yesterday AFTER David Shearer was knifed. Why did they hold this information back?

Was it because it didn’t fit their narrative of attacking the government?

I certainly suspect that is the case. Imagine how different the DomPost would have been on Wednesday if they ran the full information that they had gleaned from their poll instead of running Andrea Vance’s poison hit piece?

The latest Fairfax Media-Ipsos poll leaves no room for doubt over why David Shearer had to go.

When we asked voters if it was time for Labour to cut Shearer loose and replace him with someone else, 46.6 per cent said yes.

But the most damning finding from our poll was the number of Labour voters who also thought it was time to replace Shearer. That figure was 39.6 per cent – only marginally less than the number of Labour voters who thought he should stay, at 47.2 per cent. 

With his own party that divided over the leadership, it was only a matter of time before Shearer realised he could not carry Labour to an election victory.

We also asked voters to tell us why they thought Shearer was not up to it – and some of the comments would make you wince.

Interesting isn’t it? Curious that they didn’t run this BEFORE Shearer was rolled.

Strange that Fairfax suddenly has a whole pile of information to share that they didn’t have in the poll they published this week.

Instead, when they published their poll they went with an attack on the PM from a ‘conflicted’ Andrea Vance about spying.

Here is a taste of what people were saying – and an important point to remember here is that these are Labour supporters, not National ones.

“Basically there’s not a lot of trust in him.”

“I think they need someone stronger that will be able to speak better than he does.”

“Because I have heard stories about David Shearer, because he is useless, he needs to go, bring in a new leader of that party and then I am going to vote for Labour.”

“He hasn’t been prominent – he is not seen as a strong leader.”

“He is an intelligent man but not ruthless enough for the cut and thrust of government.”

“He puts people off voting because he doesn’t appeal to people.”

The bad news for Shearer is that what Labour voters were telling our pollsters pretty much reflected what Shearers’ MPs were saying among themselves.

Growing disgruntlement over his lack of political nous is understood to have come to a head about the time of the so-called “man ban” which pitched Shearer against the so-called “identity politics” faction of the Labour Party.

The disinfectant of sunlight is enlightening, just how the media choose and select what it is they want to tell us…their narrative was to attack the government, now this information was going to get stale real fast now Shearer has been knifed, so out it comes. It was more pertinent to the poll results on Wednesday.


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  • kevin

    Newspapers seriously underestimate readers/people… So much other data/blog sites etc out there. In the old days newspapers held sway and formed readers opinions, no more. Same story with TV news.

    • blokeintakapuna

      6pm news editors and TV producers must absolutely hate smart phones and everyone’s ability to get instant access to multiple “news” and blogs before Joe Public then gets to watch a wobbly, 6pm TV entertainment piece that pushes biased agenda’s and narratives.
      Sorry TV land producers – you don’t control the news or the information anymore and your failing attempts at trying to, will only lead to more misery for you.
      Can you say “receivership, stale portal of stale news, pantomime spruiking”?

  • Muffin

    They still let that prostitute write articles?

  • blokeintakapuna

    Andrea Vance should remember that once out and on the internet – it’s there for all eternity… so why would she prostitute the remaining skerricks of her journalistic credibility for a short-term, so called “hit” – that didn’t land and was a swing and a miss… and so completely lop-sided as to be worthy of an IPCC “fact sheet” award?
    Credibility leads to longevity Andrea. Biased opinion pieces so far from reality only highlights your bias… and calls into question your effectiveness as a journalist. Maybe PR stints for North Korea might suit your spin instead and be a better fit?
    Passing your opinion pieces off as “Journalism” only drags the semi-credible journalists down to your level. You’re colleagues will not thank you for it in the long run.

  • snakebit

    Fairfax are a pack of lefty lesbians. I am 100% sure they have blocked my ip address from being able to comment on

    • Garbageman

      that wouldn’t surprise me they might post 2 in 10 of my comments and thats why we are here

      • snakebit

        I just use another computer and I can sneak a few in but most will not pass moderation. To be clear I dont post anything offensive but it seems the team at Stuff do not want to show the rest of the public that conservatives exist in NZ.

  • kaykaybee

    Yes WO – anyone denying this narrative from some quarters needed only to watch the last few minutes segment given over to this subject on Campbell Live. A visit to Shearer’s Mt Albert Electorate to speak to electorate voters for a couple of minutes- that’s an angle???
    Also this wet morning the NZHorrid heads up with the angle that Marian Street was ‘probably’ the one who was prepared to front a no-confidence motion. How singularly unimportant and irrelevant in the scheme of things….no wonder more and more people are flocking to twitter and blogs for less filtered coverage

  • la la land

    That andrea vance is just a slapper

    • kevin

      Dunne thought she was a bit of all-right…

      • Whanga_Cynic

        and didn’t that work well for him? :)

    • Steve (North Shore)

      spelling son, just check your spelling ok – snapper

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Nobody cares. People are now uniting behind Curryleaf. Greens are committed. Poo is backing Curryleaf. Horny is ready to serve people. Patriots like FatCon, McCarten, Piggy, gnome and Puff Pastry are all ready to rally behind Labour movement. John Key’s end has started as of 1:30 PM yesterday.

  • LesleyNZ

    That is why we the public don’t believe what we read in mainstream media. The raw truth is rarely told. Shame on you Fairfax.

  • The best thing about this drama in Labour is that the passing of the GCSB legislation is now old news; the sun is shining here today, and the world hasn’t stopped turning. Any momentum that Labour got over the GCSB has stopped in its tracks.

  • island time

    Labour are showing that they can not manage their own affairs – so god help us if they are put in charge of managing New Zealand’s affairs!! They lack any sort of unity or trust and have opposing internal agenda’s. I actually wonder if they will ever sort their shit out. They also have a few MP’s who really should just move on – Mallard and Goff being prime examples of people who are milking the system and adding no value to the beehive.

  • slade52

    I’m still trying to understand how they can describe 7.6% (47.2-39.6) as “marginal”.

  • lou

    I put feedback on Stuff specifically re the “marginally less” quip but it never made it to the page. But then it could have been my point that is was bloody stupid article.

    Wonder if AV has a trophy head wall? First Dunn and now Shearer. She must reserve pride of place for Key.