Is the Campbell Live GCSB Poll a piss-take or what?

One of our readers pointed me at this web page at Troll Campbell’s place because apparently they are running a poll on the GCSB.  He thought that we might participate to ensure our voice is added to the final result.

However, as soon as I saw it, I wasn’t sure if they were being serious or not.  Have a look

Campbell Live GCSB satire poll

Campbell Live GCSB satire poll

Surely this is satire?

A poll about capturing the personal information of people without them knowing what it will be used for, and here they want your name, physical address and email?

“This information is private and will NOT  be linked to you personally”.

What does that even mean?

In good faith I can’t ask anyone to fill in this “survey”.


One of my favourite saying is “never attribute to malice that which is explained by stupidity”, and on that basis, this is just a monumental cockup.

The capturing of personal information without a clear statement how exactly it will be stored, used and destroyed (these are the principles of our Privacy Act 2003) isn’t very clever at the best of times.


But to do so as part of a GCSB spying poll?

Are they having a laugh here?  Is this some marketing genius trying to get a mailing/marketing list going?

Where will this personal information end up, and how will it be used?



I’m gobsmacked.  What do you think about this?


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  • Pete George

    And a pollster points out how flawed the poll is anyway:

    Campbell Live GCSB poll commits the ultimate sin of survey research

    • This isn’t about finding out what NZ thinks. It is about a new kind of interactive media relationship that is being grown. Look at the 3rd degree, look at Duncan Garner’s approach, it is all to grow engagement. And they need to do it to stay in the game, because the Internet provides this feeling of being connected without much effort whereas papers, TV and Radio need to try and get you to go to their web site by leaving their primary channel – scary stuff :)

  • Monty

    I wonder if Campbell is using this data to spy on us

    • Mr Sackunkrak

      So, it turns out John Campbell is actually an agent of the NSA.

      • Time For Accountability

        No – the new spy agency – UTA.

        • Mr Sackunkrak

          Oh well, they now know Catherine Delahunty lives on Mars, and Dr Peter Davis resides in cubicle 2. I’ve had a little fun :)

    • Pete George

      I suspect they don’t care that it’s a seriously flawed poll model. It’s common now for activist campaigns to load up polls or submissions, get a favourable number and then promote it as a democratic vote.

      But at least the poll is probably not going to prove what some have been claiming, that “the public” or “everyone” is against the bill.

      It would be interesting id a scientific poll was done on it with sensible questions asked. I’d like to see included c) don’t care d) don’t understand e) don’t know anything about it.

  • Mark Hubbard

    Nothing to see here Whale, move along.

    A scant reading of my blog will prove I’m adamantly against the GCSB Bill in it’s current form (indeed, representative democracy in it’s current form), however, this is a private company survey, I choose to accept their privacy statement at face value, unlike with state spying, including the taking and retention of my data from IRD through to, under this Bill, my metadata, which is and will be taken from me against my will, when based on experience I do not trust the state in any capacity.

    Its the coercive state versus the voluntary society.

    … and of course I had to give all my details to Disqus in order to make this comment :)

    • Travis Poulson

      No, you had to submit an email address (which can easily be faked), not “all your details”.

      • Mark Hubbard

        Doesn’t change my point. It’s information I choose to give to a third party, compared with my data I have no volition over regarding government.

        I had no problem giving my name to that poll, as I have no problem posting here, plus a blog under my actual identity, despite I have no truck whatsoever with the surveillance state we have all been living in for some decades now (read the Tax Administration Act).

        • AXjarv

          Best just don’t use cell phones or e-mail if you are so paranoiac.

          • If you believe you are living in a semi-police state isn’t paranoia a rather good option?

            Thing is I have no real choice to earn my living other than use cell phones and email, that’s particularly why I find the GCSB Bill so evil.

            Your next strategy is normally to tell me if I don’t like it here, why don’t I move somewhere else.

            To answer you, this is where I live, so the government can just get itself sorted to the classical liberal one the ANZAC’s were fighting for. Not this Soviet styled thing its turning itself into. Rather, has turned.

          • AXjarv

            Bottom line is if you don’t like the system don’t use it. You say you have no real choice – everyone has a choice.

          • Not when government is involved: not at all.

            Tried not paying your taxes?

            And even that’s beside the point.

            In a free country I’m free to do what I damn well want if I’m harming no one. In the surveillance states the West has become, you are suggesting to be ‘safe’ I must limit myself due to being servant to a theocracy of state.

            No. Unacceptable. Why would you settle for that?

