Is Nathan next?

The Fonterra milk debacle has claimed its first scalp.

Will Nathan Guy be next?

The Fonterra contamination scare has claimed its first scalp with Gary Romano, Managing Director NZ Milk Products, resigning with immediate effect.

Chief executive Theo Spierings said he had accepted Mr Romano’s resignation.

“Gary has made a significant contribution during his time at Fonterra and we respect his decision,” Mr Spierings said.

Mr Spierings will assume interim responsibility for the day-to-day operations of NZ Milk Products. 

Mr Romano fronted up for Fonterra to New Zealand media while Mr Spierings went to China immediately following the scare.

Mr Romano’s focus was to “drive profitability through a customer-centric approach to business that delivers world-class standards in productivity, quality, safety and service,” Fonterra said on its website

The contamination was confined to 38 metric tonnes of whey protein concentrate (WPC80) manufactured at Fonterra’s Hautapu plant near Cambridge and first picked up at a plant in Australia. It was used in the manufacture of infant formula, juice and dairy beverages, yoghurt, body building powder, and animal stock food.

I think the government is going to have to provide a serious scalp to settle down our trade partners.


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  • David Broome

    Why is Nathan Guy in your crossairs? Here’s a guy cleaning deadwood out of the MPI, who is not throwing hissy fits and is well respected by those in the rural sector.

    • Because of his repeated stuff ups, and his inability to see snapper as an issue. He didn’t even take that to cabinet. On top of that the snapper issue has handed the opposition a stick with which to beat National…all unforgivable.

      And because I can

      • Tammy

        Haha! Indeed Whale Oil.
        But he needs to be the sacrificial lamb offered up. His role covers broadly the industry at fault and our trading partners will want to see government hold account as well as business. It’s unfortunate for Nathan but its also the price of politics. Happened to Nick Smith for the Pullman matter and Nick is a highly competent minister. Just part of the landscape.
        If Nathan were smart he’d offer up his own scalp which would gain respect and later when the heat dies down find himself given a new portfolio. Harder to get one later if one is shoved by the PM.

      • David Broome

        I like you WO but Nathan’s calling the mandarins to account for thier stuff ups. Aside from snapper which was a misstep his orchestration of salvaging meat and now dairy has gone down a storm in rural circles. Normally I’d expect you would be championing a decisive Minister who wants a lean and efficient department than trying to rip out their jugular?

  • nudgy

    26 staff earning $1 million or more and they still stuff it up. Fonterra is a disaster waiting to happen. Heavily in debt it will not be long before there will be an inevitable government bailout. You farmers who have lost control of your industry just have to be idiots.

    • cows4me

      Farmers have enough to do running their own business. Fonterra was sold to us as the best solution to a fractured dairy industry. Unfortunately Fonterra has become something similar to the government, the farmers simply get to vote to change a few deck chairs, the advancement of policy goes on regardless. Don’t for one minute believe that all farmers think Fonterra is the be all and end all. Many farmers have challenged Fonterra and it’s direction, what would you have us do. We are not idiots, do you agree with everything your boss or firm does?

    • David Broome

      Nudgy read the interim finanical report from earlier in the year (gearing is 40% and falling (it was 57.4% in 2009)). Personally don’t care if they had 100 on a million so long as the company does the business (this tall poppy thing is tiresome as is calling the food recall a scandal). If you want scandal how about the German organic veges in 2011 which killed people being blamed on Spain. That’s a scandal!

  • Clever Harry

    A scalping is necessary but it’s a pity it’s not Amy Adams after her piss poor performance reforming the RMA.
    Her kids must be able to get away with murder.

  • Shoreboy57

    Would be a smart move by PM after tonking Cambo. “I’m in charge”

  • Clive

    Guy needs to go.. it is obvious he is lurking in the shadows and everyone else is handling the can.. Another one to watch closely is that dickhead Tremain.. not a patch on his old man…