It’s not just the Catholics

It isn’t just dodgy Catholic priests that have diddled kids, seems the Anglican clergy were in it donkey deep too.

Church of England files dating back more than 60 years are to be reopened in search of evidence of child abuse by clergy who have since died.

The Archbishop of York, the Most Rev John Sentamu, ordered the review as he acknowledged that previous inquiries could have missed important evidence because only files relating to those still living were examined.

It comes after an independent inquiry, overseen by Judge Sally Cahill QC, into the Church’s handling of evidence that the late Robert Waddington, a former Dean of Manchester, abused choirboys and school pupils, got under way. 

It will investigate claims that the Province of York effectively covered the case up by failing to alert the police while Waddington was still alive.

Dr Sentamu has now ordered a separate review of personnel files dating back at least as far as 1950 in search of evidence against other clerics who have since died.

Last month the Church’s General Synod voted to issue a formal apology to the victims of sexual abuse for failing to take their complaints seriously.

At lest the Anglican Church has apologised, they could have followed their parent church and covered everything up, promoted and transferred the ratbag priests and denied any wrong-doing.


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