          • AXjarv

            So vodafone, telecom, google, dotcom, facebook, twitter etc, etc etc can have all your metadata but the NZ state cannot – a little naïve I think.

          • All of those firms I transact with voluntarily, and I can choose not to transact with. None of these firms can use the full force of the state against me, including imprisonment for not paying tax to a state I have no agreement with, or even smoking a plant.

            Voluntarism versus the coercive state. Really, this stuff is easy.

          • AXjarv

            If you are involved in illegal activity such as smoking pot or not paying your taxes then the State with the appropriate warrants that will now be legal with the proposed GCSB bill will be able to obtain the “voluntary” information you have given them. Don’t like that then my original premise stands. Don’t use them. The State is not coercing you to use them.

          • Why should smoking a plant be illegal (as compared to drinking this Martini in my hand)?

            Why should i have to pay tax to a state I believe is evil?

            Here, read this – sorry for linkspam Whale:


            IRD read my blog whenever I post on how they are surveilling social media for thought crime:


            Of course, you’re happy with that, aren’t you.

          • Finally, because I really am taking a liberty now, what the ANZACs were fighting for:


            I’ll leave you to your happy state of apparent slavery.

          • No, one clarification. The state being able to demand my voluntarily given information, is the problem. Your solution is I live in a cave. No thanks, I’ll advocate the free society that was our Western birthright, until people like you, statists, came along.

          • AXjarv

            Sorry Mark, I don’t know what a statist is that you accuse me of being.
            I am for free society as you advocate and is my birthright as a third generation NZer.
            I just require the law to be adhered to by all who live in this Country and I do not always agree with the laws that are Anti-smacking, gay marriage, but the law is the law – comply and no-one cares who you text, e-mail etc.

          • Law? So if a majority vote they can live off the earnings of a working minority, that law is moral? Explain to me how such a tyranny of the majority is not slavery for the minority?

            I don’t smoke pot, but if I smoke pot and harm no one else, I get imprisoned and that is moral? How?

            You’re a statist if you believe the individual is servant to the whim of the state. The free society is one where a minutely sized state concerns itself only with protection of its smallest minority: an individual.

            Your compliance is mindless slavery.

          • AXjarv

            Give it up – no-one on the blog agrees with you.

          • And so? What does that mean?

          • Mr Sackunkrak

            In short, fuck off.

          • Well I’ll give your penis a miss.

            My sign off for the Whale Army. From Milan Kundera’s novel, ‘The Unbearable Lightness of Being’:

            ‘When she told her French friends about it, they were amazed. “You mean you don’t want to fight the occupation of your country?” She would have liked to tell them that behind
            Communism, Fascism, behind all occupations and invasions lurks a more basic, pervasive evil and that the image of that evil was a parade of people marching by with raised fists and shouting identical syllables in unison. But she knew she would never be able to make them understand.’

          • mike

            Seen it… currently doing the rounds of the office! The ladies are impressed.

          • mike

            So what system do you advocate for?

          • mike

            If this was a police state (or a quasi police state…. semi LOL!) WO would have disappeared long ago, as would Tama Iti, Russel Norman, most of the Green party and every single Maori activist in this country.

            The fact the haven’t, and the fact that some of our most active activists are in positions of power speaks volumes as to how free we actually are.

          • Dog Breath

            Name the parts of the new GCSB act that would cause law enforcement agencies to want to spy on you in particular.

            Are you really planning to attack the safety of any person,
            are you really planning to conduct serious crime (section 8), are you really planning to threaten the security or defence of New Zealand, threaten New Zealand’s international or economic wellbeing, attack New Zealand’s IT infrastructure
            (section 7).

            What exactly are you planning to do that would attract
            interest of the Police or SIS who then under warrant may ask for assistance from the GCSB and their “unique” capabilities.

            Out of the 4 million plus New Zealanders why are you so
            important that millions of dollars of resources would focus just on you. Which part of the new act says that GCSB will direct its limited resources just on you for no reason and without a warrant as you have implied in your blogs.

          • Mediaan

            Balderdash. The Anzacs were mostly unable to stipulate what they were fighting for, other than King And Country. They just laced themselves into the boots and went along with the other boys, generally.

            And, BTW, they didn’t need a greengrocer’s apostrophe.

        • mjg6

          Hey Mark – I’m glad you had no trouble using your name and details for the poll. You are correct, as I too had no trouble using your name s for the poll as well – I’m sure that Campbell appreciated your vote in support of the proposed bill – cheers !

          • Oh, ha ha ha ha. What a card you are, laughing all the way to the New Gulags of welfarism.

          • Because you do understand the surveillance state is anchored in the moral sanction of the tax surveillance state which is about financing the welfare state, don’t you?

          • Democ Kot

            Mark come on over to Russia where Mr snowden fled to, they have a form of Prism without controls called Sorm

            Link in English for you, kind of ironic he is being housed here in a country that does the same. of course it is all part of the big game isn’t it.


          • Yes, Putin’s Russia is appalling. Pity America has joined the police states.

            Do you really believe these issues are that simple? Read my blog and understand that of course I hold Putin’s Russia in contempt.

            The war for freedom is always about ideas, philosophy: not an idiot politick of personality.

          • Lofty

            Good on you Mark, I must ask, do you feel like you are swimming in sludge (edit) sometimes.

          • The drones on this thread are just more of the statists laughing at the state built gallows of their lives as we are all herded along the road to serfdom.

            Whiskey and bed time for me :)

          • Lofty

            I hear you Mark, good fight my boy, sleep well.

        • Mediaan

          Utter rubbish, you talk. The “tax surveillance state” that takes your details is a joint financial entity we all lean on and take responsibility for. How do you do that anonymously?

          It’s called ” being grown up”.

          The rest of your whinges appear to be about your phone, fax and email services, which support your employment, being compromised by spying on them.

          If you weren’t aware this was technically possible at least twenty years ago, you are naive and unlikely to be functioning at a very interesting level for people to steal or usurp stuff, seems to me.

  • Con the Neo

    Can anyone establish where twtpoll and its apparent parent company 63squares is actually based?


    I invite as many people as possible to reply in support under the name of greg presland.

    • sandynobb

      Or Wussell Norman, Winnie Peters, ete. etc.

  • Orange

    Collecting personal info for secret use – yup it’s a turd

  • MarcWills

    A complaint to the Privacy Commissioner would be appropriate. Seems to have breached at least 2 overarching principles.

  • Dave

    Merely goes to prove campbell is an idiot, but even puts in on his website to prove it! Hey Mr Campbell, you need a “Clint” to ask things before speaking or putting shit on your website.

  • DLNZ

    Of course the ignorant people who are so against spying will fill in all their personal details and would probably give their home address, phone number, bank details and date of birth without giving it a second though.

  • cows4me

    He can stick his poll up his arse, gee what a tosspot.

  • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

    You can write anything you want into the fields and the vote will still be counted…

  • Pointless

    John Campbell just voted in favour. Apparently.

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  • MarcWills

    Interesting… no links today to the poll on or home pages. Cold feet or legal advice???

  • Never in the dark…..

    Campbell is a piss-take period, end of discussion.

  • Bryan

    i also notice that the english papers are taking this action now for anyone wanting to comment on their pages they want access to “your email address, your address list, facebook page and any other pages you are on ” so much for their phone hacking enquiry
    the brits have still learnt nothing and their press still think they can rape and pillage anyone’s information who are stupid enough to give them access.

    i still think those Beehive reporters were more shocked to find how easy it was for Govt services to track them, they thought they could go where they liked and no one would know

  • EricB

    You’re all a bunch of idiots. How stupid can you possibly get. Does it even cross your ignorant minds that this sort of thing can no way be faked to those who actually know how these things work. This is essentially a petition (as shown by his videos of going around New Zealand). A PETITION REQUIRES PERSONAL INFO. IT NEEDS IT AS THEY NEED TO KNOW IF IT IS A LEGITIMATE VOTE OR SOME RANDOM PUTTING DOWN FAKE ID’S, ADDRESSES ETC. Otherwise, petitions/polls/elections will be totally inaccurate. If you can’t allow yourself to put basic information down, count your votes out of any petition, poll, ELECTION. I oppose the bill personally, but I am not so stupid to think that this information they require for this poll is a complete joke. These Acts do not prove anything. It’s the way you interpret them and I can tell you, this comes across to me as fully legal. When will people get out of this stupid mentality, where just because something happens, means your mind is focused on that one aspect.
    “But to do so as part of a GCSB spying poll?
    Are they having a laugh here?”

    No, just no. A poll and the GCSB are two entirely separate things.
    I suggest to anyone reading this, please for the love of peace, consider that what seemingly is a ‘coincidence,’ should never be assumed as connected in any way possible.

  • Heather

    Meh, big deal, you can leave whatever you like in the fields on that poll, a first name (or any name) and just your town or country, whatever you like. Need an email addy (which I need to reply to this anyway).